Suggested Quizzes

Based on Every Major City in the Midwest - with a Map

0 US State Capitals Quiz0-60%4.99771,305
1 US States with an Empty Map0-88%5.00174,238
2 Biggest Cities in the United States - Extreme0-43%4.8154,950
3 US State Capitals Quiz - No Hints0-74%4.9532,203
4 U.S. Cities with the Biggest Economies0-79%4.8231,580
5 Biggest Cities in each U.S. State - Extreme0-46%4.8427,752
6 500 Biggest US Cities0-25%4.8724,025
7 10 Westernmost U.S. State Capitals0-90%4.9119,119
8 U.S. State Capitals Closest to Mexico0-80%4.9111,344
9 US States Quiz0-74%5.005,910,832
10 United States Map Quiz0-64%4.982,755,254
11 Word Scramble - U.S. States0-80%4.88182,965
12 USA States in Alphabetical Order0-72%4.98154,630
13 Random Sequential U.S. States on a Map0-76%5.0042,547
14 All 3,142 Counties of the United States on a Map0-21%4.8437,327
15 South America Capitals Quiz0-75%4.97166,146
16 100 Biggest Cities in Europe with a Map0-63%4.95121,567
17 North America Capitals Quiz0-69%4.9769,187
18 15 Largest Cities in South America (with a map)0-66%4.8730,219
19 Capitals of Canadian Provinces0-69%4.8328,554
20 Which City in Canada?0-65%4.819,590
21 Saint Lucia Country Quiz0-80%4.903,115
22 Canada Map Quiz0-69%4.98303,690
23 Countries of North America Quiz0-82%4.98179,507
24 Canada Provinces and Territories Quiz0-76%4.99122,921
25 Top 10 Least Populous U.S. States0-70%4.9562,604
26 Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents0-80%4.9657,306
27 Top 10 Smallest U.S. States by Area0-90%4.9656,024
28 Top 10 Largest U.S. States by Area0-90%4.8455,105
29 Confederate States of the U.S. Civil War0-90%4.8752,299
30 Top 10 Most Populous U.S. States0-80%4.9649,955
31 U.S. States that Border Canada0-90%4.8846,140
32 "Do Not Travel" Countries for U.S. Citizens0-58%4.9044,924
33 U.S. States that Start with N0-87%4.8644,301
34 13 Colonies Quiz0-84%4.9643,995
35 U.S. State Border Crossings0-86%4.9143,378
36 Countries Closest to United States by Continent0-83%4.9943,366
37 U.S. States or European Countries by Population0-82%4.9535,520
38 Countries Closest to Alaska0-75%4.8734,494
39 Total United States Immigration by Country0-76%4.8631,485
40 Top 10 Newest U.S. States0-80%4.8325,839
41 U.S. States or European Countries by GDP0-85%4.9625,122
42 U.S. States that Start with M - Shape Quiz0-87%4.8623,711
43 U.S. States or European Countries by Area0-90%4.8622,360
44 U.S. Cities with the Most International Tourists0-75%4.8421,551
45 Countries of North America with an Empty Map0-91%4.9920,901
46 Countries with No U.S. Foreign Relations0-60%4.8820,766
47 Louisiana Purchase with a Map0-88%4.9214,159
48 U.S. Presidents Quiz0-65%4.991,477,795
49 U.S. Presidents by Picture Quiz0-52%4.90198,772
50 Africa Capitals Quiz0-56%4.97248,225
51 Asia Capitals Quiz0-64%4.95222,061
52 All 1M Cities by Proximity0-79%5.00199,089
53 100 Biggest Cities on a World Map0-61%4.98117,783
54 Europe Capital to Country0-80%4.98104,299
55 15 Largest Cities in Europe (with a map)0-92%4.9376,981
56 15 Largest Cities in Asia (with a map)0-86%4.9639,407
57 South American Capitals - Map Quiz0-84%4.9238,835
58 15 Largest Cities in Africa (with a map)0-73%4.8528,506
59 250 Biggest Cities in Europe With a Map0-40%4.9324,902
60 Biggest Cities in a Strip of the United States Map0-85%4.4114,138
61 US States by Borders in 30 Seconds0-68%4.76875,270
62 South America Map Quiz0-78%4.99800,944
63 Countries of Europe with an Empty Map0-93%5.00108,464
64 Countries Closest to Canada0-75%4.8572,547
65 Caribbean / Lesser Antilles Map Quiz0-42%4.9957,308
66 All First-Level Subdivisions of South America on a Map0-22%4.845,002
67 Third Most Common Language by US State0-56%4.9141,957
68 Name a Valid U.S. President #10-77%4.9632,525
69 World Capitals Quiz0-41%5.002,329,697
70 Random Capital to Country0-60%4.991,109,874
71 Europe Capitals Quiz0-71%4.99573,598
72 Random Country to Capital0-65%4.96361,890
73 Biggest Cities in the World Quiz0-52%4.82273,600
74 Biggest Metro Areas in the USA0-54%4.98158,049
75 World Capitals by Proximity0-51%4.91146,761
76 World Capitals by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds0-49%4.27129,043
77 Biggest Cities by Language Quiz0-70%4.91109,943
78 Megacities on a World Map0-75%4.9789,277
79 Capitals of Oceania Quiz0-57%4.9473,313
80 U.S. Cities with the Highest Murder Rate0-50%4.5571,161
81 World Capitals by Map0-60%4.9870,697
82 Europe by Capitals and Borders in 30 Seconds0-73%4.9365,001
83 U.S. State Capitals Map Quiz0-64%4.6759,137
84 1M Cities by Proximity - United States0-77%4.6356,752
85 Asia Capital to Country0-75%4.9147,217
86 European Capitals - Map Quiz0-75%4.9844,862
87 EU Capitals with No Hints0-81%4.8543,892
88 Biggest English Cities by Century0-58%4.8240,879
89 Biggest Cities in Asia0-54%4.8236,972
90 Global Cities on a World Map0-95%4.9633,021
91 10 Westernmost Capital Cities in Europe0-90%4.8929,224
92 Megacities on an Empty Map0-75%4.8627,613
93 Middle East Capital Cities Quiz0-81%4.8526,822
94 European Coastal Capitals0-83%4.9326,245
95 European Capital Superlatives - Top 20-75%4.9425,474
96 Biggest Cities once in the Spanish Empire0-56%4.8823,606
97 Capitals of Mediterranean Countries0-76%4.9223,049
98 European Capitals Furthest from the Sea0-80%4.8922,881
99 Most Guessed U.S. Cities0-90%4.7323,532
100 African Capitals by Map0-64%4.8422,367
101 First U.S. Cities to Reach 100,000 People0-60%4.6221,081
102 Random State Capital to U.S. State0-80%4.6020,173
103 Nordic Countries and Capitals0-100%4.9019,376
104 50 Busiest Air Routes from Los Angeles0-76%4.6718,630
105 Biggest U.S. Cities Within 100 Kilometers0-36%4.4718,116
106 10 Southernmost U.S. State Capitals0-80%4.4917,779
107 10 Northernmost Capital Cities in Europe0-90%4.8617,630
108 Which City In the United Kingdom?0-80%4.9117,612
109 Capital Cities in a Ring of the World Map0-76%4.8616,866
110 25 Biggest Cities of the Soviet Union0-48%4.9016,607
111 Random Asian Country to Capital0-80%4.8716,358
112 Biggest Cities in Germany - Extreme0-33%4.8515,819
113 First U.S. States to Reach 1 Million People0-72%4.4817,898
114 U.S. State Capitals Where it Doesn't Snow0-77%4.4315,536
115 World Capitals Closest to Bangkok0-71%4.9215,495
116 Random Asian Capital to Country0-80%4.8414,524
117 10 Northernmost U.S. State Capitals0-80%4.5313,289
118 10 Easternmost U.S. State Capitals0-80%4.4212,622
119 U.S. State Capitals Closest to Canada0-70%4.4712,171
120 Top 10 Oldest U.S. State Capitals0-60%4.499,078
121 Every 1,000,000+ City on a Map0-35%4.948,182
122 Europe Map Quiz0-64%5.002,371,446
123 Countries by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds0-49%4.981,946,089
124 Countries of the World with an Empty Map0-77%5.001,290,986
125 Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds0-70%5.001,269,588
126 Africa Map Quiz0-59%5.001,167,998
127 East Asia Map Quiz0-82%4.99868,029
128 Middle East Map Quiz0-82%4.99761,223
129 US States by First Two Letters in 30 Seconds0-54%4.63550,660
130 Countries of Africa0-79%5.00523,165
131 Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint0-57%4.87371,574
132 Asia Map Quiz0-68%4.99340,992
133 Oceania Map Quiz0-43%4.96286,661
134 Random Countries on the World Map0-80%5.00264,362
135 Counties of England Quiz0-56%4.93250,523
136 UK Cities Map Quiz0-66%4.85248,568
137 Flags of Europe Quiz0-71%4.98234,686
138 Europe Cities Map Quiz0-83%4.98183,197
139 Counties of England Map Quiz0-51%4.83183,102
140 Countries Bordering Russia Quiz0-85%4.99168,436
141 Countries Bordering France0-90%4.94147,439
142 Countries Bordering Germany0-88%4.99135,306
143 Europe by Borders in 30 Seconds0-84%4.98132,471
144 Countries Closest to the US0-77%4.44128,653
145 Flags of Asia Quiz0-66%4.99124,148
146 British Commonwealth Countries Quiz0-61%4.91111,146
147 Countries of Africa with an Empty Map0-88%5.0098,284
148 Countries of Asia with an Empty Map0-89%5.0083,066
149 Flags of North and South America Quiz0-60%4.9674,419
150 Countries of Europe After World War II0-96%4.9851,553
151 Countries of Europe in 1815 (with Map!)0-47%4.9944,386
152 Countries Bordering Brazil0-90%4.9640,058
153 Pixelated Europe Map0-96%4.9037,327
154 Top 10 Most Populous American Countries0-90%4.9235,558
155 American Countries with the Shortest Names0-90%4.9434,568
156 Countries in Southeast Asia With an Empty Map0-90%4.9634,058
157 Countries of Europe Before World War I0-96%4.9934,051
158 10 Biggest American Countries by Area0-100%4.9133,657
159 The Only American Country ...0-75%4.9232,584
160 Top 10 American Countries by Coastline0-90%4.9229,682
161 African East Coast0-88%4.9426,759
162 Countries of the Mongol Empire on a Map0-92%4.9926,755
163 Pixelated Africa Map0-89%4.9725,709
164 Top Asian Languages on a Map0-52%4.8925,418
165 African Great Lake Countries with an Empty Map0-90%4.9524,597
166 Modern-Day Countries of the Roman Empire on a Map0-94%4.9622,744
167 Pixelated Asia Map0-95%4.9022,414
168 Colonies of Africa with a Map0-56%4.9120,980
169 Rivers of The United States Quiz0-35%4.6820,274
170 Mississippi River States Empty Map Quiz0-90%4.7418,957
171 All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe on a Map0-14%4.9718,672
172 Zone 1 London Underground Stations - With a Map0-49%4.9618,520
173 Countries That Visit Brazil The Most0-93%4.9217,203
174 Hawaiian Islands0-50%4.4715,263
175 Summer Olympics Host Cities0-73%4.9690,771
176 Biggest US Cities by Decade Quiz0-53%4.9380,263
177 Countries by Capitals and Borders in 90 Seconds0-60%4.8380,146
178 Biggest Cities in California0-50%4.1079,966
179 US State Capitals by Proximity in 30 Seconds0-46%4.0475,433
180 Most Populous World Capitals0-75%4.8568,811
181 Biggest Cities in Canada Quiz0-45%4.4466,118
182 Solve the Secret Capital City0-59%4.9063,861
183 Five Most Populated Cities by Continent0-73%4.9763,462
184 Cities with the Biggest Economies0-60%4.8359,497
185 Coldest World Capitals0-78%4.9757,296
186 U.S. City Nicknames Quiz0-62%4.1256,704
187 Speed Capital to U.S. State0-62%4.3356,252
188 Capitals in their Native Languages0-71%4.9355,266
189 U.S Cities by African-American Population0-70%4.2251,414
190 Capitals of Most Populated Countries0-70%4.9547,965
191 Same Letter Country and Capital0-51%4.9846,106
192 Biggest European Cities by Century0-47%4.9545,293
193 Northernmost Capital Cities0-80%4.9744,949
194 Biggest Cities in the World - Extreme0-48%4.9842,070
195 World Capitals By Letter - A0-66%4.8638,759
196 Biggest City by Country0-46%4.9436,875
197 Biggest Cities in Europe, 1700 A.D.0-64%4.9536,805
198 Capitals of Countries with the Biggest Economies0-81%4.8236,406
199 Capitals with the Shortest Names0-51%4.8735,789