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642021-02-10Type 1-15 easiest quiz
512021-01-15type 1-50 in 25 secs
502021-02-04how many times can you type Nintendo
382021-02-02The 10 Smartest presidents of the U.S.
332020-12-07Name the cooking equipment 1
282021-01-01HAPPY NEW YEAR
272021-02-02Populous Countries A-Z
262021-01-18Top 10 Most Populated Cities
252020-11-25The Religions
232021-02-22RIDDLE 1
232021-01-11UK territories quiz
222021-03-06The Impossible Quiz ( Part 1 )
222020-12-15Countries with 1 letter
212021-01-15Top 10 Richest People in the world
202020-12-01Guess the instrument (string section)
192021-02-04How many times can you type Monopoly in 15 seconds
182021-01-14every day of the week
172021-01-13French Territories
162020-12-18type the hint as fast as you can
162020-11-282 times tables
162020-12-09Name the U.S.A. presidents 1
162020-11-25Every language in India
152021-01-18All of the countries (North America) 1MIN
132021-01-29My Friends, guess them
132021-02-25RIDDLE 2
132021-01-12USA Territories quiz
122021-01-31Countries without McDonald's ( A-C )
122021-03-06The Impossible Quiz ( Part 2 )
112021-02-18Guess the song from the Chorus #1
102020-11-28Countries by area
102020-11-30Name the flowers
102021-01-13free quiz
102020-12-08Name the Countries of North America
102020-12-14Name the U.S.A. presidents 4
102021-01-14Every month of the year
102021-02-05Old - New Country / City names
92021-04-12Just name the parts of a flower
92021-04-09Every iPhone Model 
92021-01-18All of the countries (oceania) 1MIN
92020-12-01Guess the car
92020-12-14Name the U.S.A. presidents 5
82021-01-05Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtubers
82020-12-20All official Geometry Dash levels
82021-02-18Guess the song from the Chorus #4
72021-03-07The Impossible Quiz ( Part 3 )
72021-01-20All of the countries (south america) 1MIN
72020-12-22Type the names of the properties on the monopoly board game
62021-01-25Random 2
62021-02-20Guess the song from the Chorus #5
62020-12-03Video game heroes
62021-01-31The easiest quiz in the world
62021-04-07Breath of the Wild Characters( people )
62021-01-21All of the countries (Europe) 2MIN
62021-02-16Guess the song from the Chorus #2
52020-12-12Name the U.S.A. presidents 2
52020-12-20Top 10 hardest extreme demons
52021-01-15Type the names of the properties on the monopoly board game
52021-01-31Countries without McDonald's ( G-I )
42020-12-24Top 10 Most Expensive Cars
42021-01-30Countries without McDonald's ( D-F )
32020-12-24Top Ten Most Used Emojis
32020-12-14Every Gen 1 Pokemon
32020-12-24The Top 10 Fastest Cars Ever
32021-02-17Guess the song from the Chorus #3
22020-12-13Name the U.S.A. presidents 3
22021-01-11Every Class D Car Asphalt 9
22021-04-12What type of quizzes can u make on jetpunk
12021-02-02Company History - Nintendo
02021-01-12Asphalt 9 Class C cars