10 Countries Based on Remaining Categories #2

We give you a list of 10 countries. Name the country that fits all of the clues on the right.
The last clue will disappear; now name the country that fits each of the remaining clues.
Continue until there is one country left!
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Quiz by Quizzer6794
Last updated: February 26, 2017
First submittedFebruary 26, 2017
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Costa Rica
El Salvador
South Africa
This Answer is:
Begins with the letter "A"Has a capital beginning with A-LName ends in a vowelIt mostly in the Southern HemisphereIs one of the 20 largest countriesHas participated in the FIFA World CupHas a population over 1 mil.Has access to the sea (is coastal)Contains the letter "A" in its nameHas no land borders
Level 69
Apr 17, 2019
Very confusing format. Bucharest doesn't start with A-L! South Africa is entirely in the Southern Hemisphere; the term "mostly" suggests that some of it is not.
Level 65
Jul 7, 2019
Bucharest starts with B, which is a letter between A and L.

South Africa is the last country pertaining to that hint, so we had to generalize to include Indonesia as the answer beforehand.

Level 46
Dec 24, 2020
You should specify it as "a letter between A and L"
Level 68
Aug 30, 2019
Yeah, the clues are very misleading.. No stars for this quiz.
Level 65
Nov 18, 2019
No stars are better than one ;)
Level 73
Nov 18, 2019
Really nice quiz! It just needs to be updated since Iceland made the 2018 world cup though
Level 65
Nov 18, 2019
Thanks! At the point where the FIFA clue comes up, the "1 million population" clue is still there, so no update is needed :)
Level 58
Dec 3, 2019
Very creative quiz idea!
Level 69
Mar 3, 2021
Iceland was in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Level 62
May 9, 2021
Yes. So they fit the 4th clue but not the 3rd one so they are already eliminated before that. (They fit the bottom clue too but not some of the others before.)