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55,7022019-01-15 Which One Doesn't Belong #1
50,8382019-07-17 Coldest Countries
48,3642019-01-27 Top 10 Hottest European Countries
39,5232021-03-17 Top 10 Non-English Languages of Los Angeles
33,8992021-07-24 Countries with the Most People Bordering Them
30,8242020-09-18 Top 10 Most Asian U.S. States
29,4692019-09-26 U.S. States with the Highest Percentage of Hispanics
24,2942019-11-13 Worst Plastic Polluting Countries
23,9662017-11-23 U.S. States with the Least Farmland
23,0012021-03-17 Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in New York City
22,8872017-11-23 U.S. States with the Most Farmland
21,5922020-05-02 Countries Where Baseball is the Most Popular Sport
21,5762017-09-17 Words That Rhyme With Spain
21,5052019-02-06 Eat It, Wear It, or Drive It
21,4692019-10-31 American Countries With No Atlantic Coastline
21,2302020-09-18 U.S. States with the Fewest Immigrants
19,8222019-01-16 Which One Doesn't Belong #2
19,5702021-04-02 Not What You Would Expect
18,0462018-11-01 U.S. States with the Most Gun Ownership
17,9452019-02-15 Drink It, Play It, or Spend It
17,1492019-04-19 Songs by Picture Quiz #1
16,4102019-04-19 Songs by Picture Quiz #2
16,3952018-11-02 U.S. States with the Least Gun Ownership
14,5492019-05-16 Number by Picture Quiz
13,9562020-03-14 10 Easternmost U.S. State Capitals
12,4792020-08-27 Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?
12,4242019-04-04 First Names A - Z by Picture
11,6502019-12-22 U.S. Electoral College Landslides
7,8432017-10-11 Movie Musicals by Cast
7,7792017-08-28 20 Most-Visited Places in Canada
7,6362020-07-25 Title Movie Characters
7,5892020-08-30 Imperative Song Titles
6,0482018-12-05 Singers by Spouses
4,9992017-07-03 Rhyme Time - Spanish
3,1732017-07-17 Mayors of New York City
1,7662016-11-03Most Popular Color Cars
1,3352019-04-24Songs by Picture Quiz #3
1,1582017-06-11Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant in Each US State
8662017-05-1125 Deadliest Diseases in Human History
8052016-11-03Top 10 US States with Highest Percentage of Muslim Population
8012016-11-06Top 5 Most Stable Countries By Continent
7202016-11-09States Won by Trump and Clinton by the Largest Percentage
6922017-07-03Polish Food Words Quiz
6722016-11-03Countries That Ban Alcohol
6602017-01-28US States with Highest Percentage LGBT Population
6262017-04-0710 Countries with the Most Native Americans
6142016-11-14Most Dangerous US States
5972016-12-1310 Most Consumed Meats In The World
5962017-04-22Cities with the Busiest Railway Stations in Europe
5642016-12-21Least Visited US States
5532017-05-03Top 10 Most Dangerous Terrorist Groups
5382017-04-1280s Bands by Members
5032016-11-20Large US Cities with Most Hurricanes
4822021-04-06Coolest African Countries
4572016-10-17Least Developed Countries, Not In Africa.
4462016-09-27US Cities With Greatest Police Presence
4422016-11-15Countries With Most Muslims With Exceptions
4112019-10-0360s Singers by Picture
4092017-10-20Top 10 Colleges with Most Players Presently in the NFL
4082019-05-15Mexican States A - Z
3942016-09-11Countries along the Silk Road
3862016-12-12Top 10 Most Important Crops in the World
3792016-10-27Biggest Landslides in US Presidential Elections
3672017-03-09US States with the Busiest Interstates
3662017-02-2210 Biggest Selling Beer Brands Globally
3552021-03-04Top Halloween Candy by State
3552017-03-26Most Catholic US Cities
3372017-06-04Seinfeld Characters by Number of Episodes
3282016-12-13Top 10 Countries For Cheese Consumption Per Capita
3262016-09-28Celebrities With More Than 50 Million Instagram Followers
3222016-12-2610 Largest Land Masses On Earth
3182020-07-06Songs by Picture Quiz #4
3172016-10-10US Cities with the Most Homeless
3022017-10-20Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending with K
3012017-10-08Island Countries by First 2 Letters
2962016-10-14States With Most 100,000 Population Cities
2962017-11-1150 Most Popular Cocktails in the World in 2017
2922017-04-25Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in New Jersey
2772017-05-1810 Countries with Best Healthcare Systems
2762017-01-28US States with Lowest Percentage LGBT Population
2722017-03-04Largest Metro Areas of the Midwestern US
2662020-07-17Songs By Picture Quiz #5
2622016-10-28Closest US Presidential Elections in Last Century
2572016-09-23Most Obese Countries
2552020-08-20Costliest Atlantic Hurricanes - UPDATED
2422017-06-04MASH Characters by Number of Episodes
2412017-02-0417 Most Unsafe Cities in Europe
2402017-10-20Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending with T
2282016-11-18Asian Countries with the Most Christians (%)
2282016-11-03US Cities with Most Polish Americans
2252017-10-21Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending with D
2212017-07-2114 Most Educated Countries in the World
2192016-10-14Poorest US Cities
2172017-07-04Top 1950s Rock N Roll Pioneers
2132017-04-20Top Languages Spoken in France
2132017-02-02Countries with Most Tropical Forest
2082017-05-255 Most Powerful Economic Empires of All Time
2082020-08-05Songs By Picture Quiz #6
2062017-03-09Most Densely Populated Large US Cities
1992020-05-28The Doors Studio Albums
1972017-10-19Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending with V or W
1952017-04-25Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in Arizona
1952017-10-15Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending in I
1952016-09-13Most Populous Islands In The Western Hemisphere
1932016-10-27Biggest Losers in US Presidential Elections (Popular Vote)
1912017-11-03Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending with G
1902016-10-22World Capitals Beginning with Unique First Two Letters
1902017-10-16Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending in U
1872016-11-03Heaviest Land Mammals
1862016-11-02Largest US Cities with 4 or 5 Letters
1802017-08-19Top 10 Most Influential Countries
1802017-10-22Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending with L
1792020-09-07Songs By Picture Quiz #7
1782017-08-19New York Mets Career Records
1772016-10-14US States Whose Largest City Has Fewer Than 100,000 Population
1772016-10-11Most Popular Liquor By Country
1752017-04-26Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in Massachusetts
1712016-12-12Top 10 Most Consumed Seafood in US
1692016-09-12Most Diverse U.S. Cities
1692017-05-26Countries with Gorillas
1692020-01-1770s Singers by Picture
1682017-05-24Most Powerful Nations in 1939
1682017-05-30Most Corrupt US Presidents
1682016-09-07Capital city etymologies
1682017-05-1220 Most Common Elements in the Human Body
1672016-11-20Sunniest and Gloomiest US States
1662017-05-23Busiest Amtrak Stations
1652016-09-251970s TV Shows By Characters
1632016-10-02Extreme Geography (Difficult)
1632017-07-2110 Most Educated Countries in Africa
1622016-10-22Most Common First Two Letters of World Capitals
1612017-10-15Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending in O
1612017-08-01Top Marijuana Smoking States
1582016-10-21Poorest Countries in the Americas
1552017-05-26US States with Alligators
1552017-05-26How Many Times Can You Type QWERTY in 15 Seconds
1512017-02-06US Cities with Tallest Buildings
1472017-04-25Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in Texas
1472017-11-01Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending with H
1472016-10-10The 10 Most Racist Countries in the World
1442018-07-02Geography Overlap Chain Quiz #1
1432018-11-16Largest U.S. Cities Beginning with a Vowel
1422020-12-18Red States (Updated 2020)
1382017-07-05Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken In London
1362016-10-22Countries With Military Satellites
1362017-10-03Tom Petty Songs
1332016-11-20Large US Cities with Big Snowfalls
1332019-11-1850s Singers by Picture
1332017-08-17Country Names WITHOUT an E I or O
1322017-06-04New Jersey A - Z
1312016-09-241970s TV Shows by Cast
1312017-04-07Non-African Countries with Highest Percent African Descent Population
1302016-09-24Australian Capitals From Wettest To Driest
1302017-04-26Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in Illinois
1282016-12-18Least Populated Non-Island Countries
1272017-01-28Top 10 Origins of Refugees Admitted to US in 2016
1242017-08-20European Countries With Lowest % Foreign-Born Population
1232017-03-26US Metro Areas with the Highest Chinese-American Population
1222017-04-27Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in South Dakota
1222016-10-14Highest Paid Dead Celebrities
1222017-09-24Countries that Begin with a Vowel and End with a Consonant
1222016-10-17Countries with Biggest Gender Difference in the Literacy Rate
1212017-09-08U.S. Presidents with Slaves
1212016-11-18European Countries with the Most Christians (%)
1212017-09-25Countries that Begin with a Vowel and End with a Different Vowel
1212017-10-14Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending in Y
1202017-02-04Who hosted SNL the most times?
1192017-05-18Top 10 Shoe Manufacturing Countries
1172017-07-20Top 10 Aircraft Exporting Countries
1152016-12-13Largest Art Museums
1152016-10-20US Cities Over 500,000 Population With Shortest Names
1142017-08-02Food in Other Languages
1142016-11-06Top 5 Least Stable Countries By Continent
1132016-11-01Capitals Farthest from the Equator, Not in Europe
1112018-02-12Country Chain Quiz
1102017-11-09Countries or Capitals Beginning or Ending with J, Q, X, Z
1092017-05-14Country Names Whose First and Last Letters Are Furthest Apart in the Alphabet
1092018-08-124 Letter Band Names
1092019-01-03European Countries with Highest % of Emigrants
1092017-06-30Band Names A - Z
1092016-11-23Most Populous Political Subdivision in Europe
1092019-02-04Old Technology Picture Quiz
1082017-07-11Top 10 Countries with Most Slaves (2017)
1072016-11-16US State Capital Extremes
1062018-07-02Geography Overlap Chain Quiz #2
1062016-09-251960s TV Show by Characters
1052016-11-24Europe's 10 Sunniest Major Cities
1052017-11-30Countries with the Fewest People Bordering Them
1042016-09-28Word Puzzle #1 - Flowers
1042020-03-31Elections Without a Bush, Dole, or Nixon
1042016-09-12Least Diverse U.S. Cities
1032016-10-29US College Towns
1032017-09-09Top 10 Most Visited Caribbean Island Countries and Territorries
1032016-09-08Capital cities name etymologies #2
1022016-12-18Smallest Countries by Area with Exceptions
1022016-10-15Countries with Highest Percentage Aged Under 15, Not In Africa
1022018-07-03Geography Overlap Chain Quiz #3
1022017-06-26Country Names Containing Both P and U
1012017-10-125 Largest Cities Ending in Each Vowel AEIOU
1012017-06-2910 Least Patriotic US States (2017)
1012016-10-01Blue States
1012017-09-06People With Geographic Names
1002017-06-16Top 15 Most Played Classic Rock Songs
1002016-11-20Countries with Cities on the Most Polluted Air List
1002017-02-2510 Scariest Movies of All Time
992018-09-20Countries with More People than all Neighbors Combined
982017-10-01U.S. States With Highest % of Millionaires
972016-10-12Largest Cities In Texas With Exceptions
972017-05-22US States With Double Letters
972018-09-07Top 10 Cities with the Most Hotel Rooms
972016-11-07MLB Home Run Leaders A-Z
962017-07-04Top 10 Most Popular Digital Camera Brands in the World
962018-05-18Most Populous Countries NOT Containing the Letter N
962017-07-17Top 10 Most Musical Countries
952017-07-1711 Most Introverted Countries
952017-06-28Country Names Containing Both H and N
942017-08-20Most Narcissistic US Presidents
942017-04-27Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in North Carolina
942016-10-22Countries With Most Combat Aircraft
942017-05-18Top 10 European Countries Highest Birth Rate
942017-02-2750 Greatest Male Movie Characters
932019-03-07Eric Clapton or George Harrison
922019-07-10Countries With Longest Named Capitals.
922017-10-04States That Have Elected a Kennedy, Rockefeller, or Bush
922017-03-10Songs by First Line(s)
922016-10-21Richest Countries in the Americas
912016-10-01Baseball Team Names In Spanish
912017-07-04Top Selling Albums of the Year 1966 - 1988
912018-02-26Biggest U.S. Cities by First Letter of the State
912018-04-06Capital City Extremes - Mainland Europe
912017-05-26Countries with Highest Per Capita Wine Consumption
912020-06-10Actor in Both Movies #3
902017-07-22People Better Known By Initials
902017-06-08Most Diverse Countries NOT in Africa
902017-09-17Largest U.S. Cities that Do Not Share a Name with Their Counties
892016-12-27Most Common Metals In The Earth's Crust
892018-07-30Countries of the World Quiz Answers with Four (or Fewer) Letters
892017-05-02Songs by First Line(s) #2
882017-06-2910 Most Patriotic US States (2017)
882016-11-01World Capitals in the Southern Hemisphere
882016-12-15Most Produced Tree Nuts Worldwide
872016-09-241960s TV Show by Cast
872017-11-028 Countries that Produce the Most Fish
872018-07-05Largest U. S. Cities that Start with the Same Letter as their State
872017-05-26Top 33 Most Water Stressed Countries in 2040
862019-12-21Numbers (Tile Select Quiz)
862017-05-18Highest Murder Rate Countries with Exceptions
852019-11-04Name a Valid US State (Decade of Admission)
852017-05-02Most Populous Primates of the World
852016-10-17Biggest US Corporations in 1960
842017-09-30Largest European Cities With Exceptions
842017-07-1110 Northernmost Entire Countries
842017-08-1025 Most Insane Rulers in History
832016-10-30Most Commonly Spoken Native American Languages (Difficult)
832017-05-16Country Names Whose First Two Letters Are Furthest Apart in the Alphabet
832017-01-11Two Term US Vice Presidents
832016-11-10Best Countries For Eating
822017-05-04Songs by First Line(s) #4
822016-10-16Shortest US Presidential Terms
812016-11-18Countries with the Lowest Percentage of Christians
812017-03-01Who Played These Great Movie Characters?
812017-08-09Top 10 Campbell's Soups
812017-10-12Largest U.S. Cities Ending in "ON"
812016-10-11Largest Cities In New York State With Exceptions
812017-08-18Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses 2017
802017-12-16One Border Countries with Most People Bordering Them
802017-07-17Top Energy Producing Countries by Source
802019-03-08European Capitals - North to South
802016-11-24State Songs By John Denver
802018-12-09Largest U.S. Cities in 1950 by Letter A-Z
792017-11-028 Countries that Produce the Most Grain
792017-07-16Top Jewelry Exporting Countries
792016-10-31Top 10 US States Lowest Percentage on Food Stamps
792017-04-19Largest Cities in the Arabian Peninsula
792017-06-26Country Names Containing Both G and Y
792016-10-13Largest Pacific Islands
792018-07-05Geography Overlap Chain Quiz #4
792019-12-22Music Groups by Female Singer
792018-03-18U.S. States by Singers and Musicians
792017-02-03Food and Drink in Music
782017-06-25Country Names Containing Both B and Z
782017-10-07Largest Cities, NOT in Asia, A - Z
782017-05-14Largest Cities With Only One Vowel
782016-09-28Word Puzzle #2 - Animals
782016-11-21US States with Highest Speed Limits
782017-02-08Musical Duos by Songs
772017-10-21Latin American Countries with Highest GDP Per Capita
772016-11-05Cars, Boats, and Spaceships From TV and Movies
772019-12-03Also a NYC Neighborhood
762017-02-22European Countries that Watch Most TV
762016-11-04Countries Where The Most Young Adults Live With Their Parents
762017-07-26Both a Movie and Song Title
762017-05-22Country Names Containing Double Letters
762018-07-23Countries on or with Large Islands
762016-11-24Europe's 10 Cloudiest Major Cities
762017-05-23Capitals with Double Letters
762019-07-09Countries With Four Letter Capitals
762018-02-20Country Chain Quiz #2
762017-08-28Top 10 Largest Fast Growing U.S. Cities
752017-05-26Countries with the Most ...... (Animal)
752016-10-20US Cities Over 500,000 Population With Longest Names
752017-07-11Northernmost Entire Countries NOT in Europe
752018-08-22Countries and U.S. States with Same First Three Letters
752017-07-2110 US States Most Addicted to Gambling
752017-02-09Vegetables That Are Really Fruit
752017-09-10Top US Immigration Source Countries With Exception
752016-09-231969 New York Mets Roster
752017-10-01U.S. States With Lowest % of Millionaires
752017-08-16Countries with Highest Rate of Esperanto Speakers
742017-07-17Friendliest Countries
742016-09-08Hottest Countries
742017-05-06TV Show Cops and Detectives
742018-12-12Animals in Beatles Song Titles
742017-06-27Country Names Containing Both D and T
742017-04-05Largest Malls of New Jersey
742017-10-02Largest Cities that Start with the Same Letter as the Country
732016-11-20Richest Cities by Gross Wages
732016-11-01Capitals of Mainland Countries of the Americas from North to South
732018-05-17Most Populous Countries with 1, 2, or No Borders
732017-07-09Top 10 US Metro Areas Where Interracial Marriage is Most Common
732018-12-13Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television
732019-07-28Non - U.S. Birth Countries of U.S. Congress Members
722017-03-2910 US States with Highest Percent in Prison
722017-02-22European Countries that Watch Least TV
722016-10-31Top 10 US States Highest Percentage on Food Stamps
712017-06-05Actor in Both Movies
712017-11-04Most Populous Countries Without a 5 Million Urban Area
712018-03-11Bordering Countries that Both Start with a Vowel
702017-05-03Songs By First Line(s) #3
692017-05-25Metropolitan Regions with Largest Foreign Born Populations
692017-09-30Top 10 States with Highest Alcohol Consumption
692019-04-28Top Yogurt Consuming Countries
692017-07-28Largest Emigrant Populations
692019-02-05What John Lennon Doesn't Believe In
682016-11-12Capitals Between London and Berlin
682017-08-28Top 10 Largest Shrinking U.S. Cities
682017-10-31Geographic Centers and Extreme Points of Continents
672017-08-29Richest Landlocked Countries NOT In Europe
672017-03-24Largest Retail Companies in the US
672017-06-06Actor in Both Movies #2
672016-10-15US Presidents Who Died Young
672017-05-10Languages of the Southern Hemisphere
662017-09-27Country Names With Four or Fewer Letters (May Be Repeated)
662017-04-0410 Most Interesting US Cities
662016-10-27US Presidential Elections with Greatest Voter Turnout
662016-10-24US States with Highest Proportion of Cigarette-Related Cancer Deaths
662016-12-08Biggest US Cities By Land Area
652017-08-31Largest World City Containing ______
652017-04-09TV Show by Family
652019-11-17U.S. Cities by Picture
652017-06-10JETPUNK Debates
652016-12-11Longest Names of Countries Where Each Letter Is Used Exactly Once
652017-03-2310 States with the Worst Gun Violence
642019-08-21People by Birthplaces and Places of Death
642017-02-17Name the Missing Band Member
642018-12-28Countries Where Mercedes Are Built
642016-09-23Least Diverse Countries
642017-05-25Richest Americans Through History
642017-03-16Largest National Parks Not in Alaska
642017-03-1810 Cleanest Cities in the World
642017-05-01Countries with a Supreme Leader
632017-03-2910 US States with Lowest Percent in Prison
632017-03-24Most Guessed Coldest Countries
632017-05-14Country Names Whose First and Last Letters Are One Letter Apart in the Alphabet
632017-06-24Country Names with Last Three Letters in Alphabetical Order
632018-06-12Largest U.S. Cities Containing A - Z
632017-11-09Longest Running TV Shows A - Z
622016-11-16County Seats of New Jersey
622017-07-20Top 10 Exporting US States
622018-12-19Countries Bordering the Most Big Countries
622019-08-08They Were In Both Bands
612019-09-30Which One Doesn't Belong? (Movie Roles)
612019-11-17Homophones of Letters
612017-04-13Most Populous Countries with Only One Vowel
612017-05-02Most Populous Terrestrial Carnivores
612017-04-14Supreme Leaders of North Korea
602019-04-18Top Bottled Water Consuming Countries
602017-09-14What Do They Study?
602018-07-24Jetsons Theme Song Lyrics
592017-07-20Top 10 Most Eco-Friendly US States
592017-07-28Lowest % Foreign-Born Population, Top 5 Countries Per Continent
592017-10-07Bands Also Known by Abbreviations
592017-04-29Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in Georgia
592017-08-01Top Egg Consuming Countries
592019-05-16First Woman to .....
582016-11-19Top 5 Highest Capitals By Continent
582017-10-03Highest Average Elevation Countries - Top 5 Per Continent
582017-05-18Top 10 Eggplant Producing Countries
582019-06-09Most Populous Island Or Landlocked Countries
582019-06-12Complete the 1960s Band Name
582018-08-16Largest Cities A - Z : which are also the Country's Largest City
582017-11-13TV Show By Character Last Names
572019-04-07Mammal, Bird, or Reptile
572016-11-11Access to Improved Sanitation Facilities: Worst 5 Countries Per Continent
572017-09-10Countries with Highest Alzheimer's Death Rates
572019-06-11Begins With A, Ends With Different Letter
572017-02-04Countries with Highest Deforestation Rates
572019-06-011960s Bands by Lead Singer
572017-06-17Rats & Roaches: USA's Most Pest Infested Cities
572019-02-09Largest U.S. States Without a MLB Team
572019-01-08Bordering Countries Furthest Apart Alphabetically
562018-08-10Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Quiz - Most Guessed Members
562017-07-28European Countries With Highest % Emigrant Population
562017-09-01Top 10 Most Covered Artists
562018-02-28Biggest Cities by Last Letter of the Country.
562017-07-30Director By Movies
552017-07-31Most Unfaithful Countries
552018-02-25Biggest Cities by First Letter of the Country
552018-04-05Capital City Extremes - Americas
552017-06-11Lesser Known Large World Cities
552017-02-06Words Contained in JETPUNK
552017-03-022012 US Presidential Election (You'll never believe who came in sixth)
542017-08-31Largest Cities Containing City, Ciudad, Ville, Polis, or Grad
542017-10-13Most Guessed Albums of 1967 - 1983
542016-10-21Countries with the Most Physicians Per Capita
542020-01-14Largest Countries that ... #1
542017-08-07Musical Trios
532017-05-07Countries with Highest Murder Rates
532017-08-08Top 10 Copper Producing Countries
532020-06-02Countries with Lowest Percentage Aged Under 15
532017-03-04Square Roots
532018-10-31Locations with a Connection #1
522016-11-24Europe's 10 Driest Major Cities
522018-02-11Capital City Chain Quiz
522018-02-27Chemical Elements NOT Ending in M, N, or E
522017-09-17Star Trek TNG Characters by First Name
522018-12-10Unusual Presidential First Names
512017-07-08US State Capital Superlatives
512017-02-03Numbers In Songs
512019-11-20Countries with the Worst Roads
512016-11-21Large US Cities with Most Heavy Rainfalls
512017-09-19Plants in Song
512017-05-29US States by Starting Letter
512017-10-05Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Takeout Items
512019-01-03Least Dense Island Countries
512017-08-11Top 10 Best Countries that Offer Mail-Order Brides
502018-08-21Countries with Same First Two Letters as U. S. Presidents
502017-04-29Most Multilingual US States
492018-08-29Largest Cities Beginning with Two Consonants (One Per Country)
492017-01-17Largest Islands In The Temperate Zones
492017-10-28Most Best Actress Nominations
492018-12-23Shrinking U.S. States 2018
492018-12-21Countries Bordering Multiple Small Countries
492016-12-06Cities on the Other Side of Bridges & Tunnels from New York City
492017-02-02Colorful Music
492019-08-16Cities in Song Titles
492021-09-30Top 10 Most Populous Landlocked U.S. States
492021-02-281960 Bands by First Names of Members
482017-05-10Earliest Known Chemical Elements
482017-02-02Geographic Music
482019-03-09Most Agriculture Dependent Countries
482016-12-06New Jersey Governors Since 1950
482021-05-02Top Vaccine Exporting Countries
482016-10-29Most Successful American Idol Contestants
472016-11-22Most Populous Country Subdivisions in the Americas
472019-06-15Countries Not Bordering a Country Ending in A
472018-10-14Most Populous Countries by Second Letter
472017-08-27Things You Wear in Song Titles
472016-12-15Top Countries for Dried Fruit Production
472020-01-07People Who Became Automobiles
462018-09-20Bands with Siblings
462019-11-02Sounds Like a Literary Work
462018-08-13U.S. State by Most Populous County
462020-02-21First Five Alphabetically
462017-07-15US States with Greatest Risk of Sinkholes
452017-07-1110 Southernmost Entire Countries
452017-07-2010 Least Eco-Friendly US States
452020-10-18Four Letter Words with Three Vowels
452017-05-25Most Polluted Countries
452018-11-28Largest U.S. City Starting with Two Consonants by State
452017-07-22Most Popular Websites 1996-2000
452016-11-22Largest Country Subdivisions in the Americas by Area
452020-11-09Singers Who Died Young by Lyrics
452018-02-09Largest U.S. Cities By Latitude
442017-07-31Top Butter Consuming Countries
442016-12-07Albums of 1970
442018-09-08Languages Containing a Country
442020-02-02State Capitals NOT One of the State's 5 Largest Cities
442019-09-16Songs With Nonsense Syllables in the Lyrics
432019-01-09TV Characters by Picture
432019-05-1910 Fastest Warming U.S. States
432017-03-24States With Highest Cigarette Prices
432016-10-15Best Selling Automobiles Of All Time By Country
432016-12-21Albums Of 1980
432017-07-15Band Names A-Z #2
432017-08-08Top Two Mineral Producing Countries
422016-10-24US States with Lowest Proportion of Cigarette-Related Cancer Deaths
422019-01-23Scrambled Bands
422019-02-17Top Fruit Producing Countries
422017-02-16Longest European Rivers With Exceptions
422016-11-11Largest Capital Cities in the Americas
422016-11-24Europe's 10 Wettest Major Cities
422019-05-31TV Shows by Dads
422017-07-08US States with the Least Water Area (%)
422017-09-01TV Shows By School
422016-11-12Capitals Between Moscow and New Delhi
422017-02-10Animal Extremes
412020-11-14Most Populous Geographic Entity A - Z
412021-04-22Countries with Greatest Population Decrease 2000-2050
412021-09-16Island Countries Bordering Non-Island Countries
412018-08-26Country Pairs with First Two Letters Reversed
412018-05-07Countries Higher Than All Neighbors
412019-02-19People With Presidential Surnames
412017-09-28U.S. States With Highest % of Centenarians
412019-02-16Comedians by Picture
412019-12-21Shared First Names of TV Characters
402020-02-25First Five Alphabetically #2
402017-04-24California Counties with the Highest Percentage of Non-English Speakers
402016-10-28Longest Serving World Leaders, Not In Africa Or Asia
402018-11-18Largest Cities that Drive on the Left
402017-06-10Capital Cities (or Mythological Creatures?)
402017-09-10Famous Adams
402016-12-08Albums Of 1973
402016-12-25Albums of 1982
402018-06-19Wrestling Nicknames
402016-10-19Artists with Most Gold Albums
402018-05-17Largest Countries with 1, 2, or No Borders
392017-09-15Country Names with Vowels in Alphabetic Order
392018-08-01Most Populous High Countries
392018-03-08Capitals and Countries Whose First Letters are Furthest Apart in the Alphabet
392017-12-06Countries and Capitals Ending with Three Consonants
392016-10-11Largest Cities In Massachusetts With Exceptions
392018-04-06Capital City Extremes - Mainland Asia
392017-05-02US Cities with Biggest Bed Bug Problem
392016-11-07Singers By Other Names
392017-03-23Top Pharmacies in the United States
382019-01-06The Doors Song Titles in French
382016-11-17Presidential Travel
382019-04-29Largest Cities by Penultimate Letter A - Z
382019-04-07Albums Of 1983
382017-01-12Longest Landlocked Rivers
382020-10-13Overlapping Song Titles #2
382016-12-12Albums Of 1979
382017-10-14Countries with Highest Caloric Intake
382020-04-10Countries and Capitals with NO Shared Letters.
382019-10-24Things Around the House in Song Titles
382017-08-26Animals in Music
382017-07-1215 Closest to the Equator Entire Countries
372016-10-20Butterfly in Other Languages
372019-07-14War by Picture
372016-12-10Albums Of 1977
372017-07-07Countries and States Closest in Size to New Jersey
372018-08-20U.S. State Capitals that Start with the Same Letter as a Bordering State
372021-01-21Chemical Elements whose Symbol Starts a U.S. President's Name
372017-08-08Countries With Most Cattle
372019-02-23Add a Letter - Make a Country (Picture Quiz)
372017-11-18US State Capitals with Same Ending Letter as its State
372017-10-28Most Best Actor Nominations
372016-12-07Albums Of 1972
372017-07-13TV Shows Set in San Francisco
362016-12-11Albums Of 1978
362017-05-06Countries with the Most Large Dams
362017-07-30Presidential Names Containing Q, V, X, Z
362017-05-21Top 10 Countries with Most Identity Theft
362017-02-18Top 5 River Discharges Per Ocean
362017-10-11Landlocked Countries with Lowest High Points
362017-03-2210 States with the Most Drug Overdoses
362017-04-04Earliest Members of the British Commonwealth
362017-07-13TV Shows Set in Florida
362019-04-16People in Song Lyrics
362020-01-12Most Commonly Used Letters in English
362017-05-29Countries With Fewest Doctors Per Capita
352016-10-21Countries with the Fewest Physicians Per Capita
352016-11-26Sci-Fi Movie Quotes
352017-08-01US States with Highest Divorce Rate
352016-11-11Smallest Capital Cities in the Americas
352016-12-07Albums Of 1971
352019-06-21Repeated Syllable Answers
352016-09-28Top 10 Most Dangerous Celebrities To Search For Online
352019-03-06MLB Teams Which Have Moved the Greatest Distance
352018-02-10Largest U.S. Cities By Longitude
352017-06-03Movie Remakes
352017-08-01Quiz About Nothing
342017-04-09Star Trek Characters Birthplaces
342017-04-22People with Similar Surnames
342017-07-03Fictional Addresses
342017-10-19TV Neighbors
342017-05-20Country Names with Highest Percentage of Consonants
342021-03-17Names in Song Titles (1970s)
342017-07-07Countries and States Closest in Size to California
342016-12-10Albums Of 1976
342018-04-14Famous Pairs by Other Names
342018-04-18Capitals that Start with the Same Letter as a Bordering Country
342016-12-23Top States For Flood Damage (2014)
332017-05-25Least Polluted Countries
332017-08-22My 25 Favorite Female Singers
332017-07-10Top Comic Strips by Decade
332017-03-24States With Lowest Cigarette Prices
332017-05-20TV Shows by Episode
332018-04-06Capital City Extremes - Mainland Africa
332019-11-09Geographic Anagrams
332019-05-22Bands by Initials of Members
332016-12-2210 States Where Hail Caused The Most Damage (2014)
332017-03-16Longest Exclusive Careers by MLB Team
332019-07-30Men with Mustaches - Picture Quiz
332017-05-15Country Names Whose First And Last Letters Are Two Letters Apart In The Alphabet
332019-12-27U.S. States Not Containing A or N
332020-01-05"Royal" Musicians
332018-06-17Bordering U.S. States Most Similar in Area
322017-07-09Top 10 US Metro Areas Where Interracial Marriage is Least Common
322016-11-28Landlocked Country Capitals Located on the Water
322017-08-15Least Miserable Economies (2017)
322017-07-24Backwards Quiz
322017-05-19Agricultural Products of which Mexico is Top Exporter
322017-05-19Countries with Highest VAT or Sales Tax
322017-09-16Country Names with Consonants in Alphabetic Order
322016-12-15Countries that Produce the Most Walnuts
322019-09-29Los Angeles Picture Quiz
322019-07-17Songs About Eyes
322020-01-16Largest Countries that ... #2
322018-02-03Landlocked Countries with Lowest Elevation
322016-12-15Countries that Produce the Most Macadamias
322018-09-30Capitals Farthest from Equator, Not in Europe, A - Z
322016-12-22Albums Of 1981
312017-08-06Cars in Song
312021-09-21One Word Song Titles
312017-04-25Large US Counties with Highest Percentage of Spanish Speakers
312021-03-22Countries Which Rely the Most on Tourism
312018-11-04Capitals Having No Letters in Common with their Countries
302018-03-13Same First Letter Capitals of Bordering Countries
302019-12-12Smallest Metro Areas with a MLB Team
302020-04-11TV Bars, Eateries, and Other Meeting Places
302016-10-26Straits and the Bodies of Water They Connect
302017-08-01US States with Lowest Divorce Rates
302017-02-22Name the Missing Band Member #2
302016-09-07Capitals whose names mean "capital."
302020-06-01Also a Country
302019-10-28Country Names with Last Two Letters Closest in the Alphabet
292017-04-05Baseball Nicknames
292019-06-23More Repeated Syllable Answers
292017-09-29Largest French Cities NOT In Europe
292016-12-08Albums Of 1967
292018-02-03Super Bowl National Anthem Singers
292017-03-18Countries with Highest Prevalence of Opiates Use
292020-02-27First Five Chronologically
282016-12-08Albums Of 1968
282018-06-14Fathers Day Quiz
282019-04-12Country by Penultimate Letter
282017-07-25Quiz 400
282018-10-16Bordering Countries with Same Second Letter
282021-03-15Names in Song Titles (Oldies)
282017-10-09Movie Titles Containing Mr., Mrs. or Miss
282017-10-10Countries with Highest Points on Islands
282020-06-18They Went Solo
282017-03-02MLB Hit Leaders A-Z
282019-07-22Songs About Dancing
282017-07-07Countries and States Closest in Size to Texas
282019-01-06The Who Song Titles in French
282021-09-28Capitals by First Four Letters w/ Clue for the Letters
272017-04-27Weather Conditions in Song Titles
272016-11-16Westernmost Capitals of the Americas
272017-05-24Vehicles Per Capita Top 5 Per Continent
272019-05-01Chemical Elements by Picture
272021-09-19Capitals by First Three Letters w/ Clue for the Letters
272017-08-15Most Miserable Economies (2017)
272017-09-09Top 10 US States with Highest Male to Female Ratio
272017-11-21Largest Cities with the Same Last Letter as its Country
272016-12-08Albums Of 1969
272020-03-24State Capitals by River
272018-11-17Least Dense States East of the Mississippi
272018-10-09Top 10 U.S. States for Seat Belt Usage
272017-11-01Bands with 3 Members with #1 Solo Albums
272020-10-04Valid President By Birth State
262018-02-09U.S. States Bordering Two or More "M" States
262017-11-08Canadian Provinces by Elevation
262017-04-27Song Titles Containing Chemical Elements or Celestial Bodies
262019-08-18Songs About Love
262018-10-01Correct the Corrected Song Titles
262018-02-10U.S. States Bordering Two or More "N" States
252017-10-22Borders Both Bodies of Water
252017-05-23Capitals Between Brasilia and Canberra
252018-12-15Least Dense Countries of the Americas
252019-03-19Largest Cities Alphabetically Far from their Country
252021-01-17The Beach Boys Song Titles in French
252017-04-06Countries with Most Flag of Convenience Ship Registrations
252017-07-07Countries and States Closest in Size to New York
242019-06-27Food With Yucky Stuff Hidden Inside
242017-05-11Top 10 Densest Chemical Elements
242017-06-05Highest States East of the Mississippi
242019-01-08Most Average Sized Countries by Letter A - Z
242020-09-27Overlapping Song Titles
242017-09-29Presidential Names With Highest % of Consonants
242017-07-30States and Provinces Containing Q, V, X, Z (Territories Included)
242017-05-06Fossil Fuel Dependency by Country
232017-05-04Most Populous Bird Species
232017-05-21Capitals Between Madrid and Cairo
232017-03-022016 Electoral Vote Tally
232016-10-30US States I've Never Visited
232016-11-05Ships and Planes, Who's On Board?
232020-06-17Countries Ending with Someone's First Name
232020-06-19Places Ending with Double Letters
232017-09-09Top 10 US States with Highest Female to Male Ratio
232021-06-13Character by TV and Movie Portrayer
232016-12-09Albums Of 1974
232016-12-09Albums Of 1975
232018-02-09U.S. States Bordering Two or More "A" States
232021-04-15Oscar Winners by TV Roles
222019-10-06Sweet Songs
222020-10-14Transportation In Song
222016-12-31I'm a Doctor, Not a _____
222018-12-02State Capitals with Same First or Last Letter as the State
222018-02-23Largest Canadian Provinces / U.S. States A-Z
222018-08-17Big Mac Jingle Lyrics Quiz
222016-11-23Largest Country Subdivisions By Area
222020-10-05Bordering Two Scrambled Countries
222017-07-09Increasing Population Country Chain Northward
212020-06-24Women with Hats - Picture Quiz
212020-11-01Hurricane by People Picture
212020-05-11North American Rivers By Tributary
212017-11-05Both a Chemical Element Symbol and a U.S. State Postal Code
212018-10-30Countries with Letters Closest to Being in Alphabetic Order
212017-04-25Finger Lakes Quiz
212020-06-23Words Found In Colombia
212017-09-03Musical Steves
212017-05-06Most Populous Even-Toed Ungulates (Maybe your favorite meal - Apologies to vegetarians)
212018-02-09U.S. States Bordering Two or More "I" States
212017-05-24Countries with the Fewest Motor Vehicles Per Capita
212018-02-10U.S. States Bordering Two or More "T" States
212019-01-11Family Songs
202020-06-19Words Found In Poland
202021-04-01Anagrammed Cities
202018-04-07Capital Cities Closest to the Tropic of Cancer
202020-05-17Words Found in Tenerife
202017-09-17Star Trek TOS Characters by First Names
192020-06-30Country Names w/ Last Two Letters Furthest Apart in Alphabet
192017-09-16Country Names with Vowels in Reverse Alphabetic Order
192017-10-18joez Challenge #4
192017-11-12In the Year **76
192020-05-18Words Found In Denmark
192020-11-18Countries with the Most Beehives
192020-07-15Words Found In Germany
182021-06-01Timely Song Titles
182020-07-19Words Found In Turkey
182020-09-22Words Found In Argentina
182017-03-02William Shatner Quiz
182018-11-30Capitals & Countries with Alphabetic Consecutive 1st Letters
182016-11-22Most Populous Country Subdivisions
182017-09-26Rules of Acquisition (Star Trek)
182016-10-19Songs That Went Diamond (10 x Platinum)
182017-08-21States that Border Chihuahua
172017-10-02American Countries with Lowest Highest Points
172020-06-21Words Found In Cuba
172018-02-09U.S. States Bordering Two or More "K" States
172017-08-13Largest Lakes on Islands
172017-11-11In the Year **25
172019-04-27Largest U.S. Counties by Letter A - Z
172017-11-06Werewolves of London Lyrics
172020-06-21Words Found In Japan
172020-01-28Songs with Age in the Title or Lyric
172018-02-10U.S. States Bordering Two or More "W" States
172017-07-09Increasing Population Country Chain Eastward
172017-08-21States that Border Baja California
162017-05-18Countries with the Youngest Population
162019-03-05Star Trek: Original Series or Next Generation
162017-07-09Increasing Population Country Chain Westward
162021-04-30Country by Athlete Picture Quiz
152017-08-10Glen Campbell Quiz
152019-02-16Top 10 Okra Producing Countries
152018-10-09U.S. States that Don't Require Seat Belts
152021-08-15Dances in Song Titles
152017-07-10Increasing Population US State Chain Southward
152020-07-15Words Found In Spain
142019-01-06Top Female Star Trek Characters
142021-06-20Summer Songs
142021-01-13Municipalities of Monroe County NY
142017-08-21Most Populous Mexican States
142017-07-10Increasing Population US State Chain Westward
132020-03-31Largest Cities in the Countries of South America
122017-10-31joez Challenge #5
122017-05-12Elements with Lowest Boiling Points
122017-05-22Capitals Between Ottawa and Washington
122020-09-10Led Zeppelin Song Titles in French
122021-05-12Chemical Elements With Something Hidden In Them
112016-10-28PATH Stations
112021-04-07ING Songs
112021-04-04Demonym in the Answer
112021-03-19Capital City Before and After
112019-03-30Lesser Known Chemical Elements (Quiz for April 1)
112017-08-31States that Border Oaxaca
112019-02-19Bottom Row Consonant Countries (ZXCVBNM)
102019-04-01April Fools Chemistry Quiz
102017-08-21Largest Mexican States in Area
92020-05-13Countries With Most Covid-19 Deaths Per Capita
92017-07-15Longest Undammed Rivers
92020-09-23Individuals Who Have Lain in State in U.S Capitol
82017-08-21States that Border Sonora
82017-07-17Martin Landau Quiz
72020-06-24Actors Who Have Played Lex Luthor
72017-07-01joez Challenge #2
72017-06-12joez Challenge #1
62020-01-24Favorite Songs in the Operating Room
62016-11-25Songwriters with Most US State Songs
62016-09-27Who played these classic characters
42017-08-02joez chalenge #3
42017-11-05joez Challenge #6