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This microstate is famous for casinos which its own citizens are not allowed to useMonaco
This microstate has had more female heads of state than any other country in the worldSan Marino
Though it's the smallest country in the world, it manages to squeeze in the world's largest churchVatican City
The US government donated billions of dollars of aid to this wealthy microstate because they thought it was in AfricaAndorra
This is the only microstate in Europe that has a presidentMalta
Most of the world's false teeth come from this tiny nation, which can actually be rented out for a dayLiechtenstein
Although this country is 326 times larger than the above, its population is smaller by 100,000 people, so is considered by some to be a microstateIceland
This principality is not in Denmark or the Netherlands, but on a Maunsell Sea Fort in the North SeaSealand
This tiny island was the first entire country to be adopted into UNESCO's Network of Biosphere ReservesIsle of Man
This micronation was founded by a Czech man on disputed land between Croatia and SerbiaLiberland
This tiny microstate used to exist on the border between Spain and Portugal and was ruled by an 'Honorary Judge'Couto Misto
Another microstate that used to exist was a Free State on the coast of modern CroatiaFiume
This Italian microstate was the smallest independent country in history to have lasted as long as 400 yearsSenarica

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