Pokemon - Two Truths and One Lie

Click what you think is the lie
Quiz by Terran
Last updated: November 11, 2020
First submittedNovember 11, 2020
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1. Choose the lie.
Rhydon was the first Pokemon ever made.
Bibarel is the only Normal/Water type.
Galarian Weezing expels polluted air.
Galarian Weezing expels clean air.
2. Choose the lie.
Frost Rotom is not the only Electric/Ice type.
Celebi is available in the Crown Tundra Sword & Shield DLC.
There is no Fire type Alolan Island Guardian.
3. Choose the lie.
Tirtouga's fossil is called a cover fossil.
All starters have the ability Blaze, Overgrow, or Torrent.
Lugia is a Psychic/Water type.
Lugia is a Psychic/Flying type.
4. Choose the lie.
Psychic type attacks have no effect against Dark types.
Primal Kyogre is the same type as ragular Kyogre
Skorupi becomes Poison/Dragon type when evolved.
Drapion is Poison/Dark type.
5. Choose the lie.
Empoleon is named after Napoleon Bonaparte.
Ninjask is the fastest non-legendary Pokemon.
Poison types are weak to Steel type attack.
Poison type attacks have no effect on steel types, but Poison is not weak to them.
6. Choose the lie.
Genesect was created by Team Plasma.
Tynamo has no weaknesses.
Tapu is Hawaiian for Holy.
Genesect was only upgraded by Team Plasma.
7. Choose the lie.
Eevee needs a dusk stone to evolve to Umbreon.
Ultra Necrozma is a Psychic/Dragon type.
Pokemon was inspired by bug collecting.
Eevee needs a high friendship with you, and has to evolve at night.
8. Choose the lie.
Dragapult is the pseudo-legendary of Gen 8.
Farfetch'd can use its leek as a snack.
Mienshao is pronounced mine-SHAO
Mienshao is pronounced meen-SHAO
9. Choose the lie.
Chatot's head looks like an eighth note.
Charizard's heat can melt anything.
Alomomola evolves from Luvdisc.
Neither Alomomola or Luvdisc evolves. (Which they should)
10. Choose the lie.
Eternatus is the largest Pokemon in the world.
Zoroark is the Illusion Pokemon.
Cutiefly is the smallest Pokemon introduced in Gen 7.
Zoroark is the Illusion Fox Pokemon.
11. Choose the lie.
Pachirisu's lowest stats are its defense and special defense.
Clamperl is carniverous.
Jirachi's stats are perfectly equal.
Sp. Def. is one of Pachirisu's highest stats.
12. Choose the lie.
Archen was discovered to be the ancestor of all bird Pokemon.
Grumpig can't get confused.
There was a scrapped idea to create a Shadow type.
Once thought to be the ancestor of all bird Pokémon, some of the latest research suggests that may not be the case.
13. Choose the lie.
Marshadow appeared on the TV episode "The Dex Can't Help It."
Mesprit is known as "The Being of Willpower."
Grass/Poison type Pokemon are not weak to Poison type attacks.
Mesprit is "The Being of Emotion." "The Being of Willpower" is Azelf.
14. Choose the lie.
Alolan Vulpix is Ice/Fairy type.
Dhelmise is often partnered with Dragalge.
Houndour uses a series of barks that only they can understand.
Alolan Vulpix does not gain the Fairy type until it evolves.
15. Choose the lie.
Viridian City's gym leader is Lt. Surge.
Spiritomb is made up of 108 evil souls bound to a keystone.
All of the Wormadam forms are weak to Fire type attacks.
Lt. Surge is the gym leader of Vermillion City. Viridian's gym leader is Giovanni or Blue.
16. Choose the lie.
Sableye is weak to Fighting type attacks.
Munchlax is the rarest Pokemon to find in Diamond and Pearl.
Golem sheds its skin.
Sableye's Ghost type is resistant to Fighting type attacks
17. Choose the lie.
The move Metronome lets the user use almost any move.
Unown's only move is Hidden Power
1 out of 100 Meowth can talk.
Team Rocket's Meowth learned to talk to impress his crush.
18. Choose the lie.
Horsea can be found on Hoenn's Route 134.
Spinda has a spot pattern that looks like a heart.
Tyrogue's highest stat must be Speed to evolve to Hitmontop.
Tyrogue must have equal stats to evolve to Hitmontop.
19. Choose the lie.
Leon's Aegislash always uses King's Shield during the first turn.
Honchkrow always hits the final blow after its Murkrow weaken it.
Night Slash can hit the opponent while the opponent is using Phantom Force.
There is a chance where Aegislash decides to attack on its first turn.
20. Choose the lie.
Fighting type attacks do 4x damage to Stakataka.
Hoppip's Beta form looked like a black cat.
Starly's singing is very beautiful.
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