Takeshi's Castle Challenges A-Z

In the wondrous world of Japanese television, few gameshows feature so many painful and pointless challenges as Takeshi's Castle. How many of these few from A to Z (well, Y) can you name from the description of the absurd challenges contestants put themselves through?
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Last updated: January 14, 2018
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Contestants must climb a very steep hill all the while avoiding massive boulders that guards at the top incessantly roll downhill
Contestants must successfully carry a gold ball across a very thin wobbly bridge, whilst being constantly pelted by big black balls
Bridge Ball
A baseball player bats a ball way up into the air, and contestants dressed in giant foam baseball outfits scramble to...
Catch It
Contestants must swing across from one platform to another on a rope, or else fall into muddy water
Dragon Lake
Guards dressed as animals dance around among rocks and trees, while the contestant tries to use a cannon to knock its head off
The contestant must balance on a moving surfboard and jump over and duck beneath obstacles
Fish Food
Contestants race a big pink mushroom, traversing through a an obstacle course of swinging pendulums, rotating platforms, and guards hurling boulders at them
Contestants must make it through a maze, where two men dressed as ghouls will try and grab them, or else they might fall into dirty water
Honeycomb Maze
Contestants are curled up inside a plastic ball, and then rolled down a huge pachinko machine, where they hope to avoid landing in the gutters
Contestants must remain on a bodyboard being pulled by a speedboat through obstacles, before landing safely on a platform
Contestants must run through a series of walls, each with several doors, some of which open, and some of which don't
Knock Knock
Constestants roll down a giant ramp towards a pond and must land safely on a giant lilypad floating in it
Leap Frog
The contestant has to cling on for dear life to a giant spinning mushroom as it flies over a muddy bog, and hopefully land safely on a platform on the other side
Mushroom Trip
Contestants form teams and must play a game of volleyball against randomly selected teams of enemies of varying skill
Five contestants race each other on child-sized tricycles around a miniature obstacle course involving see-saws and sharp corners
On Yer Bike
Contestants must safely pole vault across a muddy lake to a floating platform in the middle
Poles Apart
Five contestants must wear grey wigs and sit on wobbly cushions inside a miniature house and maintain their balance as the house shudders and shakes violently
Two guards hurl contestants inside giant bowls down a water slide, and they must remain inside when they hit the pool at the bottom
Rice Bowl Downhill
Depending on the colour of the ball they randomly pick from a box, the contestant must fight against one of five different combatants, including a sumo wrestler and a man in a giant rubber costume shaped like a famous sumo wrestler's head
Sumo Rings
Contestants must choose a rope at random from a selection, not knowing what they are attached to, and pull against whatever it may be, including a weedy man, four strong men, a cow, and a bulldozer
Tug of War
A contestant gets inside an enclosed box suspended over a muddy bog, and blindly pull themselves with a pulley over a platform, and then open a trapdoor in the box, either landing to safety or in the mud
Up The Creek
Contestants wear adhesive overalls and swing from a rope over a muddy pond, hoping to stick to a board on the other side
Velcro Fly
Contestants must balance on a moving surfboard high above a muddy pool, and jump over obstacles before reaching a safe platform
Contestants must follow a path leading to some slides, one of which leads to dry land and safety, the other four lead to a pit of mud.
Yellow Brick Road
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