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Times taken 8,331
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3,2962017-02-27Best Actress Oscar nominees
6792016-03-30Oscars : One-word winners
4982018-06-23Belgium 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
3542016-05-14London Underground stations containing J, Q, X, Z
2842016-04-22Docklands Light Railway
2492016-03-22Language quiz
2132018-06-23Croatia 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
2012018-06-23Mexico 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
2002018-06-23Sweden 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
1982016-05-13London Underground stations containing “and” (&)
1502016-03-12British birds #8 : Songbirds
1302017-01-25British birds #3 : Birds of prey
1132016-03-10British birds #1 : Ducks, geese, swans
1102016-11-15Harry Potter: Alliterative names
1062016-03-30Film titles containing country names
992018-06-23Nigeria 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
902016-03-29Countries hidden in phrases
842016-10-27Harry Potter: Animagi
812016-03-10British birds #4 : Game birds
752017-05-03Actors/Actresses: Last name = First name
692017-07-14Beethoven works: Nicknames
692016-03-10British birds #6 : Seabirds
682016-03-10British birds #7 : Woodpeckers, doves, etc (non-passerines)
642016-03-21Other languages in other languages
622016-03-12Dickens characters : First names
572016-03-10British birds #2 : Other water birds
562016-05-30Cricketers who have scored 10 000 or more Test runs
552016-03-10British birds #5 : Waders
552016-03-31Language quiz : A
502018-02-01Film people with same surnames
492016-03-31Language quiz : B
402016-03-25George Eliot : Novels
382016-03-12Rossini : Operas
372016-05-012014 FIFA World Cup host cities
372016-03-31Language quiz : C
352016-03-28Colours of the rainbow in 5 languages
332016-03-11Haydn symphonies : Nicknames
302016-11-09(Yet another) Harry Potter quiz
302016-03-21Counting to a thousand in 5 languages
292016-03-22Mozart works : Nicknames
292017-01-03Principal ores of metals
232018-12-28Currencies to countries
222016-03-12Beethoven : Overtures
212016-11-11Harry Potter: Giants
192016-03-21More languages in more languages
92016-03-27Words containing every vowel
22016-04-10The number 13