Ultimate Battles of History Quiz

Can you name every single battle in this quiz? (Note: Some wars, couldn't resist)
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Last updated: September 25, 2016
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Naval battle between Greeks and Persians. Decisive victory for the Greeks when they were outnumbered
Battle of Salamis
Battle where Benedict Arnold betrayed the Americans
Batte of Saratoga
First big naval victory for the USA during World War 2
Battle of Midway
Last defeat of the Byzantine Empire (Include 1453 at the end of your answer)
Siege of Constantinople (1453)
British naval victory against Napoleon but British admiral dies
Battle of Trafalgar
Naval battle between Antony and Augustus
Battle of Actium
Goal of the First Crusade
Siege of Jerusalem
A turning point in the Ottoman–Habsburg wars
Battle of Vienna
Japanese navy destroys Russia's
Battle of Tsushima
Harold the II died at this battle
Battle of Hastings
The Spanish armada was defeated by the English
Battle of Gravelines
Also called the Battle of the Three Emperors and was a victory for Napoleon
Battle of Austerlitz
Soon became a battle cry for the Texans
Battle of Alamo
Bloodiest battle in WWII
Battle of Stalingrad
Second Arab siege on the capital of the Byzantine Empire (Include 717 at the end of your answer)
Siege of Constantinople (717-718)
Three Roman legions completely wiped out by Germanic tribes
Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
German advance brought to a halt during WWI at France
First Battle of the Marne
Legend has it that a messenger ran to Athens to deliver news that the battle had been won
Battle of Marathon
The aftermath of the battle ended all Islamic rule on the Iberian peninsula. The battle was an 8 month siege on a castle
Battle of Grenada
Largest air battle during WWII
Battle of Britain
Huge allied invasion of Germany during WWII
Battle of Normandy
Important English victory during the Edwardian phase of the Hundred Years War
Battle of Crécy
A major battle in the 2nd Punic War and a horrible defeat for the Roman Empire
Battle of Cannae
Aztec capital fell to the Spanish
Siege of Tenochtitlan
The Muslims get halted by the notable work of The Hammer
Battle of Tours
Samuel Houston destroys Mexicans during their siesta
Battle of San Jacinto
Theodore Roosevelt leads the Rough Riders in Cuba
Battle of San Juan Hill
English Long bowmen overpower French
Battle of Agincourt
Rommel loses his biggest battle to Montgomery in Egypt
Battle of El Alamein
Last Major Axis offensive of WW2 on the Western front
Battle of the Bulge
Japan sinks more carriers, but a strategic victory for the USA
Battle of the Coral Sea
Battle was fought on the land of a farmer, hence the name of the battle. Was fought in Canada during the 7 years war
Battle of the Plains of Abraham
Biggest battle during the Civil War
Battle of Gettysburg
Major battle between the Byzantine Empire and Muslim Arab forces. It ended Byzantine rule in Syria
Battle of Yarmouk
Last major naval battle in the Mediterranean fought entirely between galleys
Battle of Lepanto
Emperor Valens died in this battle
Battle of Adrianople
Decisive victory for Peter the Great of Swedish forces.
Battle of Poltava
The alliance of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania decisively defeated the German–Prussian Teutonic Knights.
Battle of Grunwald
First battle to be reliably recorded. Also first use of composite bow and first body count
Battle of Megiddo
Technically it was war, but it was extremely short. It was fought between Israel and Egypt
Six-Day War
Technically not a battle, was a war, was the follow up to the above.
Yom Kippur War
Japan's surprise attack during WWII
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Biggest battle in the First Indochina War
Battle of Dien Bien Phu
Huge offensive during the Vietnam War
Tet Offensive
Russia's last stand against Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars
Battle of Borodino
The most important battle of the 30 Years' War. The battle was famous for its fog
Battle of Lützen
End of the 4th crusade (Add 1204 to end of answer)
Siege of Constantinople (1204)
Fought between the Republic of Novgorod led by prince Alexander Nevsky and the crusader army led by the Livonian branch of the Teutonic Knights
Battle on the Ice
A pivotal battle during the 2nd Punic War, ending with a decisive victory for the Romans (Not Zama)
Battle of the Metaurus
An amphibious landing strategized by Douglas MacArthur
Inchon Landing
German machine gunners mow down British and French, J.R.R Tolkien famously fought
Battle of the Somme
First major ground conflict in the Gulf War
Battle of Khafji
Hittites beat Ramesses II in the biggest chariot battle ever
Battle of Kadesh
Largest tank battle ever, fought on the eastern front of WWII
Battle of Kursk
General Sherman carves a bloody path to Atlanta
Sherman's March to the Sea
Constantine fights in the name of Christ, and wins
Battle of the Milvian Bridge
The first major battle of the Civil War (not Battle of Fort Sumter)
The First Battle of Bull Run
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