How many character from the Flash do you know.
Quiz by Jacksanada
Last updated: March 26, 2015
First submittedMarch 25, 2015
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Forensic Scientist, who's Mother was murdered, and Father was framed
Barry Allen
Young Mother, who was killed by a man in a yellow suit
Nora Allen
Father, who went to prison, accused of killing wife
Henry Allen
Young Man, who is a Mechanical Engineer, who works for STAR Labs.
Cisco Ramon
Young Woman, who is a Bio-Engineer, who works for STAR Labs
Caitlin Snow
Created the Particle Accelerator, and works at STAR Labs
Harrison Wells
Police Detective, works at CCPD, and adopted the Mother's Son
Joe West
Young Woman, who is a waitress at Jitters, and then becomes a Journalist
Iris West
Man, used to work at STAR Labs, and presumed to have died by the Particle Acceleator when it malfunctioned
Ronnie Raymond
Professor, who studied Time Travel, and F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.
Professor Stein
Detective's partner at CCPD, who dates the Detective's Daughter
Eddie Thawne
Young Woman, who is a sports Journalist, and dates the Detective's adopted Son
Linda Park
Man in a red suit, who has super-speed, and saves people lives, and tries to Time Travel to the past, to save his Mother. He is also nicknamed the Scarlet Speedster.
A Nuclear Powered man, who can set himself on fire, and can go nuclear, when supernova.
Man in the yellow suit, who killed the Mother, and goes by the name Eobard Thawne
Reverse Flash
Criminal, who steals expensive items, and is fascinated with stopping the Flash with his 'Cold'gun
Captain Cold
Criminal's Sister, who has a 'Gold' gun, and helps steal valuable items.
Golden Glider
Criminals Partner, who is obsessed with money, and uses his 'Fire' gun, to get it.
Man, who can control the weather, who wants revenge on the Detective, for killing his brother
Weather Wizard
Woman, who can explode anything she touches, and is hunted by General Eiling
Boy, who can control sound waves, and who wants revenge on STAR Labs
Pied Piper
A hitman, who can transform his entire body into gas
Bank Robber, who is persistant with time. He thinks that timing is the key
Clock King
Man, who can control electricity, and wants revenge on everyone at STAR Labs, for affecting him
Girl, who can teleport to places, that she can see. She only wants her boyfriend and herself to live away from the city
A Gorilla, with supernatural abilities and who was created by General Eiling and STAR Labs
Gorilla Grodd
Billionaire, who arrived at Central City as the Emerald Archer, to help the Scarlet Speedster
Oliver Queen
I.T Technician, who knows everyone at STAR Labs, and who arrived with the Emerald Archer
Felicity Smoak
Black driver, who arrived with the Emerald Archer, and helps everyone at STAR Labs
John Diggle
Level 17
Nov 11, 2015
Nice quiz, finished it with 4:38 remaining :D

Oh, and maybe for professor stein accept martin stein? :D