An Extended Review on the Year 2017

Can you name these events? They all happened in 2017.
Quiz by Gassu
Last updated: December 23, 2017
First submittedDecember 23, 2017
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Jan 1
This Portuguese becomes Secretary-General of the UN
António Guterres
Jan 1
A terrorist nightclub shooting happens in this city
Jan 7
He announces the dismissal of 8,400 authorities
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Jan 8
This musical wins 7 Golden Globes, the first to do so
La La Land
Jan 18
Yahya Jammeh, president of this country, refuses to pass office
Jan 20
He officially becomes the 45th President of the United States
Donald J. Trump
Jan 26
They won't pay for the wall
Jan 26
Alexander Van der Bellen becomes President of ...
Jan 27
Executive Order 13769 bans this religious followers of entering into the U.S.
Feb 5
This team wins Super Bowl LI after being 3-28 down
New England Patriots
Feb 13
He orders the killing of his half-brother by a chemical attack in Malaysia
Kim Jong-un
Mar 10
This country suspends President Park Geun-hye
South Korea
Mar 14
For the 8th time in a row, this city is the most liveable in the world
Mar 19
He succeeds Joachim Gauck as President of Germany
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Mar 29
The U.K. officially begins negotiating to leave this
the European Union
Apr 3
An explosion happens in a metro of this Russian city
St. Petersburg
Apr 7
A terrorist attack happens in this European capital
Apr 11
The bus of this football team is attacked
Borussia Dortmund
Apr 20
Moscow ranks this Christian denomination as an extremistic organization
Jehovah's Witnesses
May 7
The French can vote for one of these two politicians in the presidential election
Emmanuel Macron
May 7
Marine Le Pen
May 9
The President dismiss this FBI director immediately effective
James Comey
May 10
First company to be worth more than $800 billion
May 13
This country wins the Eurovision Song Contest
May 17
He becomes head of the Special Counsel investigation of Russian interference
Robert Mueller
May 19
The people of Iran re-elect this president
Hassan Rouhani
May 21
A terrorist attack happens in Manchester during a concert of this singer
Ariana Grande
May 31
President Trump tweets this unknowable word
Jun 1
President Trump withdraw the USA from this agreement
Paris Agreement
Jun 5
The NATO can welcome its 29th member
Jun 5
The UAE and Egypt isolate this Middle East country leading to a diplomatic crisis
Jun 11
The people of this territory vote in favor of becoming the 51st state
Puerto Rico
Jun 14
The Grenfell Tower cauterizes in this city with 70 victims
Jun 16
Pres. Trump reinstates travel and business restrictions of this country
Jun 18
Russia cuts down the cooperation with the U.S. in Syria after the attack
on this Syrian fighting machine
Suchoi Su-22
Jun 30
With the motto "Ehe für alle", this country legalizes gay marriage
Jul 1
This country can celebrate its 150th anniversary
Jul 8
The G20 summit ends with huge riots in this city
Jul 9
This CEO becomes the first owner of a Tesla Model 3
Elon Musk
Jul 16
He becomes the first to win the Wimbledon Championships 8 times
Roger Federer
Jul 27
He displaces Bill Gates as the richest person
Jeff Bezos
Aug 3
This Brazilian signs the world's most expensive football transfer($263m) and joins PSG
Aug 9
President Trump threatens to answer this country with "fire and fury"
North Korea
Aug 9
The above country threatens to nuke this U.S. territory
Aug 10
This legendary sprinter races his last race
Usain Bolt
Aug 16
"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin
or his background or his religion...".
This man tweets the most popular tweet
Barack Obama
Aug 23
An unexpected rainfall happens here, in the world's driest place
Atacama Desert
Aug 25
Myanmar starts to pursue this religious minority
Aug 25
The first Category 4 hurricane this year makes landfall in Rockport, Texas
Hurricane Harvey
These disasters happen in California due to ongoing droughts
Brush fires
Sep 3
60'000 have to be evacuated due to a disarming of a WWII bomb in this German city
Frankfurt am Main
Sep 5
The Trump administration rescind the policy to protect this type of children
Sep 7
The next Atlantic hurricane devastates Puerto Rico
Hurricane Irma
Sep 12
Apple presents their next iPhone
iPhone X or iPhone 8
Sep 13
IOC session: This city will hold the Summer OIympics 2028
Los Angeles
Sep 16
This well-known Bavarian Volksfest opens his gates for the 184th time
Sep 19
As if it wouldn't be enough, the next major hurricane devastates Dominica
Hurricane Maria
Sep 25
This people group vote for a secession from Iraq
the Kurds
Sep 26
This country allows women to drive - the last country in the world to do so
Saudi Arabia
This American film producer is accused of sexual harassment
Harvey Weinstein
This hashtag becomes famous because of ^
Oct 1
This Spanish region holds a referendum (technically illegal).
The Spanish government overreacts and injures more than 700 people
Oct 1
The two opponents: Prime Minister of Spain
Mariano Rajoy
Oct 1
The two opponents: President of the Generalitat
Carles Puigdemont
Oct 1
A mass shooting occurs during a music festival in this U.S. city
Las Vegas
Oct 1
This former American Football star can leave prison after being arrested for nine years
O.J. Simpson
Oct 12
These two countries declare their withdrawal from the UNESCO
United States
Oct 12
Oct 12
The first Youtube video to be watched 4 billion times
Oct 17
This city is finally freed from ISIS
Oct 19
First known interstellar object to pass through the Solar System
Oct 31
This ecclesiastical event can celebrate its 500th anniversary
the Reformation
Nov 14
After a coup d'état, the Defence Forces overtake the control in this African country
Nov 15
A submarine of this country goes missing after reporting mechanical failure
Nov 16
A painting of this painter is sold for $450m, becoming by the most expensive painting
Leonardo da Vinci
Nov 19
After the failure of a "Jamaica-Coalition",
this German party announces its withdrawal from the negotiations
Nov 21
This African despot resigns voluntary
Robert Mugabe
Nov 27
Britain's Prince Harry announces his engagement with this woman
Meghan Markle
Nov 29
What did Slobodan Praljak do after being guilty?
Committed suicide by poisoning
Dec 5
This country won't be allowed to start under their own flag at the 2018 Olympics
Dec 6
The U.S. decides to accept this capital, earning the hatred of basically of all other nations
Dec 7
Russia and Iraq declare the victory over this organization
Dec 14
This company buys most of 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion
The Walt Disney Company
Dec 20
For the first time the EU requests a criminal process against
one of its member states, namely ...
Celebrities who passed away in 2017 (selection)
Mar 18
American singer, Johnny B. Goode and Route 66
Chuck Berry
Apr 15
Last living person being born in the 1800s
Emma Morano
May 23
In Live and Let Die, he was the one who said: My name is Bond, James Bond
Roger Moore
May 29
Panamanian dictator, 1983-1989
Manuel Noriega
Jun 9
He was Batman (in the TV series)
Adam West
Jun 16
German statesman and Chancellor, known as "a great European leader"
Helmut Kohl
Jul 20
Lead singer of Linkin Park
Chester Bennington
Aug 20
"King of Comedy"
Jerry Lewis
Sep 27
Founder of Playboy
Hugh Hefner
Nov 19
American criminal and cult leader
Charles Manson
Level 59
Dec 31, 2017
Good quiz. Thanks. Grenfell took 71 victims
Level 55
Nov 13, 2018
72 now.
Level 47
Jan 1, 2018
Pretty sure Melbourne, Australia has been voted the most liveable city in the world ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (3)
Level 72
Jan 2, 2018
The Mercer Quality of Living Ranking would disagree
Level 56
Jan 4, 2018
Much more detailed and not as boring as quizmaster's. (don't get me wrong, quizmaster's quiz is still great but this is better). Yuuge
Level 55
Nov 13, 2018
Me Too became popular on 15 October.