Malawi Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Malawi?
Quiz by skiesboy
Last updated: May 20, 2020
First submittedNovember 2, 2016
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Capital city
Countries bordering Malawi
Former name of Malawi
9.2% of adults have this disease, one of the highest rates in the world
Object depicted on the flag
Rising Sun
The country of Malawi shares its name with a major ____
... which is home to more species of ___ than any other
European country which colonized Malawi
United Kingdom
Valley which runs through Malawi
Great Rift Valley
39% of Malawi's exports consist of this addictive substance
How 80% of Malawians earn their livelihood
Dominant religion
American pop singer who adopted two children from Malawi
Controversially, Malawi was the only African country to maintain
relations with this nearby country before 1994
South Africa
Level 34
May 20, 2020
I really like the quiz, but I think it's too short and simplified. For having been to Malawi last summer (a really interesting country), you could have added informations such as "kwacha" for the currency or "David Livingstone" who was the first European to reach the territory, as well as the city of Blantyre that was named after Livingstone's hometown. Last, but not least "nsimah", the national dish made from corn flour.
Level 65
May 20, 2020
Thank-you for your comments. As I mentioned above, the quizmaster simplified this quiz. I have a number of other country quizes that I made for Southern Africa where you can see the kinds of questions that I ask, including the currency. I think that the reason for the simplification is for most of the people who come to Jetpunk, Malawi is an unknown quantity, so this quiz would be quite difficult, but reasonable. For a Southern African, I can name the first female President, the fact that bellbottom pants were banned under Kamuzu Hastings Banda and other fun things. That being said, these facts are not such common knowledge outside Southern Africa (unless, like you, someone had travelled there), so its a question of balance. I'll be happy to make a more challenging quiz for you when I have a little time (maybe in the summer once I have finished my research proposal for my thesis).
Level 67
May 27, 2020
I think Swisso made good suggestion, they aren't farfetched question you would only get if you are from there.

I am all for the currency and Livingston (the dish might be a nice addition, but in that case you might indeed venture a bit into the more obscure knowledge, but still, better than local sportshero's ;) much more interesting to learn about.)

Level 66
May 20, 2020
Why "controversially" though?
Level 73
May 20, 2020
Because by doing so, Malawi indirectly supported the South African "Apartheid" system
Level 65
May 20, 2020
alberici is right, it was because unlike the rest of the "front-line states" which had shut down relations with South Africa because of Apartheid, Malawi, under Kamuzu Hastings Banda decided to maintain relations with the country.
Level 75
Jun 3, 2020
Isn't the addictive substance within tobacco nicotine? Could you accept this as an answer or rephrase the question pls?
Level 68
Jun 8, 2020
Maybe it could be worded in some other way but then again who exports nicotine?
Level 61
Jul 22, 2020
Only 3/5 for 13/15, harsh.
Level 80
Sep 1, 2020
Damn. Not even a third of the way down the list and already at tiny Malawi? Must be crowded there.
Level 80
Sep 1, 2020
Curious, I looked at the list of countries ordered by population and no country higher on the list is comparable or even close in size, and it will be two weeks before we have a quiz on another country as small or smaller (Rwanda, day 76), but after that point it starts to become more common.
Level 65
Sep 1, 2020
I was gonna say, I think Rwanda is the only country in the world with a greater population density than Malawi.
Level 80
Sep 1, 2020
nah. There are a bunch with higher density. Even Italy. Monaco is #1. And now that I look more closely at the list of countries I was wrong before. I think I assumed some countries were larger that really were not, like Taiwan and South Korea. I suppose I was fooled by common map projections, or Malawi's irregular shape. Some other countries like Bangladesh and North Korea are just barely larger.
Level 80
Sep 1, 2020
The shape makes it hard to gauge.. you can walk completely across the country in a 3 mile hike in some places. But it's much bigger than I originally thought.
Level 65
Sep 1, 2020
Yeah, I didn't even think of the microstates, which have to be at the top. I probably heard that Rwanda is most densely-populated country in Africa. That would make a lot more sense, although one of the little island countries by Madagascar might have it beat.
Level 83
Sep 1, 2020
I didn't realize it was that big. But yeah, this is probably where this series starts getting really tough.
Level 73
Sep 1, 2020
Malawi is only 58th on the list of countries with the highest population density, behind South Korea, Japan, India, the UK, Germany, and others. Even in Africa, the larger countries of Nigeria and Uganda are above Malawi.
Level 60
Sep 1, 2020
The Mercator Projection may be messing with your perception of Malawi. It's area is greater than Hungary, Portugal and even Bulgaria.
Level 69
Sep 1, 2020
It used to be that men could get free (forced) haircuts at the border - part of Hastings Banda's no-hippie policy. Malawi was also perhaps the last country to get national television service. That would require some checking.
Level 78
Sep 1, 2020
First one of the countries quizzes on which I've scored a big goose egg. I'll do better next time.
Level 55
Sep 3, 2020
OK so the thing I learned here was that Madonna is American. I thought she was British.
Level 18
Sep 4, 2020
I scored 14- happy with that. Malawi is a beautiful country - I recommend a visit
Level 43
Sep 5, 2020
finished in 28 seconds