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7,8092020-05-20 Zambia Country Quiz
7,4372020-05-21 Zimbabwe Country Quiz
6,9432020-05-20 Malawi Country Quiz
3482015-04-28London Underground-Central Line Stations
1952016-05-21London Underground A-Z
1822018-04-04Jewish Holidays and fastdays
1602016-04-12Israel A-Z
1592020-05-12Namibia Country Quiz
1252016-11-02Zimbabwe Country Quiz (medium difficulty)
1232015-04-28London Underground-Victoria Line Stations
1002020-05-12ESwatini (Swaziland) Country Quiz
902016-09-02London Underground-Piccadilly Line Station
852016-11-01Botswana Country Quiz
802016-12-21Judaism A-Z
732015-04-28London Underground-Jubilee Line Stations
592015-04-28London Underground-Bakerloo Line
502017-06-04Israeli Universities
482015-04-28Provinces of Zimbabwe
442016-02-25Zimbabwe A-Z
422015-07-08Zimbabwe Country Quiz (difficult)
422016-11-01Lesotho Country Quiz
372019-02-06Coats of Arms of the Arab League States- All
362018-04-03African Leaders #1
332015-07-08Old and New Names in Zimbabwe
292016-06-15Members of ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States)
262019-02-06Coats of Arms of the Arab League States In Africa
262015-04-28South African Bantustans
252019-07-16Stations on Israel Railways
212019-02-06Coats of Arms of EU Member States
212018-04-02Pesach (Passover) Quiz
152019-08-27National Parks of Zimbabwe
132019-02-06Coats of Arms and Seal/Emblems of African States
122019-02-06Coats of Arms of the ECOWAS Countries
102016-06-15Provinces (regions) of Zambia
102016-06-15Districts, Towns and Townships of Botswana
92019-02-06South African Bantustans-Flag quiz
82019-02-06Flags of the Southern African Development Community
72015-07-08Street Names in Bulawayo CBD
72019-02-06Coats of Arms of the Southern African Development Community
42017-10-08Regions of Namibia