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they took away my face they took away my armthe bonnie song
lets try to make it right, don't wanna start a fightsurvive the night
some bots are just distractions some bot are just goldjust gold
i dont know what i was thinking leaving my child behindits been so long
you can run you cant hide, we'll always seek, we'll always findyou cant hide
i'll stay strong we live internally. all is hell in the afton familyafton family
funtime watching you at night. come here never fear our bitefuntime dance floor
i feel like, you are not trusting me enoughtrust me
im about to fall apart, already half way there, i guess thats a startthe mangle song
its twelve A.M and all the bots roam free. Stretch our your legs to prevent rusting. hey hey mike what you think of my new mixtapebonnies mixtape
Second night Will we survive This Demonized Animatronic? Come third night I've lost my sight Reset the cameras Seal the air vent Listen closely Hear him crawling In the air ducts System reset! Hallucinating Vision fading They're watching me Anticipatingrun run
im living in a memory, i loosing all my sanity. have you ever seen what ive seenmemory
cant decide weither im dead or alive there seems to be more voices in my head than just minealive
I feel so outta place Please stand by Await your deadly fate Glitching through the system Can't outrun Better watch your step If not I'll comelolbit song
Creatures are waiting, anticipating Eyes revealing a glow Grinning now for the show Awaiting everyone to come homeshadow bonnie song

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