Statistics for Nfl in the 2010's

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2019 This team lost in a very close Superbowl because there was some magic from the other sideSan Francisco 49ers
2017 The Bears Struck Out and took this QB instead of 2 future all pro Qb'sMitch Trubisky
2016 season. This team lost 28-3 because a legendary QBAtlanta Falcons
2020 This team almost went 0-16New York Jets
2014 On a November Night this man-made one of the greatest catches your ever going to seeOdell Beckham Jr.
2015 This Team choked in the playoffs because of 1 recieverGreen Bay Packers
2013 In a week 17 classic this team barely got byGreen Bay Packers
2010 This former QB came out of retirement to play for one of his former rival teamsBrett Farve
2018 One of the top defenses in the league loses in the wild card because this heartbreaking play also who is the playerThe Double Doink and Cody Parkey
90's what WWE/WCW wrestler played a single down of NFL footballBill Goldberg
2012 This man is famous for one play againist the PatriotsMark Sanchez
2011 This terrible team that sucks won the superbowl this yearGreen Bay Porkers

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