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"Stiffen that upper lip up little lady..." (8 words)
"I get more a*s than a..." (2 words)
"You want an intimate date, I want to..." (1 word)
"I'm a spacebound rocket ship and..." (4 words)
"Is he nuts? No, he's..." (1 word)
"O-oh o-oh, b*****s hopping in my..." (1 words)
"And we expect them not to know what a..." (3 words)
"There's vomit on his sweater already..." (2 words)
"Well if you want Shady, here's what I'll give ya..." (8 words)
"I dunno where I'm goin', All I know is when I get there someone's gonna..." (3 words)
"They say music can alter moods and talk to you,..." (12 words)
"I wrote to you but you still ain't callin' " (11 words)
"F**k it lets all have fun, lets mingle..." (7 words)
"The boogie monster of rap, yeah the man's back, with a plan to..." (4 words)
"Say f**k it before we hit the bucket..." (8 words)
"But regardless I don't hate you 'cause ma! You're still beautiful to me..." (4 words)
"Cause when I am not then I'ma stop pinning 'em, And I am not hip-hop and..." (4 words)
"And keep winking and blowin' kisses 'cause..." (4 words)
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"stiffen that upper lip up" is missing "i told ya" in the answer "they say music can alter moods and talk to you..." answer should be "but can it load a gun *UP* for you and cock it too?"
Aug 3, 2017
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