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Famous Singers With The Greatest Vocal Ranges

Try to guess the famous singers who have the greatest vocal ranges
source http://visual.ly/vocal-ranges-worlds-greatest-singers
Quiz by tom88
Last updated: April 12, 2016
First submittedApril 12, 2016
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F1 - Bb6
Axl Rose
F2 - G7
Mariah Carey
E2 - B6
D2 - E6
Steven Tyler
Eb2 - E6
James Brown
D2 - Eb6
Marvin Gaye
C3 - C#7
Christina Aguilera
G1 - G#5
David Bowie
B1 - B5
Paul McCartney
E2 - E6
Thom York
F2 - E6
Freddie Mercury
B1 - A5
Elvis Presley
B1 - A5
John Lennon
E2 - D6
Elton John
F#1 - Eb5
Barry White
B2 - G6
Tina Turner
B1 - G5
Roger Daltrey
G2 - E6
Jeff Buckley
Eb2 - B5
Bruce Springsteen
Bb1 - F5
Tom Waits
C#2 - G#5
A2 - E6
level 74
Apr 12, 2016
You might want t make it clear that the quiz is looking for pop and ock singers.
level 67
Apr 12, 2016
That isn't a requirement to make the list. It just so happens that most of them are.
level 78
Apr 12, 2016
Apparently all those opera singers were pikers when compared to vocalists like Springsteen.
level 67
Apr 12, 2016
Opera singers often have very good TONE and CONTROL, some of them have large ranges, but that is not what makes a good opera singer. In fact most opera singers specialize in a particular range, that's why you here them referred to as a tenor or a soprano etc. On the other hand, a pop or rock singer simply sings in whatever range they feel for is the best fit for a particular song. Since they sing a variety of different songs they often end up singing a much larger range than most opera singers. Here is a quote from a wikipedia article about vocal range: "An opera singer would therefore only be able to include the notes that they are able to adequately project over an orchestra within his or her vocal range. In contrast, a pop artist could include notes that could be heard with the aid of a microphone." from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocal_range. So pop/rock singers actually do usually have larger ranges, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily better singers.
level 67
Apr 12, 2016
In other words, Axl Rose blows Luciano Pavarotti out of the water when it comes to range. Overall singing ability however, is a matter of taste.
level 78
Apr 12, 2016
If you trace your source back one step, you'll see that it originates on a list that includes Luke Bryan, with a vocal range of 2 octaves. According to Wikipedia: "The typical leggero tenor possesses a range spanning from approximately C3 to E♭5." So why did that source list include Luke Bryan when *average* opera singers have a wider range? Obviously, because panscedar was right.
level 67
Apr 12, 2016
Well first, Luke bryan is not on THIS list. So you haven't really said anything relevant. a range of C3 to E5 is considerably smaller than the range of the last person on this list. and second, the title of this quiz is "Famous singers..." And I would be willing to bet that ANY or all of the singers that you CLAIM have a larger vocal range than these people, are not nearly as famous. If you can provide a source that shows some opera singer has a range that fits on this quiz, I would be happy to add them, But so far your argument is just wrong.
level 78
Apr 12, 2016
And the smoking gun that proves panscedar is right: "To be fair to the original list from Concerthotels.com, it was not meant to be all inclusive. They took those singers who had made Rolling Stones' 100 Greatest Singers and the nominees for this year's Billboard Music Awards and included those whose range had been analyzed on The Range Place. Many vocalists did not qualify for the list based on that criteria." (VVN Music)
level 67
Apr 12, 2016
See my previous comment
level 67
Apr 12, 2016
And STILL, no one has given me even a single example of a person who has a range that puts them on this list. I am more than happy to add people if you give me a name and a range. But nobody has been able to do that yet. So until someone gives me an actual example, I consider this to be a perfectly valid list.
level 67
Apr 13, 2016
After LOTS of searching, I did manage to find one person that has a verified range greater than any of the people on this list. Her name is Georgia Brown and she is from Brazil. However, her most notable achievement seems to be just hitting those notes, and is not famous by any stretch of the imagination
level 15
Apr 16, 2016
get em tom88!!