All Pokémon Areas (Part I)

Do you know every in-game Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova location to date?! This quiz tests your knowledge as of the end of 2020. Good luck! P.S. Buildings are not included unless they are treated as dungeons or "special" places. Shopping centers and online features are not included.
Quiz by KaasAppelstroop
Last updated: January 25, 2021
First submittedJanuary 25, 2021
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Kanto Routes (1996)
Route 1
Route 2
Route 3
Route 4
Route 5
Underground Path
Route 6
Route 7
Underground Path
Route 8
Route 9
Route 10
Route 11
Route 12
Route 13
Route 14
Route 15
Route 16
Route 17
Route 18
Route 19
Route 20
Route 21
Route 22
Route 23
Route 24
Route 25
Victory Road
Kanto Routes (1999)
Route 26
Route 27
Route 28
Kanto Routes (2004)
Kindle Road
Three Isle Path
Bond Bridge
Resort Gorgeous
Water Path
Green Path
Canyon Entrance
Seavault Canyon
Tanoby Ruins
Kanto Cities/Towns (1996)
Pallet Town
Viridian City
Pewter City
Cerulean City
Vermillion City
Lavender Town
Celadon City
Saffron City
Fuchsia City
Cinnabar Island
Indigo Plateau
Kanto Cities/Towns (2004)
One Island
Two Island
Three Island
Four Island
Five Island
Six Island
Seven Island
Kanto Special Locations (1996)
Viridian Forest
Diglett's Cave
Mt. Moon
S.S. Anne
Rock Tunnel
Power Plant
Pokémon Tower
Rocket Hideout
Silph Co.
Safari Zone
Seafoam Islands
Pokémon Mansion
Cerulean Cave
Kanto Special Locations (1998)
Pikachu's Beach
Kanto Special Locations (1999)
Tohjo Falls
Cerulean Cape
Kanto Special Locations (2004)
Treasure Beach
Ember Spa
Mt. Ember
Cape Brink
Three Isle Port
Berry Forest
Icefall Cave
Five Island Meadow
Rocket Warehouse
Memorial Pillar
Water Labyrinth
Lost Cave
Ruin Valley
Dotted Hole
Pattern Bush
Outcast Island
Altering Cave
Trainer Tower
Tanoby Key
Viapois Chamber
Rixy Chamber
Scufib Chamber
Dilford Chamber
Weepth Chamber
Liptoo Chamber
Monean Chamber
Birth Island
Navel Rock
Kanto Special Locations (2009)
Pal Park
Kanto Special Locations (2018)
Go Park
Johto Routes (1999)
Route 29
Route 30
Route 31
Route 32
Route 33
Route 34
Route 35
Route 36
Route 37
Route 38
Route 39
Route 40
Route 41
Route 42
Route 43
Route 44
Ice Path
Route 45
Route 46
Johto Routes (2009)
Cliff Gate
Route 47
Route 48
Johto Cities/Towns (1999)
New Bark Town
Cherrygrove City
Violet City
Azalea Town
Goldenrod City
Ecruteak City
Olivine City
Cianwood City
Mahogany Town
Blackthorn City
Johto Cities/Towns (2009)
Safari Zone Gate
Johto Special Locations (1999)
Sprout Tower
Ruins of Alph
Union Cave
Dark Cave
Slowpoke Well
Ilex Forest
Goldenrod Tunnel
Goldenrod Radio Tower
National Park
Burned Tower
Tin Tower
Whirl Islands
Mt. Mortar
Lake of Rage
Team Rocket HQ
Dragon's Den
Mt. Silver
Johto Special Locations (2009)
Embedded Tower
Safari Zone
Pokéathlon Dome
Battle Frontier
Hoenn Routes (2002)
Route 101
Route 102
Route 103
Route 104
Route 105
Route 106
Route 107
Route 108
Route 109
Route 110
Route 111
Route 112
Fiery Path
Route 113
Route 114
Route 115
Route 116
Route 117
Route 118
Route 119
Route 120
Route 121
Route 122
Route 123
Route 124
Route 125
Route 126
Route 127
Route 128
Route 129
Route 130
Route 131
Route 132
Route 133
Route 134
Victory Road
Hoenn Cities/Towns (2002)
Littleroot Town
Oldale Town
Petalburg City
Rustboro City
Dewford City
Slateport City
Mauville City
Verdanturf Town
Fallarbor Town
Lavaridge Town
Fortree City
Lilycove City
Mossdeep City
Pacifidlog Town
Sootopolis City
Ever Grande City
Hoenn Cities/Towns (2014)
Battle Resort
Hoenn Special Locations (2002)
Petalburg Woods
Rusturf Tunnel
Meteor Falls
Granite Cave
Abandoned Ship
Oceanic Museum
Trick House
Cycling Road
Mt. Chimney
Jagged Pass
New Mauville
Weather Institute
Scorched Slab
Safari Zone
Mt. Pyre
Magma Hideout
Aqua Hideout
Shoal Cave
Seafloor Cavern
Cave of Origin
Sky Pillar
Sealed Chamber
Desert Ruins
Island Cave
Ancient Tomb
Contest Hall(s)
Pokémon League
Mirage Island
Southern Island
Hoenn Special Locations (2004)
Mirage Tower
Desert Underpass
Trainer Hill
Artisan Cave
Marine Cave
Terra Cave
Battle Frontier
Hoenn Special Locations (2014)
Berry Master's Garden
Trackless Forest
Nameless Cavern
Crescent Isle
Pathless Plain
Fabled Cave
Gnarled Den
Mirage Island (x8)
Mirage Forest (x8)
Mirage Mountain (x8)
Mirage Cave (x8)
Secret Islet
Secret Meadow
Secret Shore
Sinnoh Routes (2006)
Route 201
Verity Lakefront
Route 202
Route 203
Oreburgh Gate
Route 204
Ravaged Path
Route 205
Route 206
Route 207
Route 208
Route 209
Route 210
Route 211
Route 212
Route 213
Route 214
Spring Path
Valor Lakefront
Route 215
Route 216
Route 217
Acuity Lakefront
Route 218
Route 219
Route 220
Route 221
Route 222
Route 223
Route 224
Route 225
Route 226
Route 227
Route 228
Route 229
Route 230
Victory Road
Seabreak Path
Sinnoh Cities/Towns (2006)
Twinleaf Town
Sandgem Town
Jubilife City
Canalave City
Oreburgh City
Floaroma Town
Eterna City
Hearthome City
Celestic Town
Solaceon Town
Snowpoint City
Veilstone City
Pastoria City
Sunyshore City
Fight Area
Survival Area
Resort Area
Sinnoh Special Locations (2006)
Lake Verity
Lake Valor
Lake Acuity
Pal Park
Battle Park
Amity Square
Mt. Coronet
Spear Pillar
Hall of Origin
Iron Island
Full Moon Island
New Moon Island
Oreburgh Mine
Floaroma Meadow
Valley Windworks
Fuego Ironworks
Eterna Forest
Old Chateau
Galactic Eterna Building
Wayward Cave
Snowpoint Temple
Celestic Ruins
Solaceon Ruins
Ruin Maniac Cave
Sendoff Spring
Turnback Cave
Team Galactic HQ
Lost Tower
Hallowed Tower
Pokémon Mansion
Trophy Garden
Great Marsh
Hotel Grand Lake
Pokémon League
Flower Paradise
The Underground
Global Terminal
Mystery Zone
Sinnoh Special Locations (2008)
Distortion World
Battle Frontier
Sinnoh Special Locations (2009)
Sinjoh Ruins
Unova Routes (2010)
Route 1
Route 2
Route 3
Pinwheel Forest
Route 4
Route 5
Route 6
Route 7
Route 8
Route 9
Route 10
Route 11
Route 12
Route 13
Route 14
Route 15
Route 16
Route 17
Route 18
Victory Road
Unova Routes (2012)
Route 19
Route 20
Route 21
Route 22
Route 23
Route 24
Unova Cities/Towns (2010)
Nuvema Town
Accumula Town
Striaton City
Nacrene City
Castelia City
Nimbasa City
Anville Town
Driftveil City
Mistralton City
Icirrus City
Opelucid City
Lacunosa Town
Undella Town
Black City
White Forest
Unova Cities/Towns (2012)
Aspertia City
Floccesy Town
Virbank City
Lentimas Town
Humilau City
Unova Special Locations (2010)
P2 Laboratory
Dream Yard
Wellspring Cave
Challenge Rock
Skyarrow Bridge
Unity Tower
Liberty Garden
Desert Resort
Relic Castle
Pokémon Musical
Big Stadium
Small Court
Gear Station
Driftveil Drawbridge
Plasma Safehouse
Cold Storage
Mistralton Cave
Chargestone Cave
Celestial Tower
Twist Mountain
Dragonspiral Tower
Moor of Icirrus
Tubeline Bridge
Challenger's Cave
Pokémon League
Village Bridge
Giant Chasm
Undella Bay
Abyssal Ruins
Abundant Shrine
Poké Transfer Lab
Marvelous Bridge
Lostlorn Forest
Guidance Chamber
Rumination Field
Trial Chamber
N's Castle
Entree Forest
Dream World
Unova Special Locations (2012)
Pledge Grove
Floccesy Ranch
Cave of Being
Virbank Complex
Pokéstar Studios
Castelia Sewers
Relic Passage
Plasma Frigate
Join Avenue
Pokémon World Tournament
Strange House
Reversal Mountain
Clay Tunnel
Underground Ruins
Rock Peak Chamber
Iceberg Chamber
Iron Chamber
Black Tower
White Hollow
Marine Tube
Seaside Cave
Hidden Grotto (x20)
Unknown Region
Faraway Island
Stark Mountain
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