Pokemon Moves Quiz

Based on the description, name the move.
Generations 1-3
Quiz by Rachel24601
Last updated: December 31, 2014
First submittedJune 13, 2012
Times taken38,843
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Magikarp uses it...
but nothing happens!
HM used to move boulders
A move only Castform can learn;
changes conditions
Weather Ball
A favorite defense moves of
Silcoons and Metapods
HM that allows you to travel on water
The most basic Normal move, a
favorite among Rattatas
Creates illusory copies to
raise evasiveness
Double Team
Ditto's specialty
In a double battle, randomly uses
a partner's move
Dark move that feigns crying
to lower defense
Fake Tears
More extreme version of Absorb, that
steals half the HP drained
Giga Drain
Copies the opponent's last move;
known only by Smeargle
40% chance of stealing opponent's item
Romantic move. Puts opponent to sleep
Lovely Kiss
Stores energy for two turns, then
strikes on the third
Skitty favorite. Leaves opponents infatuated
Normal move that makes the opponent
switch out or run away
Electrode favorite that causes user to faint
A powerful watery blast, but the user
is immobilized next turn
Hydro Cannon
Allows Normal and Fighting moves to hit
Ghosts, and raises evasiveness
Level 25
Apr 30, 2012
ah bummer, kept typing "snatch" for thief. great idea for quiz!
Level 20
May 14, 2012
I could picture what foresight looked like but all I was coming up with was "forclosure" which I know perfectly well isn't a move. And, Rachel24601, you should really put a warning about what generation this quiz is based off of somewhere.
Level 52
Jun 5, 2012
Done. :-)
Level 20
Jun 26, 2012
More than just Castform can learn Weather Ball, I'm pretty sure Victreebell, Raikou, Roserade and more get it.
Level 4
Jul 10, 2012
Plus mew can get it too :)
Level 20
Jul 18, 2012
Mew can learn anything lol..
Level 6
Apr 17, 2014
That is a lie. Mew does NOT learn Weather Ball, Sacred Fire, Aeroblast, Judgement, Shadow Force, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, etc.
Level 13
May 3, 2014
I wish that were true
Level 59
Apr 16, 2016
Mew can only learn moves that can be taught by TM's, tutors and by its level uo moveset
Level 33
Jan 16, 2018
Mew learns every TM, not every move. Smeargle comes closest to learning every move by learning every move except Chatter and Struggle through Sketch. Therefore, it gets a STAB judgement, and can learn all the other moves.
Level 33
Jan 16, 2018
Also, Metronome can be nice sometimes allowing Mew to USE every move in the game, just not LEARN every move.
Level 57
Jul 25, 2012
Based on the fact Sketch is on here, Smeargle can also learn Weather Ball.
Level 21
Jul 30, 2012
Mew and Zorua can transform too
Level 6
Apr 17, 2014
For Zorua that's just it's ability. But yes, Mew can also Transform.
Level 21
Jul 30, 2012
Explosion should also be added
Level 68
Jun 10, 2014
Yeah, Electrode learns that too, and it does the same thing.
Level 51
Oct 23, 2016
Maybe it didn't exist as a move back when the quiz maker started pretending that no new Pokemon were "real".
Level 36
Apr 10, 2020
In the anime, voltorb is the one that uses self-destruct most of the time, whereas electrode does indeed use explosion.
Level 21
Jul 30, 2012
for creating a quiz, does anybody know how to add more answer boxes?
Level 12
Oct 5, 2012
good quiz, almost didn't get lovely kiss. :P
Level 20
Apr 22, 2013
great quiz
Level 63
Jul 2, 2013
original 150 FTW!
Level 14
Oct 30, 2013
well... Roserade can learn weatherball.
Level 57
Jan 7, 2014
I wouldn't say tackle is a favourite of Rattatas. All I could come up with was growl, scratch, and super fang. Does Rattata even know Tackle?
Level 14
Nov 27, 2014
i kept using superpower for strength and was so annoyed when it didnt work
Level 25
Mar 3, 2015
foresight doesn't raise evasiveness, it lowers the opponents evasiveness
Level 38
Apr 6, 2015
2:08 left. Give me my PokeDollars, baby~
Level 12
Feb 17, 2016
so can lugia
Level 19
Feb 22, 2016
I finished easily with 2:51 left. Also has anyone played heart gold?
Level 56
Apr 5, 2016
20/20 in 2 minutes. The only trouble was lovely kiss
Level 43
Mar 9, 2017
Fake tears is a fairy type move not dark so plese change that.
Level 14
Nov 14, 2017
Amazing idea but kept putting hydro pump for hydro cannon and I always put snatch for thief
Level 44
Nov 22, 2017
Why only gen 1-3? I demand an explanation!
Level 18
Nov 26, 2018
Nice quiz! I made my own, too! It contains all 742 moves from the main series games! You should try it out! https://www.jetpunk.com/user-quizzes/238536/all-pokemon-moves-quiz

Also, the move Thief, when used, will always take the opponent's item.

Level 24
Oct 21, 2019
I don't think Foresight actually increases the user's evasiveness. It "removes" the target's evasiveness (or negates it somehow).
Level 15
Dec 1, 2020
This quiz is so easy plz make it harder
Level 28
Nov 10, 2021
Assist’s description should be changed; it can also be used in single battles; leaving it to double battles only is kind of misleading
Level 58
Dec 27, 2021
Can only manage to get half of them, used to be obsessed with this type of stuff