Jetpunk comments that cause a storm

No research involved - these are just comments I remember coming across frequently. No doubt the mix could be much better, feel free to hackle/ suggest.
Quiz by Anzi
Last updated: May 14, 2018
First submittedMay 14, 2018
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Cyprus is not in Asia, it’s in Europe
This quiz is too America-centric
Three answers are completely wrong in this April Fool quiz
Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel
100% with five minutes remaining and i’m only two!
You will look back in ten years and weep. Trump is the greatest president ever.
Palestine is a country. 135 members of the UN say so.
Please read the comments above before posting yours
Level 71
Jul 13, 2018
This is probably one of my favorite quizzes on the site, although I would suggest expanding it to maybe 10-15 answers. I can't think of too many right now, but maybe add something about kalbahamut.
Level 71
Jul 13, 2018
Also Burma/Myanmar, Macedonia/FYROM, and (although I'm not sure how to word this) Where is [Insert Wrong Answer Here].
Level 36
Aug 2, 2018
Please read the comments above before posting yours.
Level 46
Oct 19, 2020
Please read the comments above before posting yours
Level 73
Jul 17, 2018
Yes! 100% with 1:22 remaining and I'm only 34!
Level 65
Sep 5, 2018
You could also include arguments over territories such as Greenland and people thinking some are countries
Level 67
Oct 12, 2018
Maybe something along the lines of "The Americas contain more than just the US"? This is common in the The Americas by Letter quizzes.
Level 75
Oct 13, 2018
Hilarious and familiar quiz. You could add "Turkey is not in Asia" and "Russia is not in Asia". You could also add "Taiwan is not a country". And something about how a certain fellow always gets credit for inventing the lightbulb.
Level 45
Mar 7, 2019
I typed "Obama" and it worked...
Level 71
Mar 7, 2019
Yes, that’s one of the standard Type-ins that comes up when you create a quiz
Level 63
Feb 25, 2020
100% and I'm 0 years old! Also, Cyprus is in Europe
Level 39
Mar 9, 2020
Love this quiz :)
Level 51
Apr 21, 2020
You forgot a period in the last question! Fix it now or realize you're WRONG! This quiz was WAYYY to easy! I haven't been born yet and I typed in ALL the answers AND source code for this page (and the rest of JetPunk) in just 0.0000000001 seconds, which can be seen when you do Control U.

(I don't mean this all, I'm just joking around. :))

Level 66
Aug 20, 2020
U.S. residents are only 4% of the world population, but 25% of the questions on the quiz are about the U.S! Way too U.S.-centric!!
Level 56
Dec 9, 2020
Tel-Aviv the capital of Israel? Never heard that one..
Level 60
Jan 20, 2021
Some suggestions to add on:

Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, not Sri Jaruyigsdjvnbejpura Kotte!

"Germany" didn't exist in [year before 1990].

It's Côte d'Ivoire, not Ivory Coast.

Australia is an island!

Russia is in Asia!