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7092021-05-2350 Biggest Cities in the European Union
1362021-03-26Vice Presidents by President's Picture
692020-11-24The 10 Most Populated Countries in Europe - Map Quiz
692021-05-08Which Country Doesn't Have _________? #3
622020-11-26The 10 Most Populated Countries in Africa - Map Quiz
582021-05-26Top Five States by Random Categories
472021-04-24Which Country Doesn't Have _________? #1
452021-05-11US States By Their Largest Cities - Map Quiz
452020-12-23America True or False- For Pro's Only
452020-11-28The 10 Most Populated States in America - Map Quiz
422021-04-12Majority Muslim Countries in Africa
412020-10-23Country General Knowledge
412021-06-1310 Biggest Cities in France
382021-02-24The 10 Least Populated Countries in Europe - Map Quiz
362021-05-25Random U.S. States on a Map - By Largest City
362021-03-08US Presidents by war
342021-03-08Countries With The First Letter Missing
332020-12-16The 20 Most Populated World Capitals - Map Quiz
332021-06-0550 Biggest Cities in NATO
332021-04-12Flags of Asia by Partial Images
332021-03-15The 10 Least Populated States in America - Map Quiz
332021-04-12Country by Most Populous Cities (Hard Version)
322021-03-14Biggest City in Each State - Map Quiz
312021-05-04Most Heated College Sports Rivalries
312021-05-04Greatest NBA Rivalries
312021-02-062020 Election Review
312021-03-04Countries of Europe in Alphabetical Order
302021-06-0610 Biggest Cities in Brazil
302021-05-2415 Most Populated Cities in the Arab League
302021-05-04Greatest NFL Rivalries
292021-05-26Which Country Doesn't Have _________? #4
292021-04-12Countries in World War ll
282021-05-07Which Country Doesn't Have _________? #2
272021-05-03Greatest MLB Rivalries
272021-04-26Shapes of Countries in the Caribbean
262021-04-14The 10 Most Populated European Capitals - Map Quiz
262021-04-12Countries of Oceania in Alphabetical Order
262021-04-12Who won each state in 2016
262021-04-12Most Guessed Country Flags
252021-02-27Biggest Countries in North America by Area
252021-04-07Europe World Scramble - Map Quiz
252021-05-17The 10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World
252021-05-03Countries with the Most Freedom of the Press
252021-04-22Europe General Knowledge - Extreme
242020-12-20Democrats vs Republicans
242021-04-12Countries of Africa in Alphabetical Order
242021-04-12Countries of Asia in Alphabetical Order
242021-04-13European Countries that Border the Mediterranean
232021-02-24The 10 Least Populated Countries in Asia - Map Quiz
232021-04-12Flags of Countries in NATO
222020-12-02World War ll Tile Select
222021-06-09Europe True or False- For Pro's Only
212021-04-08States With the First Letter Missing
212021-03-18States That Are "New"
212021-05-13Common Texting Abbreviations
212021-05-11US States By Their Capital - Map Quiz
212021-04-12Countries of South America in Alphabetical Order
212021-04-12Countries of North America in Alphabetical Order
212021-04-12Every State in the Order They Joined the Union
212020-11-25The 10 Most Populated Countries in Asia - Map Quiz
202021-04-12Flags Without White
202021-03-01U.S. States With the Shortest Names
202021-05-20Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants - No Hints
202021-06-09Most Guessed U.S. Metro Areas
202021-04-12Majority Muslim Countries in Asia
192021-06-0610 Biggest Cities in Portugal
192021-04-12Country Flags With Just 2 Colors
192021-06-06Countries That Border Switzerland
182021-04-15The 10 Most Populated Aftican Capitals - Map Quiz
182021-05-25Random U.S. States on a Map - By Capitals
182021-04-15Presidents Who Where Also Vice Presidents
182020-12-07Smallest Countries in Asia - Map Quiz
182021-05-20Best Simpsons Lines Ever
182021-05-12Europe by Their Capital - Map Quiz
182021-05-19European Countries With The First Letter Missing - Map Quiz
172020-11-21States Word Scramble - Map Quiz
172020-12-22U.S. Presidents Tile Select
172021-03-14U.S. State Abbreviations - Map Quiz
172021-04-12Flag of Countries That Touch the Atlantic Ocean
172021-02-10Fill the Homer Simpson Quotes- Extreme
172021-03-21States with Cardinal Directions in Their Names
172021-04-12Country Flags With Orange
172021-04-12Countries in the Order They Joined NATO
162021-03-15State Capital by State - Map Quiz
162021-03-105 Branches of the United States Military
162021-04-25Countries With The First Letter Missing - Europe Edition
162020-11-22Asia World Scramble - Map Quiz
162020-10-23US States General Knowledge
162021-05-065 Biggest Cities in Each State
152020-12-07The 10 Least Populated Countries in North America - Map Quiz
152021-03-09American History - Tile Select
152020-12-03Largest Countries by Area - Shape Quiz
152021-04-12Who won each state in 2008
152021-04-12U.S. Senators in the album U.S. Political Figures by Picture
152021-04-12The 30 post Populated Countries - Map Quiz
152021-04-12Flags of Europe by Partial Images
152021-05-11Countries of the World Quiz By Their Capital - Map Quiz
142021-02-26The 10 Least Populated Countries in Africa - Map Quiz
142021-02-27Biggest Countries in Europe by Area
142021-04-17Flags of Countries in the European Union
142021-03-14State's With the First Letter Missing - Map Quiz
142021-05-02Countries "Ruled" by Queen Elizabeth II - Flag Edition
142021-05-04Countries with the Least Freedom of the Press
142021-05-27Countries of the World Quiz In 150 Seconds
142021-04-12Who won each state in 1996
142021-04-12Flags of Countries in NATO By partial images
142021-04-12Famous Book Titles in Spanish
142021-05-05America Tile Select
142021-04-12Country by Most Populous Cities (Easy Version)
132021-04-15The 10 Most Populated Asian Capitals - Map Quiz
132021-05-19Asian Countries With The First Letter Missing - Map Quiz
132021-04-19Flags of Countries Formerly in the U.S.S.R.
132021-04-12Presidential Opponents by Picture
132021-04-12US President's Parties by Picture
132021-04-12European Flag to Capital
132021-04-12Flags without Red
132021-02-15Which Country? (Flags) #1
132021-03-01U.S. States That Border Mexico
132021-03-04Which Country By Flags
132021-02-27Biggest Countries in Africa by Area
132021-03-16Flags of Island Countries in the Caribbean
132020-12-07The 10 Most Populated Countries in North America - Map Quiz
122021-03-085 Most Populated Countries in South America
122021-04-12Island Nations - Shape Quiz
122021-03-08Country Flags With Only Stripes
122021-04-07Africa World Scramble - Map Quiz
122021-03-15State Shape to Capital
122021-02-27Biggest Countries in Asia by Area
112021-04-27Country Flag-Shape - Africa Edition
112021-02-17Which Country? (Flags) #2
112021-04-12Who won each state in 2000
112021-05-05Flags of States that Border Canada
112021-02-15Blue State or Red State?
112021-05-21The Hardest Simpsons Quiz on all of JetPunk
112021-06-1310 Biggest Cities in Sweden
112021-05-03What Time Zone is Each State In?
112021-03-19U.S. President by Term
112020-10-21US Presidents General Knowledge
102021-06-05Modern-Day Countries of the Warsaw Pact
102021-04-12Who won each state in 2012
102021-04-27Country Flag-Shape - Asia Edition
92021-05-14Flags of Countries in the G7
92021-04-12Who won each state in 2004
92021-02-14Fill the Bart Simpson Quotes- Extreme
92021-06-0610 Biggest Cities in Thailand
92020-10-25New England
82021-04-08Population of Each State Capital
82021-06-1310 Biggest Cities in Argentina
82021-04-12State Shape to Largest CIty
82021-04-06Name a Valid Answer - North Carolina
82021-04-08States With the First Letter Missing - Map Quiz
72021-04-12Flags of Countries in the Americas by Partial images
72021-04-26Asia General Knowledge - Extreme
72021-04-12Flags of States With a Population over 5 million
72021-04-12US State Flags by Partial Images
72021-05-04Vice Presidents by President
72021-03-08Flags With the Color Black
62021-02-05United States Senators Tile Select
62021-06-0610 Biggest Cities in Sudan
62021-06-1310 Biggest Cities in Iraq
62021-06-18Country Flag-Shape's of Island Countries
62021-04-12ACC Teams Quiz
62021-03-185 Types of JetPunk Quizzes
52021-03-09Highest Point in Each State
52021-04-12Each President's Number of Electoral Votes
42021-06-12“Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou
42021-03-15Capital of Each Country - Flag Quiz
42021-04-12State Flag to Largest City
42021-06-07America Tile Select - With Pictures
42021-03-11Flags of Countries With Less Than 1 Million People
42021-06-1310 Biggest Cities in Algeria
32021-04-12Most Guessed Canadian Province or Territory
32021-05-05U.S. State Flags Tile Select
32021-06-0610 Biggest Cities in Georgia
32021-04-04Clue (The Movie) Quiz
32021-03-23World Leader to Country Flag #1
32021-05-26Most Popular JetPunk Users
22021-06-13Cities in Tonga
12021-06-0610 Biggest Cities in Haiti