Random Geography by Country

Can you answer five geography questions relating to six randomly changing countries?
Quiz by WolfCam
Last updated: July 10, 2021
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First submittedApril 11, 2020
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What region, famously known for declaring its independence, is Barcelona the capital of?
On which peninsula is Spain located?
Iberian Peninsula
What language of northwest Spain is unrelated to any other language?
In which city is the Guggenheim Museum?
What is the largest of the Balearic Islands?
What is the largest religion in India?
Which island group is part of a territory with the Nicobar Islands?
Andaman Islands
Which other large country does India share a tectonic plate with?
Which language of southern India is most spoken in Hyderabad, and also has many speakers in Chennai and Bengaluru?
Which strait separates India from Sri Lanka?
Palk Strait
South Africa
Which country is entirely surrounded by South Africa?
What is the most spoken language in South Africa?
If Pretoria is the executive capital, and Bloemfontein is the Judicial capital, what is Cape Town
Legislative Capital
South Africa's location along the Atlantic and Indian Oceans makes it third in the world for attacks by what animal?
Which river makes up the South Africa-Namibia border?
Orange River
What is Japan's largest island?
What is the most populous city in Hokkaido?
The Tokyo Tower's design was based off of what other tower in Europe?
Eiffel Tower
Which city is well known for its beef made from Japanese Black Cattle?
Which island was occupied by the United States until 1968, when it was returned to Japan?
Iwo Jima
New Zealand
What is the largest city in New Zealand?
New Zealand was named after Zealand, a province in which country?
Which landform, defined as deep inlets with high cliffs, is the South Island famous for?
Which New Zealand city was struck by an Earthquake in 2011, killing 185 people?
What is New Zealand called in Maori?
What river divides France and Germany?
Rhine River
What is the southernmost French department?
What region of Northeast France is famous for its sparkling wine?
Which city is the French National Anthem named for?
What is Paris's largest airport?
Charles de Gaulle
Level 50
Apr 12, 2020
Good quiz enjoyed it. Would you not accept mammoths however I kept putting it and wondering how it didn't come up.
Level 66
Apr 12, 2020
Mammoth will now be accepted
Level 76
Jun 20, 2021
so Dar es Salaam and Brunei have something in common! would never have guessed what… love the quiz!
Level 74
Jun 20, 2021
There are two Frankfurts in Germany. The one lies on the Main, the other on the Oder. The reason why Frankfurt am Main is referred to as Frankfurt am Main and Frankfurt (Oder) as Frankfurt (Oder) stems from the fact that there are two. Assuming that people will always think of FaM when Frankfurt is mentioned and not of F(O) seems pretty unfair towards the Oder-Frankfurters. I would rephrase the question to "Which river flows through Hessian Frankfurt?"
Level 43
Jun 10, 2022
When we say London, we don't have to say London (on the Tames), do we? That's the same thing for Frankfurt.
Level 83
Jun 20, 2021
English is the only official language in Nigeria, the other 3 are just the biggest. Couldn't Cheops be accepted for the pyramid?
Level 69
Jun 20, 2021
"Gdansk" is taken as an accepted answer for "What was the city of Gdansk formerly called?" and I feel as though that shouldn't be the case
Level 88
Jun 25, 2021
Fun quiz! Regarding the question about the deepest lake in North America: I typed "Great Slave" and it wasn't accepted, so I gave up on it. Since "lake" is in the clue, would you consider accepting just the name, without requiring that "lake" be typed as well?
Level 66
Jul 10, 2021