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Fallout 4 quiz

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Quiz by Eggheads2k16
Last updated: June 18, 2016
First submittedJune 18, 2016
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The vault you start in?
The name of the last minuteman?
Preston Garvey
Where do you find that minuteman?
The type of power armour suit you get when you find 'the last minuteman'?
Large green skin creatures?
Super Mutants
Nickname of diamond city?
The Great Green Jewel
The name of the radio DJ at diamond city radio?
Name of the mercenary group who wear green?
The real name of 'the castle'?
Fort Independence
The real name of the ship that got stuck up top a bank?
USS Independence
Type of breed of your pet companion?
German shepard
The name of the faction whom wear power armour?
Brotherhood of Steel
Name of their superweapon? (Above answer)
The name of the city that the game is set in?
Name of the settlement that is run by a ghoul?
The name of the ghoul of that settlement, of the question above?
Name of your son?
Mutated chameleons?
Who are the people who kidnap your son?
The Institute
Who are the people who help synths?
The Railroad
Mutated mosquitoes?
Who is the detective in diamond city?
Nick Valentine
Name of the costume hero who uses a Tommy gun?
The Silver Shroud
The colourofs your house before the atomic blast?
Blue and white
The name of the Thug who works with the people who kidnapped your son?
The company that makes the vaults?
The year that you're in before and after the atomic war?
2077 - 2287
The best power armour in the game?
The name of the device you wear around your wrist?
Pipboy 3000 mark IV
The name of the most irradiated area in the whole game?
The Glowing Sea
level 23
Jan 26, 2017
make sure to edit the answers so we dont have to type the before the answer would be more nicer
level 1
May 30, 2017
The ship on top of the bank is called "USS Constitution" not "USS Independence" Still great quiz tho.
level 60
Jul 31, 2017
There should be a whole lot more acceptable answers than what is shown (Mainly without the word 'The' before everything) Also, the ship in real life is called the USS Constitution or the nickname "Old Ironsides".
level 77
Feb 24, 2018
As mentioned by others, there are a couple mistakes with these answers. The Prydwen is misspelled, but the way the question is written Liberty Prime might be a more accurate answer anyways. As Flabber mentioned the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) for another question. I tried both "blue" and "white" separately for the color of the main character's house, but not simultaneously in that order. That question also has a grammatical error. Also missed the dates because of a necessary hyphen - type ins would help for these answers, especially with "the" being necessary.