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Rat Pack Members

Name the members of the famous "Rat Pack" of American singers/actors from the 1960s.
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level 70
May 6, 2017
Sinatra and Martin are out of alphabetic order.
level ∞
May 10, 2017
Who says they were supposed to be in alphabetical order ;)
level 74
Aug 6, 2017
Anyone with OCD, maybe?
level 57
May 9, 2017
When they began passing around "sauce" they all became out of order!! Ballentine, jack daniels, etc.
level 1
Jun 28, 2017
Looks like a quiz that a Birdo lover would make...
level 64
Jun 29, 2017
slurp slurp
level 65
Aug 6, 2017
There were 5 others most people weren't aware of- Jack, Jim, 2 Johnnies and George (Daniels, Beam, Walker Red and Black, and Dickel)
level 55
Aug 6, 2017
I thought Shirley MacLaine was one of 'em - the honorary broad.
level 73
Aug 6, 2017
The original Rat Pack of Holmby Hills included Bogey & Bacall, Judy Garland & Sid Luft, David Niven, Jimmy Van Husuen, and Frank Sinatra. After Bogey's death the group drifted apart and Sinatra started his own group called "The Clan" which included Martin, Davis, Bishop, and Lawford. They also occasionally included Angie Dickinson and Shirley MacLaine. "The Clan" turned out to be an inappropriate name in the '60s, so the group went back to the earlier name of Bogey's group but left off the Holmby Hills and just called themselves The Rat Pack. http://www.deanmartinfancenter.com/index/rightframe/15ratpack/15ratpack.html
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