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Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #8

Answer these random trivia questions.
Quiz by johnnyaitch
First submittedJune 3, 2014
Last updatedNovember 4, 2018
Times taken17,795
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What is the capital of Thailand?
In addition to France, which country takes credit for inventing french fries?
Beefsteak and Roma are types of what?
What former basketball player is nicknamed "His Airness"?
Michael Jordan
"Just Do It" is a slogan of what company?
In what card game can players "shoot the moon"?
A Belieber is a fan of who?
Justin Bieber
Fill in the blank to this Daft Punk song: Harder, Better, Faster, ________
What did Joey Chestnut eat on July 4th to become a world champion eater?
Hot Dogs
What is the name for a 1.5 liter bottle of wine?
Who published the Book of Mormon?
Joseph Smith
What company has the ticker symbol MSFT?
What expensive spice is made from the stigma of crocus flowers?
Which Himalayan country measures Gross National Happiness?
What city hosted the Summer Olympics in 1980?
What is the Spanish word for "brother"?
In what modern-day country was maize orginally domesticated?
Myalgia is a fancy word for which feeling?
Muscle Pain
What Irish sport is similar to lacrosse?
What ancient city was ruled by King Nebuchadnezzar?
level 70
Sep 11, 2014
Thank goodness for my very recent trip to Ireland - so I knew hurling.
level 83
Sep 11, 2014
For the Book of Mormon one, I was trying to get E.B. Grandin to fit, since his shop printed and published the original edition. Guess it depends on the definition of 'publish.'
level 84
Oct 3, 2014
I don't think "beefeater" is a type of tomato. In USA "beefsteak" or UK "beef tomato". Beefeater is a guard at the Tower of London or a fairly decent brand of Gin
level 68
Oct 3, 2014
We have beefeater tomatoes here in the UK.
level ∞
Oct 3, 2014
Changed to beefsteak. Thanks.
level 76
Oct 6, 2014
Beefeater is one variety of a beefsteak-type tomato sold in the US.
level 79
Oct 3, 2014
*Ticker symbol MSFT
level ∞
Oct 3, 2014
Fixed the typo
level 46
Oct 3, 2014
Thanks South Park, without you I would know nothing about Mormonism.
level 51
Oct 3, 2014
Hurling is something I do after I have imbibed too many adult beverages, but I have never thought it was anything at all like lacrosse.
level 43
Oct 4, 2014
Hurling the sport is also something you should do only after several beverages as it is absolutely mental and there is a 110% chance you will get a whack of a hurley (the stick they use to bat the ball around the field). Great fun to watch too.
level 64
Oct 3, 2014
You can shoot the moon in the card game Rook too
level 45
Feb 19, 2018
Also pitch, euchre, queens, and spades
level 79
Jul 18, 2018
Really? I played hundreds of games of euchre when I was a kid, and no one ever shot the moon.
level 46
Oct 5, 2014
Never seen lacrosse compared to hurling before ha.
level 70
Apr 14, 2017
I ate some bad salmon last night and I can assure you that the hurling I was doing later was nothing like lacrosse.
level 26
Dec 14, 2014
My neighbor learned how to hurl after being married 7 years
level 44
Jun 24, 2016
Hermaño should have the ñ
level 62
Aug 24, 2016
No it doesn't.
level 67
Mar 5, 2017
The Book of Mormon was published by E.B. Grandin.
level 38
Jun 12, 2019
Spanish word for brother? Thank you, Arrested Development.