German Trivia - Multiple Choice

This quiz collects some Trivia questions related to the country of Germany. Can you choose the right option?
Quiz by QRU
Last updated: April 11, 2019
First submittedJanuary 23, 2019
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1. In his famous 1963 speech, J.F. Kennedy declared: "Ich bin ein Berliner!" What do some people believe he actually said?
"What an ugly city!"
"I don't want to buy that carpet!"
"I have been to that brothel!"
"I am a jelly doughnut!"
Those people are wrong.
2. At a press conference of the East German Socialist Unity Party, spokesman Günter Schabowski was given a notice that the party plans on developing a new travel policy. What did he accidently do?
He abdicated chairman Walter Ulbricht
He dissolved the party
He opened the borders to West Germany
He declared the building of the Berlin Wall
3. Chancellor Willy Brandt was born as Herbert Frahm. Where did he get his adopted name from?
It is the name of a marxist philosopher
It is the name of a childrens book character
It was his code name in the anti-nazi resistance
It is the name of the street he was born in
4. Germans are good at building stuff? Oh well. In 2013, the airport-in-construction BER wasted thousands of Euros due to this.
Due to a typo, they build 1000 bathrooms
They had to hire hunters, to chase out wolves who wandered in the area
They forgot to build the runways
They couldn't turn off the lights, because no one knew where the switch was
It is still not finished.
5. In 2018, the governing CDU party elected a succesor of chancellor Angela Merkel. But how is her name correctly written?
Annekret Gramp-Kartenbauer
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
Annekramp Gretkampenbauer
Anne-Gret Kramkarrenbauer
You can call her AKK.
6. Originally, the Nazis used Gothic Script for their writing, but they abruptly abandoned it in 1941. Why?
People in annexed countries couldn't read it
It was discovered that it was developed by jews
Due to lead shortage, they had to use letters they confiscated abroad
Hitler found them to be more aesthetically pleasing
They then denounced it as the "Jew letters of Schwabach".
7. Konrad Zuse is not exactly a household name. What groundbreaking invention did he made?
The pocket watch
wearable glasses
The programmable computer
edible underwear
American engineers invented a similar machine two years later without knowing Zuses work.
8. Nazis aren't very smart. What did Hitler thought the moon was made off?
9. Bernd is a childrens TV character, aimed at teaching children that it is ok to be sad or grumpy sometimes. He is also the following:
A cloud
A bread
A giraffe
A shrubbery
And he has very short arms.
10. What is the best selling book by a german author?
"Perfume" by Patrick Süskind
"Momo" by Michael Ende
"The Tin Drum" by Günter Grass
"All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque
11. In 1968, Beate Klarsfeld had a short interaction with then chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger. What did that interaction involve?
She kissed him
She stole his wallet
She slapped him
She cut off his thumbs
...for being member of the Nazi party, prior to 1945.
12. Controversial philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said that he only could believe in a God who is able to do that:
He then huged a horse and went insane.
13. In 1953, an uprising in East Germany was violently surpressed by the government. How did poet Bertolt Brecht comment on the event?
Wouldn't it be easier if the government dissolves the people and elects another?
People of the World, gaze upon this city!
Democracy is funny.
We will build a wall and make the capitalists pay for it.
14. Frederick August III was the last king of Saxony. When abdicating in 1918, what where his supposedly last words?
"Well then take care of this crap yourselves!"
"I always wanted to spend more time with the kids."
"I give your democracy 15 years."
"Long live the german republic, or whatever it's called now."
15. Germany is somewhat famous for its meat products. But what percentage of germans identify as Vegetarians?
According to a Forsa survey in 2016.
Level ∞
Feb 5, 2019
Funny quiz! Didn't do that well though.
Level 73
Feb 6, 2019
I'm happy you liked it!
Level 74
Feb 8, 2019
Great quiz! May I suggest a few minor corrections?

1: "What do some people believe he actually said?" (no comma);

2: "...was given a notice that the party..." (no comma);

2: "...AT a press conference...";

6: "It was discovered that it was developed..." (no comma);

9: "...aimed at teaching children that it is ok..." (no comma);

10: "...figure that is supposed to teach..." (no comma);

10: "...children who didn't clip their nails?" (no comma);

10: "He shows them how they will look..." (no comma);

12: "...Friedrich Nietzsche once said that he only could believe in a God who is able to..." (no comma x2);

13, answer: "Wouldn't it be easier if the government..." (no comma)

Level 73
Feb 9, 2019
Thanks a lot! Commas in english are still pretty wild to me.
Level 74
Feb 8, 2019
I'm German and didn't know 4, 6, 10, 12, 14. I was really hoping for the Frederick August answer to be, "I give your democracy 15 years".
Level 71
Apr 11, 2019
The "Struwwelpeter" is depicted as as a boy/man with very long hair and even longer nails, which means that the second answer should actually be the correct one. The cutting off thumbs is from a different story in the book, the Story of the Thumb-Sucker, where the boy Konrad who keeps sucking his thumbs is told off by his mother not to do that, or else... Next time she goes out, he resumes the sucking right away, upon which a tailor storms in and cuts off his thumbs with a pair of scissors.
Level 73
Apr 11, 2019
There seems to be different variants of that story, but yours is the common one. I changed the question to some sweet literature trivia.