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Times taken 3,663,575
1,791,2422018-09-01 Fast Typing A to Z
1,455,6622018-09-01 12 Months in 15 Seconds
47,2402019-12-13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Country
45,1102015-04-25 Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #5
42,5942015-03-28 Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #2
35,8102015-03-28 Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #3
31,2522015-08-10 Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #4
30,6622015-03-28 Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #6
29,6922019-12-07 Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #1
29,4882020-01-10 Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #7
19,3422019-12-15 Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #8
16,0062019-10-10Odd Numbers Beat the Clock
15,3732019-10-10Type the Days of the Week in 15 Seconds
13,7982018-03-09 Top 10 Most Popular Salad Dressings
10,3342019-10-10Even Numbers Beat the Clock
6,4042019-10-11Prime Numbers 1-100
6,3142019-10-12Three Groups of 7 Quiz
3,0462014-06-18Johnny's Geography #5
2,9492012-04-04Mexican Restaurant Specials Beat the Clock
2,7792011-11-17Beer in 10 languages
2,7432012-04-01Fast Food Burger Names
2,6672013-02-23Type 1 - 30
2,3642012-03-2120 Popular Russian Words Translation Quiz
2,3122014-06-06Johnny's Geography #2
1,8732014-03-12Food Dish to Country
1,5942019-08-03Johnny's Geography #3
1,3882014-06-08Johnny's Geography #4
1,3152019-08-03Guess the Country #1
1,2452014-03-12Justin Bieber Quiz
1,0572012-03-23Inspirational Quotes
1,0092014-06-02Name that Country
9132012-04-01Popular Dating Acronyms
8512019-08-03Country Based on 3 Cities
7222014-06-09Name the City #1
6992012-03-31Domain Name Countries Quiz
6842012-04-10Top Freshwater Withdrawal Countries
6312013-02-23Random Capital Cities
6262014-06-04Johnny's Geography #1
5642014-06-19Johnny's Geography #6
4772012-07-08Teachers: Create a Quiz Like This!
4662014-06-09Name the City #3
4452013-03-167 Spanish Words
4412013-05-11Michigan Trivia Quiz
4112014-06-08Name the City #2
3252012-04-07The D.E.N.N.I.S. System Quiz
2952012-04-137 Famous Brazilian Songs
2462012-04-021989 Upper Deck Star Rookies
2092012-04-01Common Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversions
2032016-06-20Countries That I've Visited
2002012-04-24Slap Chop Infomercial Quotes Quiz
1632014-06-06TV Shows Based on Characters
1502016-05-0812 Countries
942012-03-23Standardized Test Acronyms Quiz
652012-04-24ShamWow Infomercial Quotes Quiz
562012-04-25The Schticky Informercial Quotes Quiz
492014-06-10Marketing Acronyms
222012-04-22Vince Shlomi Infomercials