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Fallout 4 Lore Trivia

I've done my best to support any misspellings, etc.
Quiz by Haslam
Last updated: December 11, 2015
First submittedDecember 11, 2015
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1.Which cult from the Capital Wasteland has a strong presence in the Commonwealth?
Church of the Children of Atom
2. Which version of pre-war power armour/armor is completely new to the series?
3. Which set of power armour/armor was famously used by the Enclave, a faction that doesn't make an appearance in Fallout 4?
4. What's the name of the device around your wrist?
Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV
5. What's the name of the company that created it?
RobCo Industries
6. What was the most popular household detergent before the Great War?
Abraxo Cleaner
7. Who was a mercenary who came from the NCR?
Conrad Kellogg
8. Which possible companion made an appearance as a child in Fallout 3?
Robert Joseph MacCready
9. What's the name of the submarine marooned off of the coast?
10. Which faction formed a coalition of small settlements years before the events of Fallout 4?
11. Which faction is a covert organisation which helps rogue synths escape?
12. Which faction travels to the Commonwealth in a giant airship?
Brotherhood of Steel
13. Which faction is a secretive group of scientists with advanced technology?
14. What's the name of your canine friend from Fallout 1,2,3 and 4?
15. What's the new flavour of Nuka-Cola added in Fallout 4?
16. What's the name of the location that references Lovecraftian horror?
Dunwich Borers
17. Who discovered a mysterious artifact in the deserts of Arabia?
Lorenzo Cabot
18. In what year did you first enter Vault 111?
19. In what year did you first leave Vault 111?
20. What's the name of the merciless mercenary group?
21. What unique weapon can be found when following a trail of green blood?
Alien Blaster
22. What's the name of the weapon that uses fusion cores as ammunition?
Gatling Laser
23. What's the place you where supposed to be going to just before the bombs fell?
Fraternal Post 115
24. What's the default name for the male protagonist?
25. What is the default name for the female protagonist?
level 44
Dec 21, 2015
There's more flavors than just regular Nuka-Cola and Quantum and cherry there's victory and quartz too.
level 8
Dec 28, 2015
Forgot about those, thanks for pointing that out. I've edited the question.
level 60
Jul 6, 2018
For question 3, I typed in XO1, meaning I used an "O" instead of a zero. Im suggesting that I think the type-in XO1 should be accepted.