Statistics for Famous Scientists

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This Brit is known as "the Father of evolution"Charles Darwin
This Polish radioactivity reasercher won a Nobel for Physics in 1903Marie Curie
This Scottish biologist and botanist won a Nobel for discovering antibiotics ( penicillin G)Alexander Fleming
This Serb physicist, engineer, futurist and inventor is best known for AC electricity supply systemNicola Tesla
This British primatologist, anthropologist and ethologist is best known for her work with chimpanzees and animal welfareJane Goodall
This scientific multitalent co-wrote and hosted the original 'Cosmos' in the 1980sCarl Sagan
This astrophysicist hosted the remake of 'Cosmos'Neil deGrasse Tyson
This Swedish botanist created binomial nomenclature and is therefore known as "the Father of modern taxonomy"Carl von Linné
This English chemist and X-ray chrystallographer is known for structure of DNA (and RNA and viruses)Rosalind Franklin

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