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U.S. States with the Highest Percentage of Hispanics

Name the states with the highest percentage of people who report themselves to be Hispanic or Latino.
Source: 2015 American Community Survey
Last updated: August 19, 2017
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New Mexico
New Jersey
New York
level 61
Aug 23, 2017
6 of these states were Mexico and 1 was Spain a while ago.
level 76
Sep 13, 2017
Got all but my own state.
level 65
Jan 12, 2018
surprised Florida is only 23,7%. I was there earlier last year and people appear to speak more Spanish there than English. Some people didn't even understand English at all!
level 58
Feb 2, 2018
If you visited Miami the hispanic population will be much higher than say, Jacksonville or some northern town.
level 76
Feb 2, 2018
Southern Florida and northern Florida are two different worlds. As they say: "The farther south you go, the farther north you get."
level 10
Feb 2, 2018
It is a shame that the donald wants to get rid of hispanic people. Hashtag stand strong gang, we got this. Also got this in 10 seconds. Im partially blind and i never learned how to read, i had to have my mom read this to me so i could type in the answers. (Reason I was so slow)
level 57
Feb 2, 2018
Why on Earth do people think that Trump wants to rid the US of hispanics? All he has proposed is a more selective process of allowing people into the country...don't allow the people we don't want and allow the people we DO want. I'm sure everyone is selective about the people they want in their home...Treat your country the same.
level 37
Feb 2, 2018
Typical of snowflakes that are blind with Trump hatred. He wants to get rid of ILLEGALS. People who enter our country illegally and commit awful crimes and funnel drugs into our country. We have enough problems with useless parasites that are legal citizens. We don't need other countries riff raff.
level 60
Feb 2, 2018
obvious satire is obvious
level 74
Feb 3, 2018
I'd respond to the Trump fans here, but between some other Trump fans on the site and my ex girlfriend I'm trying to cut back on the amount of time I spend interacting with the mentally ill.
level 74
Feb 28, 2018
Those people were a combination of things: short-sighted, unethical, misguided, and some other things. But they were not insane. They didn't show up at pizza parlors armed and looking for the underground child prostitution ring being run by Hillary Clinton out of the basement. They didn't accuse the parents of deceased children at Sandy Hook of being "crisis actors." And as disgusting as Clinton is as a person and as bad as she is as a political candidate... she's still a million times superior to Trump and anyone who thinks that she wasn't I can't believe is fully present mentally.