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Elements named after people

Guess the name of the elements named after people
Only real people, mythological figures doesn't count.
As of May 31, 2012 the IUPAC has officially approved the names for the elements 114 and 116
Quiz by bogomir
Last updated: December 5, 2012
First submittedDecember 5, 2012
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Danish physicist; made contributions to atomic structure and quantum mechanics
Renaissance astronomer; formulated a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology
French/Polish couple of physicist; pioneers of research on radioactivity
German-born theoretical physicist; developed the theory of relativity
Italian-born physicist; known for his work on the development of the first nuclear reactor
Soviet physicist and founder of a Russian research institute
Finnish chemist; physicist and mineralogist; founder of Finnish chemistry research
American physicist, known for the invention of the cyclotron atom-smasher
Austrian-born physicist; part of the team that discovered nuclear fission
Russian chemist and inventor; created the periodic table of elements
Inventor of dynamite; posthumously established a scientific award
German physicist; discovered X-rays
New Zealand-British chemist and physicist; considered as the father of nuclear physics
American scientist; contributed to the discovery and isolation of ten new elements
level 20
May 5, 2012
I thought Mendelevium can also bee spelt "Mendeleevium". I guess his name got shorten for the element. Ah, how can i forget about einstein... The only ones i could get was nobel and seaborg.
level 49
May 7, 2012
Never heard Mendeleevium but I added it as alternative spelling... just in case
level 10
Aug 31, 2012
The element should be spelled Mendelevium, the spelling of the name was Mendeleev though.
level 64
Dec 30, 2018
the element is mendelevium so no need to accept other spellings. His name was mendeleyev though later (in america I guess, or maybe in the uk aswell?) the mendeleev version was used.
level 20
Dec 1, 2012
There should definietely be more time given for a quiz like that.
level 55
May 9, 2014
level 58
May 17, 2017
Missed Gadolinium. Thought they'd all be transuranium elements.
level 77
Feb 28, 2018
Missing Oganesson, named after Yuri Oganessian in 2016. It can also be noted that four other elements were indirectly named after people (which probably shouldn't make the list). Berkelium was named after Berkeley, CA, which makes it named after George Berkeley. Livermorium was named after Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which makes it named after Robert Livermore. Samarium was named after samarskite, which was named after Vassili Samarsky-Bykhovets. And, of course, Americium was named after America, which was named after Amerigo Vespucci.
level 49
Mar 5, 2018
You're right I should update my quizzes but to be honest I'm simply too lazy for that.
level 52
Jul 20, 2019
Also Samarium! Samarium was discovered in 1879 by the French chemist Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran and named after the mineral samarskite from which it was isolated. The mineral itself was earlier named after a Russian mine official, Colonel Vassili Samarsky-Bykhovets