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Johnny's Geography #5

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What is the currency of the European Union?
Which city is the word hamburger derived from?
Denali National Park is located in which US state?
If I'm eating at Sukiyabashi Jiro, which city am I visiting?
Which country hosted the 2014 World Cup?
The Sagrada Família is located in which European city?
Which country has the largest Muslim population?
The Dalai Lama lives in which country?
By population, what is the largest "stan" country?
What is the major ethnic group in China?
I just paid with a Loonie and a Toonie. Which country am I in?
Ankara is the capital of which country?
Which Russian region is located between Poland and Lithuania?
Royal Oak, Dearborn, and Flint are all located close to which major American city?
Khaosan Road is a touristy part of which city?
I'm going skydiving in Queenstown. Which country am I in?
Lots of baseball players are from Maracaibo. Which country is this?
Which treacherous 100 mile long area separates Panama and Colombia?
Pope Francis is from which country?
Western Sahara is a disputed region with which country?
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level 44
Apr 5, 2015
Good variety!
level 32
Jan 25, 2017
I tried Mandarin for the Chinese ethnic group question and it got accepted as a right answer for the question about Panama and Colombia? wuuuuut
level 28
Feb 18, 2017
I literally did the exact same thing!
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