Characters from anime series quiz

Guess these characters from various anime series by their descriptions
Quiz by Zilyana
Last updated: May 7, 2015
First submittedMay 7, 2015
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An apathetic boy who refuses to get into the robot to kill the angels
Shinji Ikari
A cop with a flaming skull and sunglasses that can transform into a car
Inferno Cop
Ping pong player from China who moves to Japan to try to regain his glory
Kong Wenge
Space Cowboy who searches the galaxy to collect bounties
Spike Spiegel
A federation agent that chases a space criminal to Earth and must share her body with a young boy until his body recovers
Birdy Cephon Altera
Japanese boxing junior middleweight champion known for his flicker jabs
Mashiba Ryou
Once a biker gang leader, now aspires to be the world's greatest teacher
Eikichi Onizuka
A shut in who believes that everything that happens around him is a conspiracy due to the NHK
Tatsuhiro Satou
A human turned vampire after wearing a mask who feuds with the main characters over many generations. It was I _____!
Dio Brando
Highschool girl who forms the SOS Brigade and has the godlike power to make anything she believes come true
Haruhi Suzumiya
Drives a Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 and delivers tofu
Takumi Fujiwara
Once went by the alias of "Dark Flame Master" but now regrets it
Yuuta Togashi
Boy turned zombie who can become a magically ornamented girl wielding a pink chainsaw
Ayumu Aikawa
A mad scientist who invents a microwave that can send text messages back in time
Rintarou Okabe
A hardcore gambler who gets involved in shady bets to erase his debts
Kaiji Itou
An antisocial high school student who is made to join the service club
Hachiman Hikigaya
A chinese contractor who goes by the alias "Li Shengshun". He possessed lightning powers and is sometimes called "Chinese Electric Batman" by fans
A demi-god king of Uruk, Mesopotamia who is summoned in the Holy Grail War
Antagonist with a creepy clown like appearance and his main power is his "bungee gum" nen.
Self titled "strategian" of the shogunate and the daughter of a fallen feudal lord. Yells "Cheerio!" instead of "Chesto!"
A man who acts as a big brother to the main character in the battle against the beastmen
A vampire that has lived for 500 years but now adopts the appearance of a little girl. Has a unique laugh and a love of doughnuts
Shinobu Oshino
The world's best detective who pledges to stop Kira's killing spree in a battle of wits (full name)
L Lawliet
A wolf goddess who travels with a merchant towards her home in the north
An enchanter in the MMO, Elder Tale, known for pushing his glasses and strategy
A transfer student from America who is forced into a fake relationship with the main character who often calls her a gorilla.
Chitoge Kirisaki
An information broker who often gets into fights with a "bartender" who has superhuman strength
Izaya Orihara
A terran who claims power within the Martian Empire after killing his adopted father
Slaine Troyard
The student council president of Honnouji Academy who rules with an iron fist
Satsuki Kiryuuin
A bounty hunter who was accused of killing the father of his childhood friend and is chased by said friend
Favaro Leone
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