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30,3622021-03-26 Most Forested European Countries
23,7362019-12-05 Biggest Trading Partners - European Union
3,5532018-11-03 Die größten Handelspartner - Europäische Union
1,5672017-04-17Maailman suurimmat maat, väkiluvun mukaan
5462021-10-13Five Happiest Nations by Size Category
5312017-06-0410 Best Countries in Formula One - by population
4872019-02-18Maailman onnellisimmat maat, maanosittain
3922017-06-0610 Best Ski Jumping Countries in the Olympics
3902017-04-14Maailman väkirikkaimmat maat - maanosittain
3572017-07-10Suomen hallitsijat 1250 - 2017
3392017-04-17Maailman turvallisimmat maat turistille!
3042017-12-1320 Safest Countries on the World Map
2812018-03-24Top 5 Happiest Nations of each Continent 2018 & Map
2562017-09-03Top 15 Gold Medal Countries in Summer Olympics & World Map
2202017-11-155 Biggest Cities by 5 Scandinavian Countries
2192017-05-3125 Best Nations in Healthcare Access and Quality
2082018-04-28Top 25 Coffee Loving Nations - updated!
2052017-07-12Where in Europe the Police is most Trusted
1802017-03-19Safest Countries for Tourists!
1712017-07-2115 Best Countries of the World - by Newsweek
1682017-05-0925 Best Countries in Social Progress
1612017-06-28Top 15 EU Nations in Digital Economy - on the Map
1522018-07-30Sommar-OS värdstäder
1482017-07-11Numbers 1-10 in Scandinavian Countries
1462017-11-11World Rally Championship Winning Countries
1452017-03-26Countries with Least Organized Crime - by Continent;
1422017-08-2210 Best Countries in Floorball World Championships
1392017-07-21World Capitals Closest to Stockholm
1262017-04-23Freest Countries of the World - Top 20
1202017-06-04Formula One World Championships, by Country
1162017-07-29Most Distant Capital Cities from Helsinki
1152017-07-03Maailman 10 rehellisintä kaupunkia lompakkotestissä
1132018-01-175 Most Protestant Countries by Continent
1122017-08-16Top 10 EU Countries Exporting to the USA
1112017-03-17Ten Most Stable Countries of the World
1102017-07-0310 parasta Formula-1 maata väkiluvun suhteessa
1072017-05-0715 Best Countries for Raising a Family
1072017-07-18Top 15 EU Countries Growing Cleanest Food & Map
1072018-01-13EU maiden 15 pohjoisinta pääkaupunkia.
1032017-08-2710 Countries with Biggest Forest Lands in Europe
1032017-06-22Inland Water Richest Countries on the World Map
992017-03-23Top 10 Nations in Democracy, Governance, and the Rule of Law
932019-02-1815 Richest Island Nation Economies
932017-11-12From which EU Countries People Travel Abroad the most?
862017-08-09Which 8 Countries are Members of the Arctic Council?
832017-08-31Best Countries in Finnish Baseball (Pesäpallo) World Cup
832018-07-25Olympialaisten kesäkisojen isäntäkaupungit
812019-02-11Top 10 Countries With the Most Islands
792017-06-12Best Countries for Business
782017-03-18Five Most Stable Countries by Continent
742020-11-30World Capitals Quiz - Hard Version
722017-07-03Maat, joissa ympäristönsuojelun taso parhainta;
682017-07-21Top 5 World Cities in Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
672017-08-20World's Most Populous Countries - by Continent
662017-07-22Rulers of Finland 1250 - 2017
642017-05-27Worldwide Ranking of Countries by English Skills
632021-01-01World Capitals: Saints, Ports, and Cities
612017-06-26Top 15 Countries in Personal Freedom and Choise
612017-03-19World Happiness Report 2015
612017-11-1010 Most Liveable Cities of the World, 2016
602017-07-24Quality of Life in EU Capital Cities
602021-10-16Satisfaction with Cultural Facilities in EU Capital Cities
592017-11-12TOP 20 Countries in Innovation
562017-08-18Satisfaction with Life in EU Capital Cities
562017-11-12Best Countries in Primary Education
542017-06-0915 Best Countries in Environmental Performance
542017-07-23Eurozone Countries Quiz & Map
542018-07-06EU Countries' Capitals North to South
542017-04-19Economies with Soundest Banks - by Continent
532017-08-10Best Nations in Olympic Games' Javelin Throw
522017-05-1110 Best Countries in Social Progress by Continent
522017-11-1610 Largest Military Personnels in EU Countries
512017-05-27Most Powerful Passports of the World!
512017-04-07Most Competitive Economies, Top-10 by Continent
512017-11-1615 Top Countries in Nutrition & Basic Medical Care
502017-11-17Hallitsijasuvut (tai aikakaudet) Suomen historiassa
482017-05-05Quality of Life, Top-15 Nations of the World;
472018-04-12Countries by Number of Books Published per Capita
462017-05-17Water Richest Countries of the World - per Capita
462017-06-135 Best Countries in Environmental Performance by Continent
452017-06-0510 Best Cities of the World to Live In
452018-04-28Top 5 Branded Coffee Chains in USA and Europe
432017-11-15Ten Best Travel Destinations in 2017
422017-11-15Most Literate Nations of the World
412017-08-13Best Countries in Men's Javelin in IAAF World Championships
412020-11-21Member Airlines of One World Alliance
412017-05-22Richest Countries of the World - by continent
402017-05-1720 Best Countries in Human Wellbeing 2016
392017-04-18Best 15 Countries in Environmental Performance
392017-03-20Happiest Nations of the World 2015 and 2017,
382017-05-2810 Most Honest Cities in 'Wallet Test'
372017-06-0515 Best Cities in the Ability to Compete for Talented Workforce
362017-09-0115 Greatest World Cities for Startup Businesses
352017-04-15Human Capital Index - Top 25 Nations
352018-11-12Top-15 Countries with Clean Air
332017-08-2315 Countries with Highest Sustainable Competitiveness
332017-11-17Prosperity of the Nations, per Capita
312017-06-29Top 10 European Countries Attracting Venture Capital 2012-2016
282019-02-07Largest European Countries - per capita
282017-05-08World's Best Countries at Judicial Independence, by Continent
272017-11-16Biggest Countries of the World, by Population
262017-05-0815 Best Countries at Judicial Independence
252017-06-27Gender Gap Index 2016 by World Region
222017-05-2410 Best Airports of the World 2016
212017-05-19Countries with lowest Maternal Mortality
212017-04-28World Press Freedom Index 2017, Top-10
202017-11-10Top 10 Countries - Mobile Data Usage - COPY
172017-04-28Press Freedom, TOP-10 Nations by Continent
162021-09-11Island Nations by Ocean or Sea
152021-03-20Top 15 Happiest Nations 2021
152019-04-05Best Countries in Return on Equity
122021-10-09Island Nations by Island Group or Archipelago
102021-10-13Capitals of Atlantic Coastal Countries
52021-10-13Capitals of Indian Ocean's Coastal Countries