Statistics for Unrecognised Countries / Countries with Limited Recognition

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HintYear it declared independenceInternationally recognised by...Answer% Correct
Claimed territories are the West Bank and Gaza Strip. One of 2 UN observer states.1988136 UN membersState of Palestine
Officially part of Serbia and the most recognised of the unrecognised non-UN members.2008108 UN membersKosovo
Chiang Kai-Shek and other nationalist fled to this island and represented the mainland until 1971194922 UN membersTaiwan (Republic of China)
Declared independence from an island in the Mediterranean Sea, only recognised by one UN member19831 UN member: TurkeyNorthern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of)
Located in north-western Georgia, also bordering Russia and the Black Sea, declared independence after a war with Georgia in 1992-9319994 UN members: Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela & NauruAbkhazia
Located in northern Georgia in the Caucusus Mountains and over 1km about sea level, currently recognised by 4 UN members. White, red and yellow horizontal-striped flag19924 UN members: Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela & NauruSouth Ossetia
Not recognised by any UN or non-UN member. Declared independence from a country famous for pirates1991No international recognitionSomaliland
Broke away from Moldova with a red and green striped flag with a hammer & sickle on the hoist (left) side.19903 Non-UN membersTransnistria (aka Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic)
Enclaved by Azerbaijan with ethnic Armenians living in the territory. Only recognised by other non-UN members.19911 Non-UN memberNagorno-Karabakh Republic
Claims Western Sahara as its land. Also known as the Polisario Front197647 UN members (after 37 withdrew their recognition)Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (S.A.D.R)
Micronation with an area of 7km² which lies on the river Danube between Croatia and Serbia over disputes to where the border between the two countries lies2015No international recognitionLiberland

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