Ultimate Outlander quiz Part 2

part 2 of part 1. about 60 odd questions, some of the answers are numbers, some have more than one answer for which i have added type ins. if you think of a question or a way to reword a question, please leave a comment. Enjoy!
Quiz by onceuponaswan2015
Last updated: November 24, 2020
First submittedJanuary 14, 2020
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when did the first episode air? 2014
August 9
When did the Season 1 Finale Air?2015
May 30
What Historical turbulant time does season 5 cover?
Pre American revolution
How does Fergus Lose his hand in season 3?
fighting the redcoats
How many Children does Jenny Murray have?
how many pages does The Fiery Cross have? the book season 5 is based on?
1428 pages
when did the season 4 finale air? 2019
27 January
What Episode does Jamie get captured in season 1?
The Watch
what episode do Jamie and Claire reunite after Claire's time on another ship?
Where Does Jamie see Lord John Grey Again?
who holds Young Ian Prisoner?
Who Almost Proposes to Brianna?
Gerald Forbes
Where did Claire and Jamie first meet Lord John?
Corrieyairack pass
what episode do Claire and Jamie reunite after 20 years?
Freedom & Whisky
When does Season 5 premier worldwide?
February 17
what state do Claire and Jamie wash up to after the shipwreck?
who Kills Dougal Mackenzie?
Where does Jamie find Bonnie Prince Charlie in France?
how many Children does Loaghaire have after the time jump?
what is the name of Scottish festival that Roger and Brianna attend that was near her parents settlement in North Carolina?
Highland Festival
what is the episode that they go to this festival?
The False Bride
how does Roger find Jamie?
Book Printer name
who does Lord John take Brianna to see? before her parents got back
Stephen Bonnet
what does Bonnet steal from Claire in season 4?
wedding ring
What nationality is David Berry aka Lord John grey? Lord john is British in the series
What episode is the longest of the whole series? episode title
Dragonfly in Amber
What Channel does it air in the UK?
amazon Prime/ More4
what is the break inbetween seasons called?
How Old is Caitriona Balfe?
What episode did writer Diana Gabaldon have a Cameo?
The Gathering
how long is the longest episode of the series?
90 Minutes
How Old is Sam Heughan?
who is the oldest cast Member?
Simon Callow
True or False: for series 4, they filmed in North Carolina
How Many seasons has it been renewed for?
who holds their whisky better according to the 2 leads?
who is the youngest of the cast?
Romann Berrux
who of the whole series cast has the birthday first in the year?
Graham McTavish, Richard Rankin
who is the oldest woman in the cast?
Maria Doyle Kennedy
what episode does Simon Callow's Duke of Sandringham debut?
By the Pricking of my Thumbs
What episode does the Duke of Sandringham die?
Vengeance is mine
who does Claire see when she is offered sanctuary with Sandringham?
Mary Hawkins
Who did she marry right before Culloden?
Jack randall
what part does Maira Doyle Kennedy play in the series?
Jocasta Cameron
what episode is a line from the vows that Jamie and Claire say to each other in gaelic in season 1?
Blood of my Blood
what is the season 4 finale called?
Man of Worth
who plays the adult Fergus?
Cesar Domboy
Who Plays Marsali?
Lauren Lyle
who is Murtagh to Jamie?
what episode are Jamie and Murtagh reunited? season 4
What episode does Jamie get out of prision? season 3
All Debts Paid
what estate does Jamie go work on after prison?
How is Jamie saved from execution after Culloden?
Favour from Lord John
what year do Jamie and Claire get reunited after 20 years?
what prison is Jamie sent to in season 3?
why do Jamie and Claire have to leave Edinburgh? shop
burnt printshop
what does Jamie do when he sees Claire after 20 years in real life?
what phrase does Gordie say after seeing Jamie kissing Claire in the Printshop?
God's Tooth
what does Claire take from the hospital to take with her back to 1760s Scotland?
who shoots Jamie?
how does Black jack finally die?
killed by Jamie
who almost severed geillis' head?
who is the only one in Jenny Murray's children to call Claire Aunty?
Young Ian
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