One Piece Characters

Name as many of the characters as you can based on the clue given!
Some marines be retired or resigned currently but their rank until they retired is still there.
Deceased and defected people also included.
Fillers not included.
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Last updated: November 14, 2012
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Main protagonist, Straw Hat captain, has rubber powers
Monkey D. Luffy
Pirate Hunter, Straw Hat swordsman, uses 3 swords
Roronoa Zoro
Cat Burglar, Straw Hat navigator, loves money and wants to draw a map of the world
Sogeking, Straw Hat sniper, likes to lie a lot
Black Leg, Straw Hat cook, never uses his hands to fight
Cotton Candy Lover, Straw Hat doctor, can transform from a reindeer to a human
Tony Tony Chopper
Devil Child, Straw Hat archaeologist, has powers to create more body parts
Nico Robin
Cyborg, Straw Hat shipwright, runs on cola
Dead Bones, Straw Hat musician, his cane is a sword
Red-Leg, adopted Straw Hat cook and owner of Baratie Restaurant
Saw-Tooth, shark fishman who thinks humans are inferior
Baroque Works leader, former Shichibukai, uses sand powers
Baroque Works member who can turn his body to bladed steel
Daz Bonez
Baroque Works member who uses Okama Kenpo, can change into anyone
Bon Clay
Baroque Works member who uses wax powers
Newer Shichibukai who ate the Dark-Dark Fruit
Black Cat Pirates captain, Thousand Plans, long "claws"
Captain Kuro
The clown pirate who ate the Chop-Chop Fruit
Buggy the Clown
Silver Fox, pirate who challenged the Straw Hat pirates to a Davy Back Fight
Foul Play, has a steel armor loaded with weapons
Don Krieg
A 141 year old doctor who lives on Drum Island, taught medicine to Straw Hat doctor
Dr. Kureha
Captain of the New Fishman Pirates who assassinates the queen of Fishman Island
Hordy Jones
Mermaid Princess who has the legendary power of talking to Sea Kings
Princess Shirahoshi
Octopus fishman who uses Six Swords Style and owns a takoyaki restaurant
Captain of Red-Haired pirates who gave a straw hat to the main protagonist, one of the Yonko
Pirate King who surrendered himself to the World Government
Gol D. Roger
Pirate King's first mate, Dark King, lives on the Sabaody Archipelago
Silvers Rayleigh
Former Shichibukai who was the captain of the Sun Pirates which consisted of fishmen and mermen
Shichibukai who controls people's shadows and make a zombie army out of them
Gecko Moriah
Former ruler of the Drum Empire who ate the Munch-Munch Fruit
Strongest man in the world who used the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, one of the Yonko
1st division commander who can transform into a phoenix
Main protagonist's older brother, 2nd division commander, Fire Fist
Portgas D. Ace
3rd division commander with diamond powers
Former Baroque Works agent who is the princess of the Alabasta Kingdom
Nefertari Vivi
Leader of CP9 with elephant-sword Funkfreed
CP9 member who can transform into a leopard
Rob Lucci
CP9 member with rectangular nose that can transform into a giraffe
CP9 member who could create a door out of anything and posed as the bartender in Water 7
CP9 member that can transfer into a wolf
God of Skypiea, lightning powers
Impel Down's Chief Warden who uses the Venom-Venom Fruit
Impel Down's Vice Chief Warden
Female Shichibukai who rules over the Kuja tribe on Amazon Lily, has a crush on main character
Boa Hancock
Former Fleet Admiral of the Marines who ate the Human-Human Fruit Daibutsu Model
Red Dog, Marines current Fleet Admiral who uses magma powers
Akainu / Sakazuki
Blue Pheasant, resigned Marine Admiral who uses ice powers
Aokiji / Kuzan
Yellow Monkey, Marine Admiral who uses light powers
Kizaru / Borsalino
Hero of the Marines, Vice Admiral, grandfather of the main protagonist
Monkey D. Garp
White Chase, Vice Admiral who uses smoke powers
Second in command of ^, clumsy swordsman
Master Chief Petty Officer who joined the Marines under the "Hero"
Son of a corrupt Marine captain who joins the navy with ^
Marine officer who commands the Marines' science unit, bodyguard of Dr. Vegapunk
Former first mate of the Black Cat Pirates who becomes a Seaman Recruit with Fullbody
Leader of the Revolutionary Army, father of main protagonist
Monkey D. Dragon
Miracle Person, comrade of the Revolutionary Army
Emporio Ivankov
Shichibukai who can control people like a puppeteer
Donquixote Doflamingo
Shichibukai who is the strongest swordsman in the world, Hawk-Eye
Dracule Mihawk
Shichibukai who ate the Paw-Paw Fruit and is the model for the Pacifista, The Tyrant
Bartholomew Kuma
Captain of the Kid Pirates, Magnetism Devil Fruit power, one of the Eleven Supernovas
Eustass Kid
Captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates, Operation Devil Fruit power, one of the Eleven Supernovas
Trafalgar Law
One of the Yonko who loves and would destroy islands for sweets
Charlotte Linlin / Big Mom
Mayor of Water 7 and president of Galley-La Company
Head foreman of the Galley-La Company, uses ropes to fight
Conductor of the Sea Train of Water 7, old mermaid
Level 36
May 28, 2016
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Level 7
May 10, 2018
isnt enel supposed to be eneru???
Level 35
Mar 26, 2021
His original name was enel but when it got translated to different languages it went to eneru. As in 'energy' but take away the last two letters and add 'u'. 'Energy' as in Rumble-Rumble Fruit. So it can be enel or eneru