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10,5352021-09-27Anime by BAD DESCRIPTION
2,8492018-02-11Trollhunters Trivia and Quotes Quiz (First Season)
1,7002019-04-12Anime: Attack on Titan Character Trivia Quiz
1,6232018-03-03The Anime Titles Quiz
8262017-12-29Trollhunters Trivia and Quotes Quiz (Second Season)
5702017-12-24The Anime Quiz
4832019-03-29The Umbrella Academy - Trivia Quiz
4462017-12-12Match-The-Word Anime Titles Quiz
4272018-06-16Dear Evan Hansen - Sincerely, Me - Missing Lyrics
3852019-04-12Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Character Quotes Quiz
3722019-04-12Anime: Yuri!!! on Ice - History Maker
2952016-12-26Multiple Choice Anime Quiz
2912019-03-15The Umbrella Academy - Character by Actor Quiz
2812018-06-20ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Main Theme - Missing Lyrics
2492017-12-27The Loki Quiz
2402018-10-10Gotham - Characters by Actor Quiz (S1-S4)
2312018-02-04ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Title in the Lyrics Quiz
1682019-03-29The Lion King - Be Prepared - Missing Lyrics
1662018-06-23Wicked - Popular - Missing Lyrics
1582018-12-27ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Music of the Night - Missing Lyrics
1522019-06-14Be More Chill - Michael in the Bathroom - Lyric Quiz
1412021-01-31Disney Pixar Animated Films by Description
1352019-04-18Hadestown - Hey, Little Songbird - Missing Lyrics
1262018-03-16ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Song Titles Quiz
1262016-12-09Anime Characters by their English Voice Actors
1242018-03-15Be More Chill - More Than Survive - Lyric Quiz
1122021-06-26Musicals! - Songs by BAD SYNONYM
1072019-04-12Anime: Black Butler Character Trivia
1062019-10-25ALW's Phantom of the Opera - The Final Lair - Missing Lyrics
1032018-01-13ALW's Phantom of the Opera - The Mirror - Missing Lyrics
1032018-06-10S**t Disney Villains Have Got Away With
1022021-06-26Musicals! by BAD DESCRIPTION - A-Z Quiz
1022018-06-28Wicked - Defying Gravity - Missing Lyrics
982018-12-27ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Angel of Music - Missing Lyrics
972017-12-23It's Time - Imagine Dragons
972017-12-12Fullmetal Alchemist Character Quotes
952017-12-05Miraculous Ladybug Voice Actors
952018-06-23Wicked - The Wizard and I - Missing Lyrics
932018-03-08Dreamworks Animated Films by Description
932018-12-30ALW's Phantom of the Opera - All I Ask of You - Missing Lyrics
922020-09-19Beetlejuice - Say My Name - Missing Lyrics
912018-12-30ALW's Phantom of the Opera - The Point of No Return - Missing Lyrics
832017-12-12Adventure Time Trivia
812018-08-18Wicked - Title in the Lyrics Quiz
812018-01-25ALW's Phantom of the Opera - I Remember/Stranger than you Dreamt it - Missing Lyrics
752021-08-30Dear Evan Hansen - Waving Through a Window - Missing Lyrics
712018-04-13Gotham - Pilot Episode Trivia Quiz
702018-11-03Les Miserables - Missing Lyrics CROSSWORD
682017-12-29Imagine Dragons (Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe)) Song by Lyrics
662017-12-12Anime: English Voice Actors
642021-02-10ALW's Phantom of the Opera - ULTIMATE Missing Lyrics
622018-01-28ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Why have you brought me here/Raoul, I've been there - Missing Lyrics
622018-12-27ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Why so Silent - Missing Lyrics
622018-03-06Disney Animated Films by Description
612019-04-12Anime: Yuri on Ice Skaters and Coaches
582019-11-17Jesus Christ Superstar - Gethsemane - Missing Lyrics
582018-02-11Trollhunters Trivia and Quotes Quiz (Second Season (Shortened))
542018-01-28Les Miserables - The Confrontation - Missing Lyrics
532017-12-15Monster - Imagine Dragons
522018-12-30ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Wandering Child - Missing Lyrics
482019-12-10Jesus Christ Superstar - Heaven On Their Minds - Missing Lyrics
482018-09-20The Nightmare Before Christmas - Oogie Boogie song
452018-03-22Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Confrontation - Missing Lyrics
442021-06-26Musicals! - Character Quiz
442018-04-05The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux - Trivia Questions
442017-12-24Gold - Imagine Dragons
432019-03-28South Park - Character Voices - PARKER or STONE?
422018-10-22Les Miserables - Prologue - Missing Lyrics
412021-01-02*ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Think Of Me - Missing Lyrics
382017-12-27Uma Therman - Fall Out Boy
342018-03-11You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch - Missing Lyrics
322021-01-02ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Missing Lyrics
312020-10-18Evita - Oh, What a Circus - Missing Lyrics
292021-06-26Musicals! - Backwards with Vowels Removed
282018-10-22Little Shop of Horrors - Feed Me - Missing Lyrics
202021-06-28Musicals! - By Their Opening Numbers
202018-01-04Hold Me Tight or Don't - Fall Out Boy
202018-03-21Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Alive - Missing Lyrics
202019-09-01Little Shop of Horrors - Suppertime - Missing Lyrics
192019-08-30Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 - Pierre - Missing Lyrics
192018-12-30Bonnie and Clyde Musical - The World Will Remember Me - Missing Lyrics
172020-11-05Jesus Christ Superstar - Damned for all Time - Missing Lyrics
172018-09-20Little Shop of Horrors - Suppertime - Missing Lyrics
172018-03-25Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Dangerous Game - Missing Lyrics
172019-09-19The Decemberists - The Mariner's Revenge Song - Missing Lyrics
162017-12-25The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
152020-10-07Sweeney Todd - My Friends - Missing Lyrics
142021-09-12Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - Close Every Door - Missing Lyrics
112019-01-23Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera - While Floating High Above - Missing Lyrics
102018-03-29Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Title in the lyrics
102020-03-19Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 - A Call To Pierre - Missing Lyrics
92019-09-12Guys and Dolls - Luck be a Lady - Missing Lyrics
92018-03-29Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Facade - Missing Lyrics
92018-03-11ALW's Love Never Dies - Till I Hear You Sing - Missing Lyrics
82018-03-26Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Facade - Missing Lyrics
82019-01-02ALW's Phantom of the Opera - Learn to be Lonely - Missing Lyrics
82019-07-23Frankenstein - The Waking Nightmare - Missing Lyrics
72020-07-18Spongebob Musical - BFF Stands For Us - Missing Lyrics
72019-05-02The Last Unicorn - Main Theme - Missing Lyrics
72018-03-26Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Facade Reprise 4 - Missing Lyrics
62018-03-28Jekyll and Hyde Musical - All Facade Reprisals - Missing Lyrics
62018-03-25Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Lost in the Darkness - Missing Lyrics
52018-03-28Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Facade Reprise 1 - Missing Lyrics
52018-03-26Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Facade Reprise 3 - Missing Lyrics
52019-07-23Frankenstein - These Hands - Missing Lyrics
42018-03-27Jekyll and Hyde Musical - Facade Reprise 2 - Missing Lyrics
22019-06-02The Grinning Man - Brand New World of Feeling - Missing Lyrics
12020-09-06Amélie - When the Booth Goes Bright - Missing Lyrics
12021-09-25Hadestown - Why do we Build the Wall - Missing Lyrics
12019-06-02The Grinning Man - Labyrinth - Missing Lyrics
02019-06-02The Grinning Man - Hymn of the Hanged Man - Missing Lyrics
02021-01-02The Grinning Man - Something's Going to Change - Missing Lyrics
02021-01-02*Frankenstein - The Proposition - Missing Lyrics