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512021-02-27Allies of Israel
432021-02-03Ethnicities of Israel
402021-02-27Enemies of Kurdistan
372021-02-13Foods by Country #1
362021-02-13Most Practiced Religions in Turkey
342021-03-24Enemies of Israel
332021-02-27Enemies of Russia
312021-04-13Countries with the Most Muslims
302021-02-13Foods by Country #2
272021-03-31Population of the Middle East
262021-01-29Ethnicities of Iran
262021-01-27Ethnicities of Afghanistan
262021-02-13Ethnicities of Pakistan
252021-02-09Ethnicities of Armenia
252021-04-11Indo-European language family
242021-02-13Most Practiced Religions in Iran
242021-03-05Ethnicities of Syria
232021-04-11Enemies of Iran
232021-03-07Countries with the Highest Poverty Rate
232021-02-13Most Practiced Religions in Iraq
232021-04-01Most Populated Countries in 2021
232021-01-31Ethnicities of Saudi Arabia
222021-01-31Ethnicities of Egypt
222021-03-05Ethnicities of Iraq
222021-02-13Most Practiced Religions in Syria
222021-02-14Ethnicities of Ethiopia
212021-03-13Countries with the Most Homicide Deaths
212021-04-11Allies of Iran
202021-02-13Most Practiced Religions in Armenia
202021-03-14Ethnicities of Turkey
182021-03-05Ethnicities of Azerbaijan
182021-03-28Enemies of Armenia
182021-02-20Ethnicities of Georgia
162021-02-14Foods by Country #3
162021-01-30Types of Engineering
162021-03-31Economy of the Middle East
162021-03-25Allies of Armenia
152021-04-11Allies of Russia
142021-02-19Allies of Kurdistan
102021-03-05Countries with the Highest Femicide Rate
92021-01-30Flags of Regions and Territories
92021-02-14Afro-Asiatic language family
82021-04-11Middle East - Map Quiz
82021-04-12Altaic language family
72021-04-14Niger-Congo language family
62021-03-13Dené-Yeniseian language family
62021-03-24Austronesian language family
52021-04-08Sino-Tibetan language family
42021-01-31States of Kurdish origin
32021-02-07DAFOREST Techniques
12021-04-08Dravidian language family
12021-03-15Caucasian language family