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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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What is my favorite color?
My favorite sport (to watch)?
Favorite sport (to play)?
My favorite animal?
My favorite thing about your physical appearance?
Favorite food?
Favorite genre of music?
Favorite Don McLean song?
Favorite clothing store?
Least favorite food?
Least favorite celebrity?
Favorite baseball team?
Favorite sex position?
Favorite German hyperhybrid?
My favorite actress?
My favorite motoring television show?
My favorite Sci Fi show?
My favorite white woman in the whole wide world?
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Since I don't think anyone is bound to get all of these right, I think everyone should comment their favorites here, just for giggles
Jun 16, 2015
I'll start: Sport (watch): Basketball Sport (Play): Baseball or Swimming Color: Blue/Silver Physical appearance factor: Back Least celeb: Jennifer Lawrence Music: Alt. rock Animal: Giraffe Clothing Store: Baby GAP - love me some dope onesies Actress: Meghan Markle Food: honey Least food: cheesy potatoes or Cocoa Puffs German hyper-hybrid: Heidi Klum Baseball team: White Sox
Jun 16, 2015
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