Ali's General Knowledge #1

Try to answer these random trivia questions
Quiz by HatemAli
Last updated: January 22, 2018
First submittedSeptember 24, 2015
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What is the capital of Brunei?
Bandar Seri Begawan
Indonesia was once part of this European Empire
Dutch Empire
'Following' was the first film for which acclaimed director?
Christopher Nolan
Complete the cliche: Silk on a Sow is just a well dressed ___
Who was the last US president to be born in the 19th century?
Dwight Eisenhower
His debut film in 1941 earned this writer/director/actor critical acclaim
Orson Welles
A homophone of 'claws'
He recently scored the fastest five goals in football (soccer) history
Robert Lewandowski
A major organ of your lymphatic system, near your abdomen
Who is the current head-of-state of Canada?
Justin Trudeau
Jesus spoke this language, Hebrew's ancestor
Modern sea which is more of a very large lake
Caspian Sea
________ the Conqueror conquered ______ in 1066
William, England
This popular disco hairstyle of the 70s
This controversial comedy genius' stand-up career spanned more than 50 years
George Carlin
Which Caribbean island is shared between France and the Netherlands?
Saint Martin/Sint Maarten
What ancient religion originated in Iran?
Who won the most Mr. Olympia titles? [Hint: it's not Arnold]
Lee Haney
In which country would you find the resort city of Hurghada?
What was the largest contiguous land empire of all time?
Mongol Empire
Level 78
Sep 24, 2015
What about shag or feathering ("The Farrah Fawcett") for disco hairstyles?
Level 68
Sep 25, 2015
I think the Afro is the most recognisable, and more connected in people's minds to disco.