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3072017-01-29Figure Skating Jumps
2402017-01-29Languages of China
2362017-01-29European Countries with Significant Minority Languages
1842017-01-29European Countries Belonging to a Minority Language Family
1832017-01-21Historical Timeline of the Philippines
1682017-01-29U.S. States Colonized by the Spanish Empire
1612017-01-20Historical Timeline of Bosnia
1502017-01-20Historical Timeline of Albania
1442017-01-29European Countries Belonging to the Germanic Language Family
1422017-01-20Historical Timeline of Finland
1302017-01-20Historical Timeline of Poland
1292017-01-20Historical Timeline of Serbia
1292017-01-20Historical Timeline of Slovakia
1272017-01-20Historical Timeline of Croatia
1212017-01-29European Countries Belonging to the Slavic Language Family
1202017-01-20Historical Timeline of Germany
1142017-01-20Historical Timeline of Hungary
1072017-01-20Historical Timeline of the United Kingdom
1022017-01-29European Countries Belonging to the Romance Language Family
1002017-01-29U.S. States Colonized by Great Britain
992017-01-20Historical Timeline of Greece
992017-01-20Historical Timeline of Slovenia
892017-01-20Historical Timeline of Sweden
882017-01-20Historical Timeline of Canada
832017-01-20Royal Dynasties of England
812017-01-20Historical Timeline of the United States
782017-01-20Historical Timeline of Bulgaria
772016-11-12US Metros with the Most Million Dollar Zips
772017-01-29U.S. States Colonized by the Dutch Republic
742017-01-20Historical Timeline of Italy
742017-01-20Historical Timeline of Norway
742017-01-20Historical Timeline of Czech Republic
732017-01-21Historical Timeline of Romania
722017-01-20Historical Timeline of Austria
702017-01-21Historical Timeline of the Netherlands
702017-01-20Historical Timeline of Lithuania
662017-01-20Historical Timeline of Belgium
662017-01-20Historical Timeline of Spain
632017-01-29U.S. States Colonized by France
632017-01-20Historical Timeline of Denmark
592017-01-20Historical Timeline of Ukraine
592017-01-21Historical Timeline of China
582017-03-28Historical Timeline of Russia
572017-01-20Historical Timeline of Estonia
562017-01-20Historical Timeline of France
562017-01-21Historical Timeline of Indonesia
542017-01-21Historical Timeline of Mexico
502017-01-20Historical Timeline of Latvia
492017-01-20Historical Timeline of Ireland
482017-01-20Historical Timeline of Iceland
462016-11-13Countries: Chinese to English
452017-01-21Historical Timeline of Taiwan
432017-01-20Historical Timeline of Portugal
412017-01-20Historical Timeline of Switzerland
352017-01-21Historical Timeline of Malaysia
292017-01-21Historical Timeline of Thailand
292017-01-21Historical Timeline of Mongolia
292017-01-20Royal Dynasties of France
282017-01-21Historical Timeline of Vietnam
272017-01-21Historical Timeline of Korea
252017-01-21Historical Timeline of Japan
232017-01-21Historical Timeline of Australia
142017-01-21Historical Timeline of Myanmar