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Country Logic Puzzle

Can you name the countries that go into each box based on the clues?
Quiz idea from Sporcle.com
Please don't cheat by guess and check!
Quiz by Quizzer6794
First submittedSeptember 19, 2016
Last updatedDecember 14, 2018
Times taken1,170
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★India★ Each country
in Column C is the most
populated in its row and
on its continent.
★ Taiwan ★
★ China ★ Suriname
is in F4. Spain is below
one of its bordering countries.
★ United Arab
Emirates ★ Three
countries in Row 5 have
a capital that
ends with 'City'.
★ Kyrgyzstan ★
There are exactly
two 2-word countries.
★ Oman ★ The island
in B1 is off the coast
of China.
★Morocco★ Canada is
adjacent to Brazil.
★ Madagascar ★
Panama is in the same
column as Togo.
★ Nigeria ★ There are
exactly two countries
in this row that start with M.
★ Djibouti ★ Column
E's countries
have capitals with
unique initial letters
★ Chad ★
★ Togo ★
★ Spain ★ All South
American countries
appear in alphabetical order.
★ Iceland ★ Every 4
letter country from the
Americas is in this quiz.
★ Russia ★ Two
'United' countries
are in Column D.
★ United Kingdom ★
Each column has just 1
country that begins with
the letter of its column.
★ Estonia ★ There is a
3-syllable country in F5.
★ France ★ The southern-
most country is in D4.
★ Argentina ★ Estonia
can be found in column E
★ Bolivia ★ If
Guatemala is in this quiz,
then so is Madagascar.
★ Brazil ★ Find
Morocco at A2
and Iceland at B3.
★ Chile ★ Mexico is
in the same diagonal
line as Kyrgyzstan.
★ Peru ★ Two of the
three 4-letter African
countries are in this quiz.
★ Suriname ★ A unique
continent defines each
row, and each row only
contains countries
on that continent.
★ Mexico ★ The only 'O'
country can be found in F1
★ Cuba ★ The only
1-syllable country starting
with S is in this quiz, but
is not adjacent to Suriname
★ United States ★ Every
country in Column B
(except for B4) is an island.
★ Canada ★ 2 one
syllable countries are
in row 3; they share a border.
★ Guatemala ★
★ Panama ★
level 72
Sep 18, 2016
Fun! 18/29
level 33
Sep 19, 2016
This was fun! Only comment is that for Djibouti, not sure which clue leads to it...
level 46
Sep 29, 2016
D3's clue should help
level 70
Sep 19, 2016
Great! Got stuck at 16/29, don't understand how I should have moved on, although perhaps it's because I'm not sure what the clue in D2 means
level 70
Sep 19, 2016
after a few times managed to find all 29 (without cheating!) but still without understanding the D2 clue... great quiz!
level 65
Sep 19, 2016
Awesome ^_^ Just a little more time would be great.
level 48
Sep 19, 2016
Brilliant quiz! Love the concept. Ran out of time, but it was really challenging :)
level 55
Sep 19, 2016
probably need doubling the time if not cheating
level 77
Sep 21, 2016
No clue for D2, ran out of time guessing that one.
level 57
Sep 21, 2016
Thanks to all of you! The Djibouti hint is there, 40% of people have got it... :)
level 70
Sep 22, 2016
how do you know? if I haven't made a mistake you can complete the quiz without using the Djibouti hint
level 57
Sep 22, 2016
The Djibouti hint help you distinguish Chad and Togo. If Togo was in column E, it would be in the same column as Peru. Peru and Togo can't be in the same column because all of column E's capitals can't have the same starting letters.
level 70
Sep 23, 2016
I see - I worked it out by using 'Panama is in the same column as Togo.' and to decide where Panama/Guatemala went I used the clue in E3. Anyway, maybe it would be clearer if you wrote 'capitals of column E's countries have different initial letters'? at least I got confused on whether they were unique within the column, within the whole quiz or what
level 32
Sep 24, 2016
A little bit more time would be nice imo.
level 28
Feb 3, 2017
How do ya get djibouti
level 58
Oct 9, 2017
I loved this!! Bravo! Anymore like it?...
level 57
Oct 9, 2017
Yes in fact! Scambigol has made a series of 9, all of which are spectacular!
level 39
Nov 5, 2017
level 39
Nov 5, 2017
level 57
Nov 15, 2017
D2's clue is weird.
level 55
Oct 17, 2018
odd answers for f5 and b5 wouldnt enter for me
level 54
Dec 14, 2018
For some reason I was unable to input Chad, Togo and Panama, it just wouldn't accept them as valid answers
level 79
Jan 18, 2019
The clue in D2 suggests that Chad shoudn't be right for E2 -- Chad's capital starts with N, as does Niger's, Kenya's and Mali's. Does the reference to "initial letters" mean more than the first letter?