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Only date an ugly person if they're wealthy, true love only matters for attractive peopleBeauty and the Beast
Follow the path others tell you to follow, or else you'll suffer terrible consequences | Or: If you're an irresponsible parent and release your child into a dangerous situation, it's okay because strangers with weapons live nearby if danger crops upLittle Red Riding Hood
The only way to feel good about yourself and shrug off racist torments is if you eventually become attractive in the eyes of othersThe Ugly Duckling
If you don't already regret recklessly having kids and then abandoning them because you can't take care of them, you'll definitely want them back when they become richHansel and Gretel
You have no control over your own life, you are at the mercy of othersCinderella
It's okay to endanger your loved ones if everything eventually works out by wild coincidence with no effortRumpelstiltskin
If you steal, you'd better be ready to murder tooJack and the Beanstalk
If someone in your family is a problem, throw them out and they'll become someone else's problemGoldilocks and the Three Bears
It's okay to renege on a contract if it only harms people you don't know or care aboutPied Piper of Hamelin
When confronted with danger, betray your family to save yourselfThree Billy Goats Gruff

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