Countries of the World in 1900

With the help of a map, can you name the countries that were independent as of December, 1900?
Main sources: YouTube and Wikipedia. For detailed sources, please see comments.
Generally, dominions and protected states are considered independent, but colonies and protectorates aren't
Smaller Yemeni and Nigerian states were omitted, as they were under a protectorate as well
use the show-missing-countries tool!
Quiz by Gassu
Last updated: February 27, 2021
First submittedSeptember 3, 2018
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Congo Free State
Costa Rica
Cretan State
Dervish State
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Muscat and Oman
New Hebrides
(neutral territory)
Orange Free State
Ottoman Empire
San Marino
South African Republic
United Kingdom
United States
Level 72
Feb 27, 2021
A few notes:

Firstly, due to a lack of data, smaller tribal kingdoms in Africa or Asia may not be found in this quiz. There is no possibility to make such a quiz 100% accurate.

Secondly, there were multiple forms of government and sovereignty back then. In addition to the aforementioned colonies, protected states, protectorates and dominions, there were many more forms. The New Hebrides were a neutral territory, Bulgaria a de-facto independent vassal, Crete an autonomous state and the Philippines an unrecognized state to name a few. It's up to definition whether these countries can be considered sovereign or not.

Level 72
Feb 27, 2021

Wikipedia has been used to determine answers. Both modern-day sovereign nations and formerly sovereign countries have been considered.

YouTube has mainly been used to determine shapes and borders. Especially EmperorTigerstar and OllieBye have been used as an inspiration.

Full list:

History of

- North America

- South America

- Oceania

- Southeast Asia

- the Middle East

- Russia

- Europe Every Year, all by EmperorTigerstar

History of

- the World

- Africa

- South Asia Every Year, all by OllieBye

History of China Every Year by Khey Pard

Level 79
Sep 3, 2018
Canada was independent in 1867, Australia on January 1, 1901
Level 72
Sep 4, 2018
Great, let‘s start the discussion! I had absolutely no idea about Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but I forgot to ask the community. So what do you think, dear Canadians, Australians and Kiwis?
Level 24
Aug 13, 2020
You might not get this since I'm so late, but wasn't Manchuria part of the Qing Dynasty until Japan invaded?
Level 59
Nov 4, 2020
I believe there was something about the Russians wanting a railroad down to the yellow sea, and basically forced the Qing to agree to it. European powers messing with China was part of why they changed their government to a republic, which ended up being weaker than they intended, and it collapsed.
Level 32
Jun 10, 2020
Same here
Level 88
Mar 30, 2021
While Canada was formed in 1867, it didn't become independent until 1931 December 11 with the passage of the Statute of Westminster. The same statute also immediately applied independence to Ireland and South Africa as well. The act also provided for independence for Australia, Newfoundland, New Zealand, but their respective parliaments had to adopt the act before they could achieve independence. Australia adopted it in 1942 October 9 but “backdated” it to 1939, and New Zealand adopted it in 1947. Newfoundland never adopted it and, instead, became part of Canada in 1949.

Canada *never* declared war on any of the Central Powers during World War I, yet hundreds of thousands of Canadians took part in the conflict. Canada didn't declare war because it couldn't—its parliament had not the power to do so. However, by the time World War II started in 1939, Canada did declare war on Germany because, by then, it was an independent country.

TL;DR — Canadian independence day = 1931 December 11

Level 70
Jan 24, 2019
Canada became independent in 1867, though it shared the head of the state with the UK, it should be considered a country, since the same happens today with Canada, Australia, New Zealand.....
Level 32
Feb 5, 2019
tibet was a country until 1960
Level 72
Feb 5, 2019
Tibet was a country from 1912 to 1951
Level 35
Feb 18, 2019
Can you make the map look different, when I first looked at it it hurt my eyes a bit...
Level 22
May 21, 2019
Bosnia was annexed by Austria-Hungary in 1908, not before 1900. But still, I love this quiz.
Level 47
May 14, 2020
I agree, it was only after 1900 this happened, in turn starting WWI over the Archduke's assassination.
Level 78
Mar 29, 2021
It was occupied since 1878. As this quiz goes more for de facto situation, as appropriate at the time, it's fair to show it as part of AH.
Level 54
Jun 19, 2019
I tried Norway, I tried Sweden, I even tried Finland, but I did not try Sweden-Norway. Sigh
Level 30
Jan 17, 2020
I think they should accept Sweden as an answer (not norway cuz i think they were invaded by sweden. dont know correct me if im wrong)
Level 65
Aug 12, 2020
No, in fact it was a personal union between Sweden and Norway. It was officially known as the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway. Therefore, the King of Sweden was also the King of Norway
Level 74
Aug 30, 2020
I tried "Norway and Sweden" and "Kalmar Union" but they weren't accepted, think you need to allow more type ins for this one.
Level 74
Feb 4, 2021
"Sweden and Norway" doesn't work, only with a hyphen. Seriously, needs to be changed.
Level 62
Sep 8, 2019
Wasn't Ha'il a part of the Ottoman Empire in the 1900s?
Level 38
Oct 26, 2019
Can u make Luxembourg have a dot because i did not know that i didnt get cuz i couldnt even see it
Level 41
Jan 24, 2020
can you accept holland for netherlands?
Level 53
Mar 4, 2021
No, Holland is not a country, it is the name for two provinces.
Level 51
Jun 9, 2020
Level 49
Dec 19, 2020
It wasn't Eswatini at that point.
Level 62
Dec 28, 2020
I think they're trying to say that Swaziland wasn't independent in 1900, still under British control.
Level 50
Jun 20, 2020
Is it just me, or does the map look a little weird?
Level 48
Jul 14, 2020
You should make your circles part of the zoomable-circle class.
Level 51
Nov 6, 2020
Where did you get the map from???

Please reply with the link if you can.

Level 51
Mar 3, 2021
he made it himself (i assume)
Level 43
Jan 14, 2021
Bulgaria should be here. It declare independence in 1878
Level 56
Jan 20, 2021
Amazing quiz! It deserves to be featured. All I missed was Ha'il.
Level 57
Feb 4, 2021
I enjoyed taking this quiz! Nice SVG! Another reminder of how distorted South America used to look :&).
Level 20
Feb 9, 2021
It is hard to really say when Canada, Australia, or New Zealand(along with other commonwealth nations) became independant seen as it was a very gradual process and technically they're not even fully independant today. Like is Greenland indepenent today? They are self-governing but the vast majority of people would say no. That is what is hard with talking about countries before 1945, as they weren't very well defined.
Level 74
Mar 29, 2021
I agree. NZ was the "Colony of New Zealand" from the 1840's until 1907 when it became the "Dominion of New Zealand", but it didn't accept the full external autonomy "offered" by the UK until 1947, although the UK was actually able to make laws for NZ until 1986! Through all of those periods, NZ history just treats NZ as a country for the whole time. For example, NZ is often described as the "first country in the world" to give the vote to women in 1893.
Level 88
Mar 30, 2021
Canada, Ireland and South Africa became independent on 1931 December 11.

New Zealand became independent on 1947 November 25.

Australia… well… they enacted the act that made them independent on 1942 October 9 but they made their independence retroactive (whatever that even means) to 1939 October 3.

Level 80
Feb 12, 2021
You need a circle on Luxembourg. I couldn't see that it was missing. Unzoomed, it's about 1 pixel.
Level 51
Mar 9, 2021
I agree, only got it by guessing, couldn't see
Level 57
Mar 16, 2021
Can you accept DRC, or at least Zaire for Congo Free State. It was formally known as Zaire, so most would guess it after DRC.
Level 60
Mar 23, 2021
Nice quiz but I really want to see any quiz recognizing the existence of the Kingdom of Tripura, Hyderabad and Junagadh
Level 48
Mar 23, 2021
Got Sokoto but missed South Africa
Level 70
Mar 29, 2021
Nice quiz Gassu, great job on the feature!
Level 84
Mar 29, 2021
And I thought I lived in a Cretan state.
Level 46
Mar 29, 2021
can Oranje Vrij Staat count for Orange Free State?
Level 74
Mar 29, 2021
Tonga became a British protectorate in May 1900, if you wanted to add it to the quiz just move the date stamp back to Jan 1900.
Level 70
Apr 1, 2021
The time is quite tight. I was typing solidly and still trying to name countries when I ran out of time. As there are few obscure ones on the list you could easily add a minute or even two, to allow people a bit more thinking time.

Also, as a few others have said a few of the smaller countries can be quite hard to spot, even with the colour change. But, I guess if you circle them it may be a complete give away.

Level 72
Apr 1, 2021
use the show-missing-dots tool
Level 55
Apr 2, 2021
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Afghanistan a British Protectorate until the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919?
Level 76
Apr 5, 2021
Crete was never an independent country, it was an autonomous state at that time.