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How Well Do You Know My Music Taste?

Answer these rather tricky questions about my artist likes/dislikes
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What are the Big Three bands that I've wanted to see in concert? (in order of preference)
What Modest Mouse song (which I was slightly obsessed with for a bit) starts off "I ran my car into a cop car, the other day"?
"Lady, running down to the..."
Favorite rapper?
Favorite rapper of African American descent?
Favorite gay musician?
Favorite song by said musician?
Favorite pianist?
Favorite song by said penist?
Song written by said penised that outlines key historical events in the tumultuous 20th century
Coolest place in Cleveland?
"Hey ____, leave those kids alone!"
Artist of above song
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I enjoy your various spellings of pianist...
Jun 20, 2015
Thanks for letting us know about your racism. Now I know to avoid you.
Jun 20, 2015
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