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Washington State Geography

Name these places and things related the geography of the state of Washington.
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Three tallest mountains
Volcano that erupted in 1980
Mountain range of the above
four mountains
Longest river
Capital city
Three biggest cities
by population
U.S. states that border
Canadian province that
borders Washington
Washington's capital and largest city
are located on this body of water
Puget Sound
The above is part of this "sea"
Salish Sea
Island group that includes Lopez
and Orcas islands
Washington's #1 agricultural product
National park where Hoh rainforest and
Hurricane ridge can be found
Name one type of salmon
native to Washington
Biggest lake
Biggest dam
Grand Coulee Dam
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level 53
Dec 18, 2016
My favorite state in the union! :)
level 58
Dec 18, 2016
When I saw this on the home page I wondered if it was mine, but it wasn't. Good quiz though! WA represent!
level 33
Jul 21, 2017
This was fun. I have lived in this most beautiful state for all my life, but until last weeks visit to Canada did not know that Puget Sound was part of the Salish Sea. But we are all one with Canada, Our San Juan Islands and their Gulf Islands all brothers and sisters. Our J and K pod and their L pod all part of one larger family of Orca. Fun quiz!!!
level 73
Sep 2, 2017
Visited Hurricane Ridge a couple of months ago - beautiful, gorgeous, awesome.
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