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Geography Chain Pyramid Game #1

The last letter of an answer will be the first letter of the next. First answer has one letter, second two, third three and so on.
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Only one country in the wOrld starts with this letter
Seventh longest river in the world, and major in western Siberia
Nickname for the Great Bell of the clock in London. Big ___
Longest river in the world
Country of pyramids
Trinidad and ______
NBA Magic team city
The Sooner State, just north of Texas
Temple at ancient Khmer Empire capital in Cambodia
Dushanbe is its capital city
Lower countries
Canadian province between Alberta and Manitoba
Its capital is Sydney
Two word Oceanian country
''Royal'' NBA team from California
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level 49
Dec 9, 2015
Do you capitalize 'wOrld' intentionally as hint?
level 67
Dec 9, 2015
That was secret shhhh... :)
level 31
Feb 9, 2016
Too much basketball for a geography quiz tbh
level 36
Mar 10, 2016
For the last one can you accept sacramento
level 57
Mar 22, 2016
The country of pyramids is actually Sudan (who knew?!), which has over 50 more great pyramids than Egypt. :)
level 43
Jun 23, 2016
two worded country: New Zealand?
level 67
Jun 23, 2016
I see your point, but it need to start with other letter.
level 53
Sep 27, 2016
Hehe, after I got O and Ben, it actually took me some time to get Ob.
level 28
Feb 18, 2017
That moment when you guessed 'Sacramento Kings' and you don't even know any basketball teams...
level 39
Apr 13, 2017
Since when is the Netherlands more than one country? (... the low "countries")
level 67
Apr 13, 2017
Since it got name NetherlandS.
level 39
Apr 10, 2018
It remains ONE country. It used to include Belgium and Luxembourg, (the Benelux countries) but that hasn't been so for centuries!
level 47
Apr 16, 2017
Only 1 country begins with the letter Q as well.
level 57
Jul 8, 2017
Ob doesn't start with Q
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