Statistics for Common NFL Penalties

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An offensive player illegally moves after lining up for—but prior to—the snapFalse Start
Illegally grasping or pulling an opponent other than the ball carrierHolding
Grasping the face mask of another player while attempting to block or tackle himFace Mask
A defender, having missed an attempt to block a kick, tackles the kickerRoughing the Kicker
A player is on the wrong side of the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.Offside
Any action which delays the next playDelay of Game
A defender continues an effort to tackle a QB after the QB has already thrown a passRoughing the Quarterback
A forward pass is thrown intentionally incomplete so that the passer avoids loss of yardage or to conserve time.Intentional Grounding
Before the snap, a defensive player illegally crosses the line of scrimmage and makes contact with an opponent.Encroachment
Making intentional physical contact with an intended receiver after the ball has been thrown and before it has been touched by another playerPass Interference
Illegally tackling another player by grabbing the inside of the ball carrier's shoulder padsHorse collar
Any person acts or speaks in a manner deemed to be intentionally harmful or especially objectionable by the game officials, or by rule.Unsportsmanlike Conduct
An illegal, flagrant foul considered risky to the health of another playerPersonal Foul
On a kicking play where the defense fails to block the kicked ball, the defense runs into the kicker/punterRunning Into the Kicker
A player is not in motion but is not set before the snapIllegal Shift

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