Statistics for Countries with more than one leader

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Whoever becomes President of France also becomes 'Co-Prince' of this country, along with the Bishop of Urgell in SpainAndorra
This country's leader is called 'Captain-Regent', and there are two of themSan Marino
This country has a Federal Council of seven people, which serves as the collective head of government and stateSwitzerland
This ancient republic was ruled jointly by two 'Consuls'Roman Republic
This country is ruled jointly by a king called the 'Ngwenyama' (which means lion) and his mother called the 'Ndlovukati' (which means 'She-Elephant')Swaziland
This country has three presidents, which take turns in being chairmanBosnia and Herzegovina
This country of the UK has a First Minister and a deputy that jointly lead the Executive OfficeNorthern Ireland
This country is believed to have had many kings that ruled jointly including brothers Philip Halstensson and Inge the YoungerSweden
This country has a leader called the 'O le Ao o le Malo', for one year it had twoSamoa
This ancient city state had two kings called 'Archagetai' which ruled jointlySparta
Also this city state had 9 Supreme Magistrates called 'Archons'Athens
This British queen ruled jointly with her husband William of Orange by the law of 'Jure uxoris'Mary II/Mary Stuart
This country used to have a superior Grand Duke and submonarchLithuania
Similarly, this ancient city state had two mayors called 'Suffets' that ruled jointlyCarthage

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